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Outwitting the Devil Summary

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Outwitting the Devil PDF Summary

The Secret to Freedom and Success

Not too many people have the wits to puzzle over their relationship with the infinite Source.

In the same category, we can put those who can’t seem to spot the difference between good and bad thoughts.

Society is compelled into adopting this negative mindset, which is fueled by the Devil.

We cast positive features aside, labeling them as silly.

Let’s see how to break the spell.

Who Should Read “Outwitting the Devil”? And Why?

The concept of a mystical dark force is often misunderstood.

Napoleon Hill dismantles many assumptions and depicts the Devil as the negative voice in our heads.

With this in mind, it’s crystal clear as to why we find “Outwitting the Devil” to be a good fit for the broader audience.

Society, in general, suffers from this evil force, and it’s time to put an end to the delusions.

About Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill is probably the founding father of the self-help genre. Some might argue otherwise, but we wholeheartedly believe that he perfected the philosophy.

In his books, he elaborates on the path one must cross in order to come out a winner.

Born in the late 19th century, he was struck by a series of unwanted events.

During that time, Napoleon conducted the largest success study ever undertaken by someone. Most of its findings are incorporated into his bestselling books:

“Outwitting the Devil PDF Summary”

A New World

Napoleon Hill is renowned for his endeavors in the pursuit of truth and finding the formula for success.

In 1908, he met Andrew Carnegie (one of the world’s wealthiest people throughout history) and expressed a desire to enroll in Law School.

Mr. Carnegie was surprised to hear that Hill planned to get his degree by interviewing successful people and writing their stories in magazines.

Mr. Carnegie pointed out that if he wants to be of service to all people, and posterity as well, he must also underline the causes for failure.

The world is in need of a practical and philosophical explanation of achievement and loss.

If you are eager to undertake this job, you must interview not only those who succeeded but also those who have failed.

A real wake-up call for young Napoleon.

Ambition, without the courage and knowledge, is like a boat on dry land.

In the following years, Napoleon managed to interview approximately 25,000 people (perceived as failures), and around 500 (successes).

During that time, he also became aware of the concept of an emergency.

Mr. Carnegie taught him that somewhere along the path, he’d get a glimpse on how people’s habits change in case of crisis or tension.

And that was the missing link in his research.

It all was predicated on the fact that any emergency will lead to an opportunity. It’s safe to say that at the end of the research Napoleon had his Eureka moment.

You can call this the “Other Self” but bear in mind that it cannot do the work on your behalf. It can only guide you through the stream of thoughts and help you to understand the natural impulses of nature.

The faith yet again rests on your shoulders.

Do you know that the darkest hour is just before the dawn? – Don’t give up, even when things get unbearably difficult.

It came clear to Napoleon that finding and understanding the “Other Self” can alleviate us from all the pain and suffering.

Everything you need will come to you; it seemed that way for Napoleon Hill.

It all boils down to the reality that the whole world is driven by fear, cultural limitations, and meaningless education.

Doubt and negligence are at the core of our decision-making, and we don’t seem to care.

I am not a prophet, but I can, with all due modesty, predict that every individual has the power to change his or her material or financial status by first changing the nature of his or her beliefs.

If you don’t conform to this law, and If you disregard the notion of the “Other Self” you’ll be left in blindness. It’s impossible to galvanize a person into action, who espouses beliefs that are limiting human creativity.

The state of one’s mind, known as faith, circumvents the restrictive nature of the five physical senses and communicates with the infinite source of power. This book gives us a run-through of the whole process, and how the Devil exerts influence over you.

The real interview

During the interview with the Devil, you’ll be dragged into an inner discussion. Knowing how to outmaneuver this skillful opponent is going to be decisive. In the meantime, you’ll catch a glimpse of the Devil’s nature, and its bag of tricks.

Interviewer: Are you ready for the interview Mr. Devil?

Mr. Devil: Yes, but only if you address me as “Your Majesty”?

Interviewer: Why on Earth would I do that?

Mr. Devil: Because I control 98% of the world, and there’s nothing you can do! I am the majority, that’s why.

Interviewer: Alright! Let’s begin. Where do you live?

Mr. Devil: I am not bounded to any form, and have no physical appearance. I accumulate all of the negative energy consisting of fears, beliefs, and limitations.

Above all else, I occupy ½ of every atom.

Interviewer: You are saying that without your influence, there would be no world, changes, emotions, stars?

Mr. Devil: Exactly!

Interviewer: I’ve been led to understand that you occupy only half of everything. To whom does the second half belong to?

Mr. Devil: My enemy or the opposition should you prefer.

Interviewer: Your Majesty, could you tell us a little bit more about the process of controlling 98% of the earthbound creatures?

