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The Audacity to Win Summary

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The Audacity to Win Summary

“The Audacity to Win” deservedly receives a lot of credit, for its straightforward approach, and openness in a political campaign.

It’s like having an access to numerous backstage information.

We summarize some key findings, which we hope you’ll find entertaining and mind-blowing.

Who Should Read “The Audacity to Win”? And Why

This book has its roots deep in U.S. history and tradition presented to us in a straightforward, unique and exceptional way. Obama’s personal and political ideas are expressed so that an average reader would understand the strength that followed him during his time as a president. If you aren’t a politically active person, you may think that “The Audacity to Win” is not a type of book that you’d be interested in.

Nevertheless, you’ll immediately realize your huge mistake because this book has nothing to do with politics. Although from time to time you as a reader will encounter some political topics, the point is far greater. The learning process refers to the campaign, the devotion needed and the Internet methods used to raise funds and awareness about Obama’s long-term plans.

It doesn’t matter if you are American or Italian, black or white, here you’ll test your limits and your courage to move beyond the comfort zone? If you think you got what it takes, then this is the right book for you!

About David Plouffe

David PlouffeDavid Plouffe is an American-born political strategist, campaign manager, and a writer. He was born on May 27, 1967, in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.  David comes from a Catholic family. His full-time political career started in 1990 when David began to work for Senator Tom Harkin. His Democratic orientation granted him the opportunity to manage campaigns of Congressman John Oliver, Charles M.Oberly, and former President Obama.

In 2008 David Plouffe and David Axelrod were the leaders and in charge of Barack Obama’s political presidential campaign. After the success that David gave to Obama’s presidential operation, Plouffe insisted and set up “Organizing for America” an organization of 13-million American supporters of Barack Obama.

“The Audacity to Win Summary”

“The Audacity to Win” allows you find out how the former American-president Barack Obama’s political campaign changed the course of history with an original mixture of guts, democratic politics, and advanced technology.

The 2008 legislative elections are known for its surprising turn of events – when Barack Obama’s presidential party campaign won and set a new record in the entire U.S. political and presidential history. Former President Obama defeated not only his fellow candidate for presidential elections Hillary Clinton but also he remarkably overcame The Republican Party’s veteran Senator John McCain in presidential elections, earning nearly seven million more votes than any other presidential candidate in U.S. history.

What was Obama’s secret?

His success was not just a mere luck; it was a result of hard work and dedication. As a matter of fact, his supporters’ efforts bore fruits and they somehow convinced Obama into taking the responsible role of becoming a presidential candidate due to the phenomenal audience reaction to his book “The Audacity of Hope” published in 2006.

What exactly happened?

Since then, the American people gave Obama full support in all political spheres from 2006 till this very day. As his reputation grew, Obama began expressing his political views transparently. Before the presidential elections, he also presented alternative solutions to George W. Bush’s unpopular foreign policies. Momentum reached its peak – the 2006 midterm elections provided The Democratic Party with full control of the Senate leading to confusion. However, the situation stabilized for the first time in 12 years.

Why should you study Obama’s charisma – The Audacity to Win?

Former American president totally deserves to be studied in all matters of politics, personal decisions, and goals. His political campaign is among those campaigns that provided the citizens with something far more significant than new political views.

Here’s the kicker:

The focus was placed on different innovative businesses, foreign policies, violence matters, fundraising and the use of advanced technology. Who doesn’t want to hear an amazing story? It is not a fairy tale, but Obama’s exciting life will most certainly entertain you. He was a definite outsider, a political candidate who conquered America with its highly motivated authoritative speech that pulled off one of the greatest triumphs in modern history.

Here’s the thing:

Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe wrote a diary from a firsthand perspective that gives trustworthy insights about Obama’s victory previously known only to close associates. Even though the story is written chronologically, the anticipation builds as different rivals fight and fall by the road.

This book is highly recommended for people willing to achieve extraordinary things; it is synonymous with the enthralling David-and-Goliath story.

“The Audacity to Win” is written for true leaders, political candidates, technophiles and anyone else capable of defying all odds to become a real winner.

Key Lessons from “The Audacity to Win”

  1.      Good logistics and capable staff are two key elements for successful campaign
  2.      Always organize departments in a hierarchical way
  3.      Set the salaries before the campaign

Good logistics and capable staff are two key elements for successful campaign

At first, the campaign’s manager or in Obama’s case David Plouffe had to set up the necessary logistics, hire qualified staff and start the organization. Every campaign has its operational structure including different departments to handle operations, financial difficulties, schedules and advance work, public relations and communications, vital research of opposition’s strength and weaknesses, technological department and department for handling a relationship with states officials.

Always organize departments in a hierarchical way

With this method, the chain of command is much more efficient. This approach helped the managers to conduct discipline and a good working atmosphere revealing the true intention of “The Audacity to Win”.

Set the salaries before the campaign

During the campaign, only one individual earned more than $12,000 a month, and neither one of them received a raise or promotion. This rational salary process saved vital time and energy.

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“The Audacity to Win” Quotes

It looks like they picked Sarah goddamn Palin. We have to get moving. Click To Tweet Sometimes the quiet events that happen largely out of sight can have as much or more impact on the outcome of a campaign – or any endeavor ¬– than the headline-grabbing moments. Click To Tweet When you make substantive decisions the right way, not based on polls and political wind gauging, you often end up on the high side of politics. Click To Tweet Controversy or not, it was clear that Sarah Palin was a meteor the likes of which had not crossed the political sky in some time. Click To Tweet It was clear that we would win Iowa only on the backs of Independents, Republicans, young voters and new registrants – a scary proposition, to say the least. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Experts agree that this book gets a bit too political at times, which is not the main point. We also support this climb because readers are more interested in learning some of Obama’s keynote speeches, philosophies, and policies which he planned to apply in his presidential mandate. 

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