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The Days Crayons Quit PDF Summary

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The Days Crayons Quit PDFDuncan wants to draw.

But he has nothing to draw with.

His crayons decided to leave their “job positions” because he was over or under-using them.

So, Duncan has to find a way to make amends with his crayons, in order to be able to draw again.

How will he do that? Will the crayons come back?

Who Should Read “The Days Crayons Quit”? And Why?

“The Day Crayons Quit” is a children’s book about a little boy named Duncan and his box of crayons, which one day decide to go on strike because they are not satisfied with how they are used.

Duncan tries to find a way to solve this problem, in order to keep his crayons happy and be able to paint again.

We recommend this book to all parents, as well as to kindergarten teachers that are searching for some new stories to tell.

Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers Biography

Drew DaywaltDrew Daywalt is a Holywood screenwriter, living in California. “The Day the Crayons Quit” is his first attempt at writing children’s books.

Oliver Jeffers is an award-winning Australian illustrator of children’s books. He currently lives in New York and has penned twelve books since the start of his career.


First things first.

“The Day the Crayons Quit” is actually not a book about crayons that quit – but about crayons that have issues and complain about them to little Duncan.

The story goes like this:

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