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Happy for No Reason Summary

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Happy for No Reason Summary7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out

You are born for a reason, – listen to the song of your heart, you are not obligated to please anyone.

Your happiness relies on you and the inner voice within you.

Who Should Read “Happy for No Reason”? And Why?

This is not another book in the self-help series.

Boost your happiness by setting new points that confront the genetic predispositions and parental upbringing.

Subconsciously, people absorb the propaganda material that indicates – the present state is not suited for joy. Once you accomplish your projections, you’ll reach your heaven.

Marci Shimoff emboldens everyone to transform this particular mindset, for your sake not for someone else’s.

About Marci Shimoff

Marci ShimoffMarci Shimoff was born in 1958 in the U.S. She is a keynote speaker, teacher, and a writer. Her bestseller“ Happy for No Reason” written in 2008 has more than 14 million sold copies on a global scale.

According to many, she is among the best female nonfiction writers ever. Marci also co-authored “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul” series. The self-help genre has its female representative who dignifies the interests of all people worldwide.

“Happy for No Reason Summary”

Psychology as a scientific term is nothing but an empirical study of positive phenomena, the development of a strong character and healthy habits. Scientists go one step further and endorse the theory that every person has a unique “set-points,” or basic principles that define happiness.

These norms (depending on person’s character) must not be subjected to change no matter what kind of game life plays with you.

Research has shown that both paralyzed and rich people without any doubt return to their natural happiness set-points within a year or two of the situation which caused a change, for the better or worse.

Happiness is not a concept, therefore is difficult to define. According to the vast majority of the people, it is a result of both genetic predispositions and education (combined with the living environment). However, the bar can be raised to a new set-point if the person expresses such desires.

To twist your life, and turn your present situation for the better, you must switch and “practice happiness,” analyze what makes you miserable and eliminate those activities or habits.

The people of today are unwittingly trapped in the circle of wanting more, also known as “the myth of more,” which indicates person’s behavior or ego who always seeks improvements.

The truth is –  even if you reach a state – you’ve always dreamed of; still, you won’t be able to enjoy it because the ego will not be pleased. Don’t convince yourself that tomorrow is going to be better, live in the here and now.

Even if you lose 20 pounds or get the perfect job –  you’ll still be unsettled, because it is your way of precepting reality. It may sound strange, but you should quit chasing life and consequently stop emphasizing the power of external factors.

Instead, focus on being “happy for no reason. You can start by following some core laws, which are explained by Marci Shimoff.

The author of “Happy for No Reason” – Marci Shimoff made her prestige with the book “Chicken Soup for a Woman’s Soul” and some other books at the time, which will unquestionably help you to find happiness somewhere inside you.

Besides, that is the very foundation of positive thinking – gratefulness. The author speaks about things linked to happiness.

Find out how to abide by seven “happiness laws” and set-up “21 productive habits” to increase your joyfulness and bliss. In spite of being a little bit platitudinous, the book delivers an important message related to emotional and mental behavior – despite lacking facts.

Shimoff provides its readers with plenty of exercises on the road to full transformation. Embark on this new adventure and stop complaining all the time. Marci alludes to all aspect of a relaxed approach, integrate healthier habits and positive thinking. Change your life, and leave the rest to nature.

There are two types of people: persons who spend their time and energy to resolve problems, and the ones who understand their illusionary nature. It is up to you to choose your side.

A peaceful state of mind is only possible if a person is delighted with its current life.

Is that even possible? As a matter of fact, it is, but you must be completely free of desires and demands. The society enforces on us an unrest behavior – we strive to achieve something all the time, it is good to be ambitious but being too energetic is not advisable.

Key Lessons from “Happy for No Reason”

1.      Trust your intuition
2.      The world is your family
3.      Difficulties are helpful

Trust your intuition

Your “inner voice” is your guide, your intuition, your path. It is important that your life is in tune with it. Find a peaceful place, meditate and try to listen, wait for an answer – resolve your problems.

Make up a list of questions – write them down; when the answers reveal themselves write them down to.

The world is your family

Cultures have more similarities than differences. Humans are a part of the same system – in other words, we have interrelated interests. The world lacks peace because we cannot understand that we all belong to one “shared world.”

Speak, relate and behave properly, everyone deserves respect. Wish them success, happiness, and strength.

Difficulties are helpful

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a psychologist by profession, identifies the elements which create a movement of passion.

These elements only occur when a person is cornered or challenged. Studies indicate that such difficulties lead to a deep commitment, dedication and ultimately passion. 

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“Happy for No Reason” Quotes

Who is rich? He who is happy with his lot. Click To Tweet Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine. Click To Tweet Intention, Attention, No Tension. Click To Tweet We are disturbed not by what happens to us, but by our thoughts about what happens. Click To Tweet 1. Focus on the Solution 2. Look for the Lesson and the Gift 3. Make Peace with Yourself Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

As said by Marci – all the people return to their previously build-up principles of happiness (sooner or later). If we don’t influence our lives, what else can we expect?

Nothing, that’s the whole key. Happy For No Reason gives you insights and prompts a new method of reaching blissfulness.

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