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The Luck Factor Summary

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The Luck Factor SummaryFour simple principles that will change your luck – and your life

Don’t wait for luck to knock on your door.

Luck doesn’t just happen to random people. It is your job to make it happen!!!

Who Should Read “The Luck Factor”? And Why?

Do you want to be the luckiest person out there? Work for it; you can ask any successful person to what do they owe their success? They’ll all say the same thing. Self-made luck!

They try harder than other guys, develop healthy habits, and believe in their worthiness. As you can see, luck has its own ways of functioning. This book is specially designed for those folks who struggle to make it on a professional level.

Their biggest strength is their belief and good daily habits. “The Luck Factor” is a risk taker, “Play big and Gain big”.

We prescribe this helpful guide to those individuals who want to comprehend “The Luck Factor” with all its features.

About Richard Wiseman

Richard WisemanDr. Richard Wiseman is a British-born speaker, author and a professor who teaches psychology at the University of Hertfordshire in England. He was born in 1966 in Luton (he also grew up there).

The majority of his psychological books are translated into many languages. According to him the greatest gift a human can give is education. Richard Wiseman wrote many books including 59 Seconds; Laughlab; Did You Spot the Gorilla, and his most recent work “Night School”.

“The Luck Factor Summary”

There are not many measurements of luck since no one can define even the concept of it. For instance, on a scale from one to seven; one being – luck is an unknown phenomenon that you’ve never experienced and seven being – your whole life has some connections with it; Which number would reflect your current living situation?

You are allowed to make a mistake, don’t take it too seriously. Your belief in it matters – meaning what your motto is?

After you’ve set several luck indicators, the real contest begins. By carefully overlooking important events, you’ll be able to see the highlights of your life. Luck is never to be understood kind of thing if you haven’t experienced it first.

Reminiscing without jeopardizing your peaceful state manifests the presence of luck in your life. Rate your luckiness on every level, face the truth and if needed do something about it.

Determine why are you suffering or not? According to some ancient philosophers, life-success is measured by the overall amount of happiness you encounter. It is recommendable to reevaluate your satisfaction-level on an ongoing basis.

What does luck have to do with your life? To forge beneficial relationships, a person needs to become aware of its momentary inner state. The upside down turning point is likely to occur in your life too. Take hold of the issues you have, and make yourself proud.

Don’t come up with stories from the past, since these stories are merely an echo of “the lucky role”. Don’t blame or praise external influences for everything that takes part during your lifespan.

Those life-altering events that take place have a tremendous impact on our judgment towards the power of any abstract phenomena. Become more flexible and open to encounter real happiness on every corner; it is easier said than done – however, don’t quit!

There is not a single person in this world who has not been confused by the process of “distributing luck”. Why some people have the privilege to be luckier than others? To what or whom do we owe this favor? Is it a matter of superstitiousness or not?

As a matter of fact, many cultures are rich with all sorts of traditions related to luck. The jewelry or clothing are essential ingredients in the “lucky business as well. The author Richard Wiseman spends his time explaining the factors contributing to the end result.  

In this magnificently written master, Wiseman displays that good mental health is the only worthy thing out there. He also outlines four core psychological concepts that opportunists intuitively follow, and in return, they receive their fair share of good fortune.

Key Lessons from “The Luck Factor”

1.      You are the creator of your life
2.      Lucky people are happy
3.      Be open to new experiences

You are the creator of your life

To confront superstitiousness, the author has come up with a solution. Create a contest and allow “lucky” “neutral” and “unlucky” people to pick a number.

You’ll see that the capability of picking the winning numbers is equal for everyone. Be happy, don’t find excuses!

Lucky people are happy

The very concept of luckiness is unclear. What habits have the greatest power to solve problems and separate lucky and unlucky individuals?

The ones consider luck tend to have more fun and entertain themselves in a variety of ways. The difference lies in the positive and fruitful approach.

Be open to new experiences

Are you available for something better? Even if you say “Yes,” the free minded people who can easily abandon their comfort zone can be counted on one person’s fingers.

Lucky people are fortunate because they always look for something better, there are possibilities on every corner all you need to do is look.

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“The Luck Factor” Quotes

The two-way relationship between mood and memory explains why lucky people’s reluctance to dwell on any ill fortune in their past helps maintain their lucky perspective on life. Click To Tweet Lucky and unlucky people achieve, or fail to achieve, their ambitions because of a fundamental difference in how they think about both themselves and their lives. Click To Tweet The luck of having talent is not enough; one must also have talent for luck. Click To Tweet Lucky people are often convinced that these opportunities are the results of pure chance...But ...these seemingly chance opportunities are the results of lucky people’s psychological makeup. Click To Tweet Luck is believing you’re lucky. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

This book acknowledges the power of habit and how it can have a positive effect on our lives

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