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GREATEST The Fifth Agreement Summary

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The Fifth Agreement SummaryA Practical Guide to Self-Mastery

Growing up doesn’t mean stop exploring, and taking a defensive stance. It’s needless to say that often things flow in a predictable direction.

What prevents you from tackling these self-imposed restrictions?

In this book summary, we reveal all the critical elements for avoiding capture!

Who Should Read “The Fifth Agreement”? And Why?

Take your time with this book as well. Soon you’ll be introduced to a new perspective – which indicates why patience is key in life.

We believe that “The Fifth Agreement” serve as a benchmark for future inner victories.

As such it is prescribed for all individuals who are in need of a transformation and quick shift.

About Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz

Don Miguel RuizDon Miguel Ruiz is a Mexican writer, who is categorized as a spiritualist and a shaman. He was born on August 27, 1952, in a large family – being the youngest of 13 children.

Don Jose Ruiz

Among his notable work, you can find classics like The Four Agreements, The Mastery of Love and The Voice of Knowledge.

Don Jose Ruiz is the son of Don Miguel Ruiz.

“The Fifth Agreement Summary”

How about we return to the basics of life and the freedom it carries.

Sometimes, it seems too painful because all the sorrow we acquired along the road. Nonetheless, you cannot run away from agreements.

A good book can facilitate the meeting between practices and personal opinion:

The truth about whether you have the integrity to proceed rests on your shoulders. Adhering to someone else’s proven norms and laws is one way, trying your “beastly” luck is the other.

What is the deal with grown-ups?

We ended up being taught both at school and home – how to behave like adults. In reality, they or in some case “we” are the ones who misbehave.

Once we reach a state of adulthood, a person begins to lose that sense of innocence, meanwhile an opinion is formed followed by the development of a habit for making snap judgments.

Recover your energy, and keep the blood flowing with several open-minded techniques that disregard those pointless habits we’ve acquired over the years.

Return to your natural state, and don’t allow these concepts to trouble your well-being.

If you ever wondered what bravery is… Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz just gave you a clue:

Undoubtedly, our mind is prone to mental variations due to the societal pull that suffocates our uniqueness.

But, even this is a choice, no one can take advantage of you if you don’t establish such a hostile relationship with yourself.

Test and question your beliefs, don’t follow them blindly. Whatever gives you the edge trust it, if something brings you sorrow neglect it.

Even though it sounds too simple, is often a lot harder than it looks and feels.

Here’s the best part:

The childhood is filled with carefree, playful time. Not only that the media cannot affect and jeopardize that peacefulness, but also can’t get near it.

Fun fact: You cannot find a kid, worrying about its clothes, what colors to wear or whether this particular fashion accessory fits the combination.

Get our point?

They only run around carelessly with a pure, innocent and simple intention to quench their thirst for entertainment. We seek to fulfill our needs and instincts, simply because it makes us happy.

Prior to education, we’ve undergone some proper, old-fashioned and classic parental upbringing.

Although these thoughts and laws should serve our interest, it’s often vice versa. Don’t punish yourself anymore, allow new energy to enter your heart and mind.

Why is it called the agreement, and not the law or practice?

The emphasis falls on the word or should you prefer the term “agree.” The symbolic meaning is both explained and presented as an asset, not as some universal truth.

If you don’t distinguish these terms you’ll again turn out to be miserable.

First and foremost, freeing yourself takes time, determination and most importantly discipline.

“The Fifth Agreement” talks about the control to avoid gossiping and don’t comment on other people’s ignorance or prejudices. In other words, don’t take life too personally!

Let’s recall what’ve acquired in this book summary:

  1. Master the art of expressing yourself
  2. Don’t take life or anything unfolding in it too personally
  3. Dissolve the habit of premature assumptions.

The fourth agreement comes naturally afterward – strive for perfection by performing at your very best.  

And if you’ve mastered all four, then you are ready to take on the fifth agreement.

Adopt both skeptical, and open-minded approach.

Key Lessons from “The Fifth Agreement

1.      You stand alone
2.      Not exactly the same
3.      Tell the story, don’t be the story

You stand alone

Whatever anyone thinks of you is irrelevant, if you are aware of your potential and strengths.

Not even your parents are entitled to criticize your decisions because the power lies within you – no one can make that final push on your behalf.

Not exactly the same

Let’s get this straight. When it comes to being skeptical, people often have misleading theories on what skepticism and egoism is.

First of all, they believe that these two terms are highly dependable, which is an entirely false claim.

Be open to other people’s views, but protect your viewpoints – would be the most accurate description, briefly presented.

Tell the story, don’t be the story

Tell your story but stay out of it.

We bet you don’t have a clue about what are you supposed to do! Meaning that your anecdote mustn’t be a part of your present state so that it cannot influence you.

As we mentioned earlier, controlling the negative self-judgments is your ticket to long-awaited freedom.

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“The Fifth Agreement” Quotes

We speak the truth because we live in truth. Click To Tweet Humans have invented all kinds of symbols to communicate not only with other humans but more importantly with ourselves. Click To Tweet Even the worst thing that can happen to you is meant to happen because it’s going to push you to grow. Click To Tweet Once you are aware that you’re dreaming, you recover your power to change the dream whenever you choose. Click To Tweet We want our freedom; we want to be ourselves, but we are also afraid to be by ourselves. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

One thing is for sure, The Fifth Agreement same as the Four Agreements doesn’t provide any misleading information. It’s all in there!!

If you are keen to listen and stay focused on avoiding being caught off guard, this book will do the trick.

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