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Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople Summary

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Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople SummaryInside Secrets from a Master Negotiator

Today’s world emphasizes the importance of sales; it’s the final step in any process. It would be totally ignorant to neglect the effect from this sector.

As such, we briefly summarize Roger Dawson’s secrets and put them into action.

Who Should Read “Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople”? And Why?

At first glance, Roger doesn’t look like a man of high stature, but the masterpieces he wrote, speak for themselves.

We believe that the title indicates to whom is this book intended. Even so, salespeople are not the only ones who rely on their communication skills to fulfill their daily tasks.

In fact, everywhere you go thousands of opportunities occur, you need to understand these gambits in order to take full advantage of the given situation.


About Roger Dawson

Roger DawsonRoger Dawson is more than just a negotiation expert; he is one of the world’s top negotiating gurus.

Roger is the founder of the Power Negotiating Institute, which managed to train many low-profile executives, salespeople, and managers throughout the U.S. and Canada, and turn them into experts.

“Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople Summary”

Nowadays, we indeed don’t have shortages of books which cover all the elements of negotiation including, sell, closing a deal, interactions, etc.

However, not even an abundance of information can guarantee success, because, in a race against time, you need accurate facts.

The market reacts in a way similar to your action. Luckily, Roger Dawson gives you brand new strategy, to force the community to behave suitably.

How to recognize the secrets of negotiation?

Let’s move slowly in order for you to bounce back and stand firm.

Do you have troubles understanding the point? In reality, salespeople are aware that every day new battle takes place, each night they lay down thinking about their next moves.

Fortunately, “Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople” takes this matter into serious consideration, and investigates the psychological aspects that make a difference.

Generally speaking, “Power Negotiating” is a skill of a successful negotiator.

“Power Negotiating” tries to comply with other sectors, but that’s easier said than done.

Written in an easily-digestible manner Roger Dawson offers a set of tips, in a highly structured way written to make you aware of the uncertainty existing on the market.

We cannot be sure what lies in store until we read it right?

The game starts when this classic is delivered to your doorsteps.

The book sparks the cravings for success, enriched with up-to-date, relevant info about power negotiating. Make your presence in the market count at any stage with first-class examples and tips.

Whom to trust?

With many years of experience in the realm of sales, Roger delivers what he promised: plenty of secrets and links to negotiation and sales.

The best way to start is to perceive your job as a chess game. Strategical and yet winnable.

For instance, the winner in any chess contest is probably the one who controls the tempo of the game. Operate by the rules, and never forfeit even if you are on the verge of defeat.

The bottom line is – it’s better to lose from a visible than from an imaginary (self-created) opponent. Push yourself to the limits and come off victorious on the other side of the road.

The real question is – What are you willing to sacrifice?

If you are familiar with Dawson’s classics, you may not be impressed by some repetition going on, but the truth is all of them illustrate the secrets of “Power Negotiating.”

Nevertheless, even if at some point you come across the same gambits – you’ll realize that they are used in a different connotation.

According to experts “Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople” is his best work. When, why, how, all these questions are answered and more.

Big players are not afraid to lose; they embrace risk as an integral part of our existence.

The word gambit originates from Chess, and it’s synonymous with a “strategic move” which also carries a dose of uncertainty attached to it.

Let’s clear around Gambits: First things first, “Beginning Gambits” when the game starts, “Middle Gambits” the game unfolds and “Ending Gambits” it’s time to close the sale.

In chess language also known as “checkmate” which represents defeat or victory.

Key Lessons from “Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople”

1.      Sidestep confrontations
2.      Focus on key matters
3.      Forecast everything

Sidestep confrontations

The key is to avoid any confrontational negotiating. Beware because such conflicts only endanger the possibility to find yourself in a win-win situation.

Approach these troublemakers peacefully, and offer your expertise to come up with a solution.

Focus on key matters

Concentrate on the issues troubling you or your organization regarding sales. Despite the claims, power negotiating skills is the only way for a salesperson to earn a living, many other professions depend on the same attributes also.

Efficient salesperson hangs tough regardless of the competition.

Forecast everything

Catch your interlocutor or opponent by surprise and use these “power negotiation” techniques to establish a base on their turf – hypothetically speaking. In other words, conduct strategies that the other side would find ridiculous and outrageous.

Start with a move that the opposition would expect, and then a sudden shift will catch them off guard.

In reality, next in line is a predictable response or an action that they are forced to make. As you can see, now you control the tempo, which is essential for achieving success.

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“Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople” Quotes

In this age of computer-generated contracts, you should read the contract all the way through every time it comes to your desk for signature. Click To Tweet Businesses don’t run well because there is a genius in the head office. They run well because a million salespeople meet for coffee every morning to talk about how they can do it better. Click To Tweet The companies to whom you sell have figured out that the best and quickest way for them to put money on their bottom-line is to take it right off yours! Click To Tweet Buyers are better negotiators than they were 10 or 20 years ago. That trend is going to continue. Click To Tweet Withdrawing an offer is a gamble, so only use it on a buyer who is grinding away at you. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Although “Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople” is an easy read with lots of applicable tips and insights its biggest problem is probably the repetitiveness.

In general, according to us, this is an excellent book worthy of your attention.

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