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Tag: Charles Dickens

Great Expectations PDF Summary

Welcome back to our site! This time our topic is the summary of “Great Expectations”, the book which Dickens considered as one of his finest pieces of work. And so do we! Who Should Read “Great Expectations”? And Why? “Great […]

A Christmas Carol PDF Summary

Christmas is a time for warmth, generosity and spending time with the people you love. And, it is a time for telling stories. In fact, every time is a good time for storytelling. So, this time, we will feed your […]

A Tale of Two Cities PDF Summary

Many lives. Two cities. A challenging novel, that is definitely worth the effort. We cannot possibly take you to Dickens’s world (only Dickens can do it), but what we can do is give you a glimpse of what you can […]

Oliver Twist PDF Summary

Being thrown in dark and corrupt surroundings does not mean one must become bad himself. Read our summary of “Oliver Twist” and find out a few things about the destiny of one of the best-known orphans of the fictional world. […]