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The Power of Less Summary

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The Power of Less SummaryThe Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential…in Business and in Life

People are exposed to wrong theories which promote a fast life-tempo.

It is possible to seize control over your life and become a happy person with less is a mystery.

Who Should Read “The Power of Less”? And Why?

Sometimes it seems like 24 hours is not enough time to get things done. By learning to say no to multitasking, you’ll climb up the ladder of peacefulness.

Take care of your daily commitments, however, prevent any efforts that will bring you back to slavery. The process of achieving individual goals requires continuous focus, energy, and motivation needed to show anyone that goals are not the ultimate achievement.

You have to strive for happiness and peace, that should be your motivation.

About Leo Babauta

Leo BabautaLeo Babauta is a minimalist who dwells in Davis, California.

The founder of ZenHabits blog speaks about the changes that he had experienced. In 2005, Leo quit smoking, which was his first success, and from that day forward success followed him everywhere.

At the same time, he started running, desperate to participate in a marathon, and ended up doing just that.

Early morning walks, healthy diet, and productivity became his everyday routine. Motivated and happy, Leo wrote his two successful books Zen to Done and The Power of Less.

“The Power of Less Summary”

The vast majority of people are pinning their hopes on time management to crush the frantic pace of modern society.

What is your opinion on the topic?

Be a person of integrity and advocate for real values! Do you genuinely believe that a person seeking success, prosperity, and peaceful life, must work hard, and give up everything else?

That is not even close to happiness! That is slavery! If you think that approach would yield you the satisfactory results, you are so wrong.

24 hours and you’ll be begging for help. Our society is full of depressive human beings who are inevitably stuck in corporate chains, but they are too proud to admit there are suffering. Stress for money is not a good deal.

Try to avoid spending time on unessential tasks and matters, focus on things that will easily get you to see the light. So how to live properly? No one can answer that question; the key is to live under the principles of calmness, essence, and love; if those life-expectancies guide you, undoubtedly life with all its pleasures will seek for you.

When you have the chance, observe your surroundings especially the traffic. Most of the drivers are talking on their cell phones while driving or texting with someone.

Is multitasking a good thing? Why it should be, it can only get you killed. Don’t let Babauta examples sound too commercial. They are an indicator of person’s well-being. For instance, people all around you, have experienced unpleasant situations when their co-workers occasionally start an ordinary useless conversation, even though they are aware of company’s momentary preoccupation – they are only looking for a way out.

Here’s another clue:

Many individuals choose to live on the fast side; they live according to the theory better late than never. Stress and anxiety are their life-partners, an unavoidable part of their everyday reality. That lifestyle does not impress nor suits Leo Babauta.

The fatherhood motivates him to become the happiest person in the world, for the sake of his six children.

“The Power of Less” book would not have been written if no one believed in simplicity. His methods are helpful and easy to follow, six essential principles represent the core of them. It all begins when you set some limits since it’s not possible to be productive all day long. Second, every person has its roots, meaning – place confidence in hidden values and purposes.

Babauta advises each and everyone to trim away some things, which are responsible only for failures and depression.

Ancient philosophers approached life with little knowledge; they stood for understanding the essence of our existence not buying happiness with money.

Their subtle messages intrigued Rulers and Conquerors back in those days. Mysteries torment our minds even today. We as humans have difficulties to answer all the questions, especially not this one. It’s hard to find a balance between love, happiness, money, and family.

Key Lessons from “The Power of Less”

1.      Restrictions and boundaries are two separate terms
2.      Make up a list
3.      Success is an output of happiness

Restrictions and boundaries are two separate terms

Limitations are not the same as boundaries. If your life is spiraling out of control, the perfect remedy would be to set certain restrictions and avoid complications.

The point is dealing with objectives, assignments or responsibilities that influence your life. Ask yourself- What duties seriously affect my career and has a significant impact on my life?

Find the answer to this question.

Make up a list

It is good for most people to make up a list of ten realistic goals or assignments on which they’d like to put some extra focus in the coming years.

Why should you do that?

By handling all of them at the same time, you’ll face failure. All your energy, will-power and motivation must be directed towards these vital goals.

If they seem too big, break down your goals into smaller pieces and start chewing them.

Success is an output of happiness

What does the word success even means?

Many of us, would agree that success is measured by the amount of happiness and peace in a person’s life.

To achieve success two things are crucial: Focus and willpower. If you cannot stay focused on your task, it is better to quit and focus on something else.

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“The Power of Less” Quotes

By setting limitations, we must choose the essential. So in everything you do, learn to set limitations. Principle 2: By choosing the essential, we create great impact with minimal resources. Always choose the essential to maximize your… Click To Tweet Doing a huge number of things doesn’t mean you’re getting anything meaningful done. Click To Tweet It shows others that your time is important. When we try to take on everything that comes our way, the people around us get the message that their time is more important than ours, that we’ll say yes to whatever requests they have. If,… Click To Tweet Simplifying isn’t meant to leave your life empty – it’s meant to leave space in your life for what you really want to do. Click To Tweet Learn to move at a slower pace and you will be happier, and just as importantly, you will become more effective and productive. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Focus on real matters and things of actual worth. Although the author does not reveal anything new in particular, this book breaks all “hard work pays off” kind of concepts and promotes the idea of less. “The Power of Less” assume the role of a symbol of peacefulness and tranquility.

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