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Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

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Making Your Case Summary

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How to Advocate for Yourself in Work and Life

You don’t have to be a lawyer to work with advocacy. You have to make your case even if you’re talking with your kid, your mate or your boss. And that means to challenge yourself. Search for a better you and for a new way to do things right, tirelessly.

But if you’re waiting for a friend to open your eyes and show you how to do all this, look no further than in your bookshelf. At your fingertips, you may find a great book ready to tell you the best stories you need to hear about becoming who you wanna be.

Looking for a relevant sample? Choose this book: Making the Case by Kimberly Guilfoyle.

I’ll start by being short: Kimberly Guilfoyle’s book Making the Case: How to Advocate for Yourself in Work and Life is full of perspicacity.


Advocating means fighting for, not fighting with!

“Making Your Case PDF Summary”

Kimberly Guilfoyle is currently a host on two of Fox News Channel’s programs: The Five and Outnumbered. She is a legal analyst on The Reilly Factor and a political/legal analyst on Hannity.

Back in the days she was a deputy district attorney in L.A. and a former ADA in the San Francisco district attorney’s office. She was the first lady of San Francisco, later she appeared on CNN and Good Morning America.

Kimberly Guilfoyle started her career early in life, working at a deli center in a grocery store and later doing some modeling.

All the while she pursued her dreams and school, learning from every opportunity. As she says, “We evolve and grow throughout all of our life, but when we’re in our youth we do it by leaps and bounds.”

With this book, she tried to design a guide for those that want to become brighter & smarter, but also good decisions makers.

Is it fair to yourself to quit so easy without even testing your ideas? The answer is DEFINITELY NO.  Because, as Kimberly says,

 You never know how you can have an impact on the world with your ideas until you are willing to build your case for them.

So, the main step is to find out how to build your case. This is why I think Kimberly Guilfoyle’s book is precious: for the simple fact that it teaches you to advocate for yourself, for this world.

Making Your Case Summary

The structure of this book is pretty simple. Making the Case: How to Advocate For Yourself In Work And Life is split into two parts:

  1. Part 1: Advocating At Work
  2. Part 2: Advocating At Home

We should never forget about the power of words and clear reasoning when making our case. Being vocal means nothing if your words fail to sustain your message. You must always deliver your message clearly and convincingly.

All advocacy requires that you hold your objective clearly in your mind.

Set clear goals and fight for them. When choosing the team around you, be careful. Wrong people may be a step back in reaching your goals. People you work with should be your team. Have a few good friends in life. If you need a reason for this, take a look at this nugget:

Friendships are the perfect ground for discovering things about ourselves, including what we will and will not tolerate.

Friendships are not only great experiences. Are also a wise way to learn things like who you are and where you’re going.

Humans need strong, healthy relationships to survive in this world. People need love and strong unions.

The need to be loved is in our human nature. But “Without the ability to talk with each other about the important things in life, no union can survive the odds.” Advocating at home is as important as advocating at work.

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. But even grown-ups may experience the lack of communication sometimes. We seem to be born with the gift of speaking, but the harsh truth is that speaking doesn’t mean communicating.

Using the right words in the proper context, with charisma – all these mean hard work towards achieving good skills.

Making Your Case PDF

In her book, Kimberly Guilfoyle gives you easy tips and tricks on how to learn to communicate better. Tips like to listen, learn, and be clear about what you want. You also will find some annoyingly true advice like

Tips like: “Have patience with yourself and don’t get discouraged.” are what makes this book so great. Kimberly speaks to you in a manner that touches your senses, leaving you with some thinking to do, but also with a bunch of good rules you can apply in your day-to-day life.

She speaks about one of the most important traits someone should have: the ability to stand straight and fight for your dreams.

If you’re at a crossroad in your life, searching for a change ( a way to follow, a good job, a start in life), this book is definitely for you.

It shows you how to start advocating for yourself from an early stage. Do you have to start with that first summer job? Take internships. Learn. Grow. Take one step at a time.

Are you looking for a big change in your life? Do you have to decide what to do next? Then this book is for you too.

Always be willing to push yourself further. Try to embrace change whenever you encounter it.

Above all, this means that you should not be afraid of change. Sometimes a closed-door holds something better, beyond your expectations. You never know what life has in store for you, but you should never stop chasing it. Give your best in everything you do.

“Sometimes making the case may mean turning the worst-case scenario into the best one.” Take life with optimism and turn your failures in lessons. Don’t let them bring you down, take a step back, reflect and try again.

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Your take on life is everything. Stand by your actions and don’t forget to have faith.

Faith has really been a guiding force in my life, helping me cope with all that I have gone through.

Our Critical Review

You should never lose faith because, as the author said, faith may keep you going through the most difficult situations.

I may conclude that this book is about how to make your case in the world. Shows you that nothing is as bad as it seems, with the right attitude towards life.

Don’t take it for granted! Read the book!

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