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The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making Summary

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The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making SummaryThe human nature is accustomed to judge different types of situations, and in the meantime to make decisions.

We summarize what we think is relevant and informative.

Who Should Read “The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making”? And Why?

At first, one must come to an understanding that every decision ultimately relies on the previous one, and influences the next one.

Surely, someone will deny this fact, but ask yourself? – Which factors shaped my mindset? – Sooner or later, every individual realizes that the burden of life emerges as a consequence of previous judgments, and choices.

Despite the societal influences, one must be prepared to serve a higher purpose in this world. The most reliable tool at your disposal is your willingness to change!!

The author targets, system analysts, leaders, managers, strategists, researchers, and psychologists who spent a lot of time of analyzing the environmental gaps, in order to improve the decisions.

About Scott Plous

Scott PlousScott Plous is an American-born psychologist, author, consultant, with a Ph.D. He momentarily works at Wesleyan University in Connecticut – teaching psychology.

Scott is also the founder of Social Psychology Network and has published two books and many articles.

“The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making Summary”

Every single day, each person faces thousands of choices, and every second is a chance for changing some of those opinions. The social media, internet, tv and other opinion-makers try to entice us with some information, and thereby reshape our mindset.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In fact, it all depends on the situation, and surroundings. Although this book was published in 1993, it somehow foresaw that the world wouldn’t have a problem with a shortage of information, in years to come.

Many factors (internal and external) influence our decision-making capacity and judgmental attitude. This fact-filled book offers several tips on how to improve not just your managerial abilities, but also the give you a clue in the psychology of judgment.

For centuries people had been under constant pressure from the society, to think, perform, move and judge in a certain way. Perhaps, the time has to come to put an end to that.

The birth of democracy reduced social restrictions and opened thousands of possibilities for people all around the world. Even though this was just the beginning, the profile of an average person changed, instantly.

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