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Tag: Best Quotes

Ernest Hemingway Quotes

Some people see him as a literary legend, as well as a person that lived legendary life. Others consider him to have had a sad life, but fruitful career. In any case, one thing is true: Ernest Hemingway is a […]

George Orwell Quotes

George Orwell was a British writer, most widely known to the public for his most famous novels “1984” and “Animal Farm.” The “Big Brother is watching you” quote is used continuously all over the world to comment on the political […]

Edgar Allan Poe Quotes

On October 3, 1849. Edgar Allan Poe, then just 40 years of age, was found roaming the streets of Baltimore, delirious and acting too strange to be considered sane. According to Joseph W. Walker – the man who had found […]

The Alchemist Quotes

A young shepherd boy Santiago is really enjoying the freedom of going from one place to another with his sheep. He believes that independence is an essential asset in keeping one’s spirit on a high level. One day, he decides […]

Leo Tolstoy Quotes

Leo Tolstoy’s aura and presence continue to inspire new generations years after his death. His words echo through time, forging new relationships and building fortresses made of famous quotes and insights. The enigma of his existence added to the everlasting […]