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Your Best Just Got Better Summary

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Your Best Just Got Better SummaryWork Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More

You probably use only about a tenth of your potential. Well, you’re in luck: “Your Best Just Got Better.” Jason W. Womack is here to tell you in which ways.

And we merely wish to help you find out faster.

About Jason W. Womack

Jason W. WomackJason W. Womack is a respected productivity expert and executive coach with two Master’s degrees: in Psychology, and in US History and Spanish language. In addition to “Your Best Just Got Better,” he has also authored “Get Momentum” with his wife, Jodi Womack.

“Your Best Just Got Better Summary”

Have you ever felt that your day is just too short to accomplish everything on your to-do list?

Of course, you have! At least twice during the past week!

Well, it’s time to stop doing this! And your better life starts with a simple visualization exercise.

Namely, imagine your ideal day. Have no consideration whatsoever of other people or financial difficulties. Just visualize it and then put it down on paper.

Because that’s how you can start turning it into reality.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that even your best day can’t take in all of your plans! Or, in other words, you have way too many ideas and a day has only 24 hours! In Womack’s measures, that’s exactly 96 blocks of 15 minutes!

Managing them better is the first step towards being more productive. Because transforming your life is a 3-step process. Yes – the one you’ve already read in this book’s subtitle:

1. Work Smarter

Working smarter means managing your time better. And that, in turn, means focusing on the big stuff and not sweating over the small stuff.

So, it’s a priorities issue. And you can solve it with a simple IDEA!

No, we didn’t write down the word “idea” in all caps because we wanted to get your attention. It’s an acronym. And it stands for the four phases of the “work smarter” part of Womack’s plan.

First, you need to identify a specific area where you want to make improvements. After all, you can’t make improvements in every area at the same time! Then, you need to develop strategies and methods. Afterward, you should start experimenting with them. And, finally, you should assess the results.

The identification element is of utmost importance. You need first to decide what are your MIT, i.e., “Most Important Things.” It’s simple from thereon: just set a goal, take action, and be consistent.

2, Think Bigger

If you want to change your life, you need to start thinking differently! Or, to be more exact, you need to start thinking a lot bigger. Really: it’s magical once you start doing that!

Womack suggests that you must reprogram your brain to start thinking in terms of four mottos. No matter what you do – at least two of them are applicable!

Namely, if you have already done something similar, say “I did it before” – before starting your new project. If not – read about someone who did and realize that “they were able to do it.” After all – if they could, why shouldn’t you be able to do it, as well?

Now, reverse it: imagine that other people believe you can do it! And, finally, repeat that eternal self-motivating maxim: “I know I can do it!!”

And you’ll do it!

3. Make More

And once start working smarter and thinking bigger, you’re one step away from making more (money, memories, time…) as well. However, so as to know if – and how – you’re improving (and be able to improve even more), you need to track your actions.

And there are six kinds of feedback, six areas where you can measure it. It can be in terms of visible results, amassed experience, made contribution, saved money, service, and/or acquired habits.

Each of them will help you work smarter the next cycle.

Time to start your first one.

Key Lessons from “Your Best Just Got Better”

1.      Work Smarter: All You Need Is an IDEA and MIT
2.      Think Bigger: Four Maxims to Help You Start Thinking Differently
3.      Make More: Six Important Feedbacks

Work Smarter: All You Need Is an IDEA and MIT

Bettering your best is a 3-step process. It starts with working smarter. And working smarter means usually managing your time in accordance with your priorities. To do this most effectively, use the IDEA method: identify, develop, experiment, assess. And when identifying – recognize your MIT, i.e., your “most important things.”

Think Bigger: Four Maxims to Help You Start Thinking Differently

If you think small, you’re bound to end up with nothing big attached to your time. That’s, in fact, why small business fail. In order to start thinking big, you need to constantly mutter yourself four mantras: “I did it before,” “They were able to do it,” “They think I can do it,” and “I know I can do it!”

Make More: Six Important Feedbacks

Finally, if you want to make more money or memories, it’s good if you can design yourself a cycle of improvement. In order to do that, you need to have some feedback. And you can track it yourself. Think of six different areas and types of feedback: results, experience, contribution, measurement, service, and habits.

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“Your Best Just Got Better” Quotes

Wherever I am, no matter what I am doing, I need to focus on the task at hand. Click To Tweet More ideas come to you every day than you can possibly manage to accomplish. So take them a few at a time. Click To Tweet You’ll find it absolutely amazing what happens when you put a boundary around what you call a workday. Click To Tweet Right now, you need to slow down – way down. Click To Tweet When you’re working on your MITs, you’re working on your great work. Click To Tweet

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