Mr. Devil: It all started thousands of years ago when people began to think. I plant my seeds of fear in the minds of people and force them to perceive these sensations as if they are their own creation. Someone might call it a deft maneuver, but it’s simply a good strategy to maintain control.

Interviewer: Time and space are completely irrelevant, is that correct?

Mr. Devil: By all means! I choose the place of battle, and because of my abstract nature, I cannot be wiped out, not in a million years.

Interviewer: What about your opponent, isn’t he a threat to your existence?

Mr. Devil: Well, not quite, since the opposition controls the positive forces which society deems unrealistic. You see, I don’t want to control the Universe, just my human slaves, by pulling the strings.

Interviewer: Who is your greatest adversary on Earth?

Mr. Devil: Those who inspire earthbound creatures to think outside the box. I can even name a few: Socrates, Emerson, Thomas Paine, and Abraham Lincoln.

Interviewer: Do you have another thing to add, Your Majesty?

Mr. Devil: Cigarettes are also a tool that helps me to hold society in a stranglehold and keep it there permanently.

Interviewer: Your Majesty, you are the worst thing that has ever descended upon the Earth. However, I am keen to know, are you are willing to cut those people loose?

Give up on your power?

Mr. Devil: In that regard, I am helpless, and it’s not up to me! It’s the minds of my prisoners which have to reject me, not vice versa.

Here are the seven principles you need to adhere to in order to attain spiritual, financial and emotional maturity:

  1. Definiteness of purpose
  2. Mastery over self
  3. Learning from adversity
  4. Controlling environmental influence (associations)
  5. Time (giving legitimacy to positive, rather than negative sensations and developing wisdom)
  6. Harmony (acting with audacity and purpose to take control and influence over your mental, spiritual, and physical environment)
  7. Caution (thinking through your plan before you act)

Don’t get too analytical over these principles.

If you digest their essential message, you wouldn’t be compelled to memorize them. Above all else, you must not roam around aimlessly!

Only then, you’ll be able to think about environmental, and sociological hurdles that may hamper your progress.

Interviewer: What one has to do in order to find its life purpose?

Mr. Devil: One must strive hard not to lose control over itself. But I can say with some confidence that most people succumbed to the negative pressure, and took a psychological beating.

Interviewer: So, how can one be in a position to regain power? What is required of him/her to do?

Mr. Devil: Let’s start with the most basic ones:

Three appetites are impeding your progress:

  • The desire for food
  • The desire for expression of sex
  • The desire to express loosely organized opinions

Interviewer: So what can we do about them, is there an antidote to this chaos?

Mr. Devil: I would say that there’s no greater enemy than yourself. Even I have no power over those who clearly understand the power of positive thought.

Interviewer: Does the youth possess the wisdom to resist you?

Mr. Devil: Mostly not, because insights come from experience, and experience comes from time. So, you have to cling onto something, other than fear in order to overpower the negative force.

The only dependable power available to any human being. The power of their own thoughts. The only power they can control and may rely upon.”

Key Lessons from “Outwitting the Devil”

1.      Pull yourself together
2.      Discern the difference between Truth and Reality
3.      Say “No” to the Devil

Pull yourself together

It goes with saying that you must maintain your composure even in times of stress and trouble.

That doesn’t imply that you should accept defeat, merely to learn lessons out of it. And to be able to that, one must be geared up with the right mindset.

Discern the difference between Truth and Reality

You don’t need anyone telling you that people have this natural inclination to put these two in the same league.

However, you should be aware of the fact that “Reality” is self-created; it’s not a Universal fact.

So, whatever your reality might be, that’s not the Truth, it’s only the “Devil” leading you astray.

Say “No” to the Devil

The symbolic meaning of the “No” is composed of courage and vigilance.

In the beginning, it might be hard to recognize the negative effects of overthinking, but as time goes by, you’ll get better and better in staying alert.

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“Outwitting the Devil Quotes”

You are entitled to know that two entities occupy your body. One of these entities is motivated by and responds to the impulse of fear. The other is motivated by and responds to the impulse of faith. Click To Tweet Men and women who come to the closing chapter of life disappointed because they did not attain the goal which they had set their hearts upon achieving, they teach you what not to do. Click To Tweet Failure brings a climax in which one has the privilege of clearing his mind of fear and making a new start in another direction. Click To Tweet FEAR is the tool of a man-made devil. Click To Tweet The material on which thoughts are fed come from one's environment. Thought-habits are made permanent by hypnotic rhythm. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Hill’s philosophy of achievement is embedded into the rags-to-riches formula.

It consists of personal freedom, democracy, capitalism, and the free market.

Although the path to success is discussed over and over again, Napoleon asserts that not every person is ready to take the fast track to success.

On which side of the fence you are standing?

Find out, now!

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