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Perceptual Intelligence Summary

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Perceptual Intelligence PDFThe Brain’s Secret to Seeing Past Illusion, Misperception, and Self-Deception

Rest assured that the brain will process the information, as accurately as possible. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Our mental concepts that we acquired or developed are significantly affecting our judging notion.

In this book summary, you’ll rub your face in the dangers of adopting a tendentious point of view.

Who Should Read “Perceptual Intelligence”? And Why?

By now, you probably understand that there is more than one type of intelligence. People differ from one another in all aspects, and that includes the mental capabilities.

Perceptual Intelligence concerns us all, and in truth, we should be worried as well. We believe that this book is a great asset for all people, especially those who are trapped in the circle of biased decision-making.

If you are aware of your misleading agenda, this masterpiece will open your eyes.

About Brian Boxer Wachler

Brian Boxer WachlerBrian Boxer Wachler currently works at Cedars Sinai Medical Center as a staff physician.

“Perceptual Intelligence PDF Summary”

Is your reality, the actual truth? Can it be that we all have shown just a glimpse of our perspectives? Perhaps, it’s just our imagination, around which we build our lives and future.

What if, these tendencies have deluded you, and your real perception is biased? – Taking into account all these matters is the perfect recipe for discovering the Perceptual Intelligence from another angle – PI.

This discipline meets both science and philosophy on controversial grounds. It takes personal experience as well as mental sharpness to combine these branches of knowledge that are likely to generate sympathy and acceptance.

Let’s put it in plain English – Each person responds/reacts differently to the same situation. PI has a massive role in developing a mindset, which serves as an engine for perceiving the world and then conducting in-depth processing of the data collected through the senses.

PI can be subdivided into two aspects:

    • Perception
  • Interpretation.

Here’s how the process is set in motion: As we mentioned, through the senses (consisting of receptor cells), a person perceives the outer world or the worldly sensations.

Afterward, the information gathered is transformed into some kind of “electrochemical signal,” which is then passed on to the brain.

To streamline this process, we have unconsciously developed mental concepts, to process the information much quicker.

In other words, when a certain electrochemical signal arrives at the desired destination, the brain already has a reaction in place, without diving into too much evaluation.

As far as the psychological aspect is concerned, many people still remain skeptical, and unwilling to climb on board. Distorting reality as a process, not always can be separated from periodical illusions, which are mind driven.

It is of critical value to underline some conditions that may affect these tendencies such as “physical status,” “sleep deprivation or paralysis,” and others. So, how high or low is your PI, depends on only one thing – How well do you deal with false impressions and figments of your imagination!

The philosophy of the human existence also plunges into the discussion about Perceptual Intelligence. For instance, what are your thoughts on death, and whether your religion does the job for you?

Take your time, and make up your mind, but don’t jump into conclusion, without taking the facts into account.

Perceptual Intelligence has a pivotal role in many other areas such as athletics. As a matter of fact, are you one of these people who’ll start off next Monday? – All joking aside, this type of intelligence, adds to your laziness or energizes you to jump off that bed and start the workout.

People feel great after a workout, because the brain releases endorphins, as a reaction to physical and mental efforts. Team sports, on the other hand, also rely on the high PI.

What this does is digging up the external factors which can affect the PI, and shape the process of analyzing the information.

Believers and Non-Believers are forming a mental image and are forcing their minds to see the patterns, which they consider trustworthy and relevant.

If you are not primed to fill in, as a long-lasting solution, you can at least try to see the truth from an impartial standpoint. Only then you can be regarded as a person of High PI.

Scarcity is undoubtedly affecting and influencing the level of your PI. For instance, you so badly want to buy a new car, but you don’t have any money.

This exaggerates the value of the vehicle, by making it look more appealing, majestic and impressive. Or, if you are not given access to a certain area, that makes you even more eager to look behind that door.

Remember Dee Dee, from Dexter’s laboratory – well it’s the same thing. If something is prohibited, it makes us wonder what would happen if we don’t follow the rules.

It would be totally ignorant of the author to neglect the performance in the office because it is a relevant element have a part in determining PI. Are you familiar with the saying – We are just sheep in the herd? – It’s true; people would do almost anything (even blindfolded) to be accepted by the group.

Individuals with higher Perceptual Intelligence disregard these warnings and act on their own. The idea is not to stand out from the rest of the group but to avoid imitations of others.

People with a lower PI, tend to mimic the environment, without casting doubt upon the collective practices.

Being yourself is in fact, the only advice that’s worth anything, to be marked as a high PI person.

Key Lessons from “Perceptual Intelligence”

1.      The dangers of following an agenda
2.      Stay away from religious conclusions
3.      Team sports in the spotlight

The dangers of following an agenda

Cult leaders have managed to brainwash members and young people, and thus influenced their judgmental abilities. This way, they create a new sense of reality, one that matched the group’s intentions and agenda.

They are no longer capable of separating facts from opinion because everything they do is not self-directed.

Stay away from religious conclusions

In the light of many examples Brian Boxer Wachler has expressed, it can be said that religion also adds to the misinterpretation of reality.

People are willingly giving their contribution to the collective cause, which deteriorates the Perceptual Intelligence.  

Team sports in the spotlight

The goal is to spark that team cohesion and synergy, without which the group cannot put a great display of their capabilities.

Perceptual Intelligence can enhance team performance, and lead to better long-term results.  

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“Perceptual Intelligence Quotes”

I’ve seen different definitions of perceptual intelligence…but I like to think of it as how we interpret and occasionally manipulate our experiences to distinguish fantasy from reality. Click To Tweet Interpreting what we experience…requires something much greater than perception alone. Click To Tweet Daily we are surrounded by images that get tucked away in our memory banks. Click To Tweet We all sense reality through our own perceptual filters. Click To Tweet The key is being aware and accepting of ideas that strike us (and others) for no reason, even if they seem crazy or go against the grain. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

The value of Perceptual Intelligence is a foregone conclusion. We have to fight with this ignorance that has swept the world and expand our wisdom with the right actions.

Staying flexible, and open to all possibilities because that will give you the edge in any situation.

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