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Tag: Ernest Hemingway

Best Motivational Books

Down on your luck? Need some motivation to get out of bed? How about grabbing a book? Let us guess: you would, but you’re out of ideas regarding its author or title. Worry not: we’re here to help! Just bookmark […]

Ernest Hemingway Quotes

Some people see him as a literary legend, as well as a person that lived legendary life. Others consider him to have had a sad life, but fruitful career. In any case, one thing is true: Ernest Hemingway is a […]

The Sun Also Rises PDF Summary

Back to the Roaring Twenties once again. This time with one of Fitzgerald’s best buds: Mr. Ernest Hemingway. And his alcohol-infused, sex-crazed, macho-imbued, bullfighting-loaded, anti-Semitic bedlam of account of the times and age in “The Sun Also Rises.” Who Should […]

The Old Man and the Sea PDF Summary

There’s something biblical and religious in “The Old Man and the Sea,” a story about a Cuban fisherman, a 5.5-meter-long marlin, and few hungry sharks. And if you know Ernest Hemingway – that’s more than a recommendation. Read our summary […]