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Quitter Summary – Jon Acuff

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Quitter SummaryClosing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job

Do you want to change your career?

Do not quit just yet!

When you decide to change your dreams, the best way is the smart and careful way.

Let us show you the path!

Who Should Read “Quitter” and Why?

Do you have a dream?

Of course, you do.

But, do you have to quit what you are currently doing in order to achieve it?

Well, no. Moreover, “Quitter” does not recommend it. Instead, it offers you an alternative, safer approach that will guarantee your happiness.

We recommend it to all ambitious people who feel that they need to change jobs and follow their passions.

About Jon Acuff

Jon AcuffJon Acuff is a full-time bestselling author, who became what he is today after being a serial quitter, and was working eight different jobs in a time span of eight years.

“Quitter Summary”

Ever since we were kids, we were thinking about what we want to be when we grow up.

As we do grow up, we start limiting our choices, and finding our true passions, and even making plans about how to get where we want to be.

Sadly, not many people make it to the place of their dreams, and most of us end up working jobs we do not like or do not care about.

Many people who believe that you live only once, would say to you that if you are not satisfied with your current job, you should just quit and find a new one.

However, that is not the way to go.

Money is an important aspect of our everyday lives, whether we like to accept it or not.

When you do not have money, you worry constantly about paying the bills and getting through the day, which can undermine both your health and your relationships.

However, that does not mean that you should just keep working at the place you hate.

We are just saying to keep your day job, at least at the beginning of the path toward your dream.

What is the reason that this could be helpful?

Well, it is not just because of stress. If you do quit, you will feel that you are out of options, and you may end up sucked at equally bad, or even worse, opportunity.

If you have enough money to pay for your living expenses, on the other hand, you can make wiser choices.

Having a job will also make sure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, and be disciplined.

When you stay at home too much, you end up being lazy and doing nothing, and that is not the way to happiness or a better career.

So, we concluded that you should stop the thoughts about quitting your job immediately from becoming a reality.

What next?

Next, you must get a clear idea of your purpose and dreams.

Some people are born knowing their dreams, while others need to work hard to find them.

However, it will all become much easier if you just ask the right questions.

So, instead of asking yourself what you want to do in your life and overburdening yourself with the never-ending number of possibilities, just think about what you have done in your life so far, and have enjoyed doing.

Look back on your past, and search your memories for what the author names a “hinge” moment.

These moments an be happy or sad, and seem insignificant at first, but are actually redirecting your life in a way you may have never expected.

Of course, when you decide to follow your dreams and walk a path not many people do, you will be facing risks.

Coming to terms with these risks is important, so think about what you want to achieve and look at all the risks this job involves.

People look at risks in three different ways: through a magnifying glass, which makes them look too big to handle, through a kaleidoscope, which makes them too complex and overwhelming, or through a telescope, from a safe distance.

The last way is the only way that will empower you and enable you to overcome your fears and all the risks that come your way.

It will make them look manageable and small enough that you can continue chasing your dreams.

Finally, do not be a strict planner.

Yes, plan for things, but do not let your plans paralyze you.

There will always be instances where things will go a different direction, many times a much better one, and there will be moments when you will face challenges you did not see coming.

If you want to achieve your dream, you have to know the bigger picture, but not get too stuck on the details.

Key Lessons from “Quitter”

1.      Do Not Quit Just Yet
2.      Wake Up Early
3.      Define Your Goals So You Can Reach Them

Do Not Quit Just Yet

You can get your dream job, but on the way to it, you must not quit your current one.

At least not yet.

If you quit now, you will soon become desperate, since you will not be able to pay your bills, and you need money to survive.

So, you will most probably end up working whatever other job comes your way first, so you will just be replacing your unwanted profession.

Walk slowly toward building the career you want, and start from putting extra hours when you are free, without quitting what you are currently doing.

Wake Up Early

Even if you think of yourself as a night owl, wake up early.

When you do something you should do in the very early morning, before you have even gone to work, you will feel much more purposeful.

Define Your Goals So You Can Reach Them

In order to reach your goals, you have to define your vision of success.

In other words, you have to define what does “having enough” mean for you.

Then you will have a much clearer vision, and you will make a much more focused effort.

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“Quitter” Quotes

90 percent perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100 percent perfect and stuck in your head. Click To Tweet Pitting your dream against someone else's is a fantastic way to get discouraged and depressed. Click To Tweet I don't want you to wake up at sixty-five and realize, I spend forty of my best years doing something that just funded my life. Click To Tweet Hustle isn't just doing the things you love all the time. Hustle is doing the things you don't enjoy sometimes to earn the right to do the things you love. Click To Tweet I want the peace in knowing that is wasn’t for lack of hustling that I missed a target for my dream. I want to know that the one thing in my control was under control. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Jon Acuff has written a book that is created by perfectly balanced motivational and practical part.

First, you will feel empowered and ready to set off on the road to making your dreams come true, and then you will get a set of actional steps you will get there.

This is everything a book should be.

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