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Goals! Summary

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Goals! SummaryHow to Get Everything You Want – Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

It seems like, we just can’t get enough of this man! So, for the who-knows-which-time around – Mr. Brian  Tracy!

Once again teaching you how to get the most of life by setting the right goals the right way! And he couldn’t have chosen a more straightforward title: “Goals!

About Brian Tracy

Brian TracyBrian Tracy is a Canadian-born American author, a heavyweight in the self-help division. He has written numerous bestsellers and has been translated into many languages. Some of his books we’ve summarized just for you: “Be a Sales Superstar,”  “Eat That Frog,” “The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires Summary,” and “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.”

“Goals! Summary”

If you know anything about Brian Tracy, you probably know that he speaks from experience. A high school drop-out, he earned his money by washing dishes, cars, and floors, constantly going from job to job.

Then, he became a sales rep, but, obviously, the money didn’t come easy in the beginning. Until, one day, he decided that enough was enough and he wrote down himself a simple, yet outrageous, goal: to earn $1,000 monthly in commissions only!

And, soon enough, what he wrote down – turned into reality! So much so, that one of Tracy’s books ended up among our top 15 sales books of all time!

And if you don’t believe him, just have a look at Jim Carrey talking about the very same thing on Oprah back in 1997.

Now, did we get your attention?

Just like Carrey says on the clip, it’s fairly certain that you have something in you. The only problem is you haven’t really got a hold of your potential.


Because you’re all over the place! You’re doing all different kinds of stuff, and you don’t really know how you’ll get to where you’re going or even what your MITs are!

(By the way, MIT stands for “Most Important Things”; and if you didn’t know that, you’ve probably haven’t read this summary; you should.)

So, start focusing! Try to understand what you really want out of life and, in the case of no financial obstacles, what your ideal job would be.

Now that you got that figured out, you need to take control of the situation. And to do that, you need to stop thinking about the past and start living in the present. And, of course, start preparing yourself for a grander future.


Start fantasizing. Imagination is more important than knowledge. And the guy who said that – well, let’s just say that he knew more things about most things than quite about everybody who ever lived. So, if you don’t believe Tracy, you got to believe him.

Your imagination will take you places where you’ve never been before. It will give you the right perspective, and the right amount of courage and motivation.

Next on the agenda: write it down. And start being much more decisive once you do.

Because the process says so. In other words, you’ve come this far by realizing what’s wrong with your life and how you can change it.

If you don’t – your life will always stay in that dreadful status quo you’re living right now!

Key Lessons from “Goals!”

1.      Six Questions to Uncovering Your Potential
2.      Six Questions to Rethink Your Present
3.      Four Questions to Set Your Future Goals

Six Questions to Uncovering Your Potential

If you want to truly uncover your potential, you’ve got to start asking yourself some questions. Here are six which can really help you:

1. What do you really want out of life?
2. Which are the activities that make you happy?
3. What’s the one thing you would change about your life?
4. Are you a positive or a negative person?
5. Which things are you prepared to sacrifice to achieve your goals?
6. What do you think is the first step you should take right now?

Six Questions to Rethink Your Present

All better futures start with a present plan. Start making yours once you get to the bottom of these six questions:

1. Which are your most important values?
2. What do other people think about you?
3. On which values you base your relationships and your finances?
4. What would you like to be if there were no obstacles?
5. Write yourself a eulogy: is there anything wrong with it? (Change it!)
6. Which of the things you’re doing is inconsistent with your values? (Change it!)

Four Questions to Set Your Future Goals

You should start setting your goals now. Here are four questions to help you with that:

1. What would you do if you learned you would die six months from now?
2. If you suddenly won a million dollars – what’s the first thing you’d do?
3. What would you do if you had no fear of doing it?
4. What do you enjoy doing most?

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“Goals!” Quotes

You become what you think about most of the time. Click To Tweet The greatest enemies of success and happiness are negative emotions of all kinds. Click To Tweet Leaders have vision. Non-leaders do not. Click To Tweet The happiest people in the world today are those who are living in harmony with their innermost convictions and values. Click To Tweet Remember: It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from; all that really matters is where you’re going. Click To Tweet

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