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Start growing!

Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

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The Handmade Entrepreneur PDF Summary

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What does handmade entrepreneur mean? Two hands defy the nowadays’ technology, the eyes are focused on beauty only, and imaginations run free through colors, images, and shapes. We usually call this a HANDMADE. Marketers call it PRODUCT.

Have you ever thought about turning your hobbies into a profitable business? Now it’s time to think more seriously about it. Dani Marie says it loud: IT IS POSSIBLE.

Doing handmade is often seen as the coolest thing these days. Creativity. Innovation. Usefulness. Fun working time. And not, at last, less expensive stuff. Becoming a handmade entrepreneur sounds like a great job to do.


The only way to be truly successful is to offer something of value to your buyers.

“The Handmade Entrepreneur PDF Summary”

Even so, many gifted people are making wonderful stuff but yet they don’t sell anything.


You may find the expected answers in The Handmade Entrepreneur. And that’s because this book is a practical guide about how to turn a hobby into a business.

Dani Marie wrote this interesting book about how to build your own handmade business on existing online markets and sell your products on different platforms or websites (for example on Etsy).

She gives tips and advice on how to increase such “industry” with low costs and by using simple things.

You’ll have a 3 parts reading journey :

  • “Getting Your Product and Shop Ready”. The main idea of this chapter: before any marketing push you should prepare you product and your shop, to make them look professional. With a product that looks mediocre advertising is just a terrible waste of time and money. Usually, you have only a few seconds to capture the buyer’s attention. And you can do this by these selling techniques:
    • “Put a unique spin on our product”
  • “Marketing and Traffic Generation”. You’ve built a great foundation and now you have your product and accounts all set up. Next step is getting traffic to your shop or website by:
    • making sales through social media
    • sell without selling
    • managing your reputation and constantly helping your business to grow.
  • What are your “Weekly Action Steps”? After the informational wave from the second part is time for a break and a smart recap. Step by step, week by week. A lot of actionable clues are put together in this part. The prerequisite of this part is ” to make marketing as easy, effective and stress-free as possible”.

By using some small strategies in order to improve the image of your shop will help you to become successful and grow your business faster than you dreamed.

Just waiting for something to happen may be your worst enemy. You have to act and be involved in advertising for you virtual shop.

The Handmade Entrepreneur Summary

People love handmade products and they search for something special. If this unique thing is not properly presented you won’t be able to sell and you’ll also be disappointed. Time isn’t always on your side when you have to grab someone’s attention, so you have to follow certain steps in order to obtain that.

“You have less than two seconds to pique a person’s interest when they visit your shop page.”

Another great benefit of this book is the fact that Dani Marie teaches you how to enter your consumers’ minds. Check the 5 memorable lessons you’ll learn:

  1. Similarities create connections. So, keep in mind that people “want to feel connected to you.”
  2. “Stunning product” is your Goal. If you really want to grab the attention, you have to create a product meant for the market. “People will not buy a product that looks mediocre.”
  3. Too much is too disturbing. Focus on the right products for the right target. “People with too many options never took action”.
  4. Nothing is more powerful than emotion. People want handmade products for quality. But they also want handmade products for nostalgic reasons.
  5. Look, act and smile like a job lover. People want to shop from someone who is dedicated to their work.

The Handmade Entrepreneur PDF

By knowing how your customers’ minds work, it will be easier for you to figure it out which will be the best approach for your business. So, in Dani Marie’s book you will also find:

  • Selling techniques: like placing a unique spin on the product and putting it on the front line by making it look better than other products on the market.
  • Peeking strategies: there’s is nothing wrong with learning from others, observing other virtual shops. In time, that will turn you into an expert.
  • Entrepreneurship overview: from the way you take the picture of a handmade creation to the method of describing your shop and the words you are using, everything in this book will build your way in the entrepreneurial field.
  • Precious advice: how to drive traffic to your page, how to use social media to your benefit and attract clients from the right places.
  • Tools: websites that will help a lot in this process. With this help but also with your ambition you can have a dream business. Selling without selling, socializing with your clients or potential clients, updating your webpage or social media accounts weekly, are some of the secrets that Dani Marie is revealing in such an easy and pleasant manner.

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The Handmade Entrepreneur is an easy book to read. You don’t have to be an expert in the handmade “industry” to understand all these directions.

But, above all this, this is a must-read for all those who want to have such online businesses. For all those who love handmade creations, and for those who believe that their products are unique and worthy to be shared with the others.

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