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The Power of Six Sigma Summary

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The Power of Six Sigma SummaryAn Inspiring Tale of How Six Sigma is Transforming the Way We Work

Have you heard about Six Sigma?

If you have, you already know its power. If you have not, it is time we introduce you to it.

Who Should Read “The Power of Six Sigma”? and Why?

Now before we tell you what “The Power of Six Sigma” is about, let us tell you what this book is not: it is not a guideline on the steps of implementing Six Sigma. It is also not written with the intention of the authors advertising themselves to you.

Then what is it?

It is a theoretical introduction to Six Sigma, and how it is continually transforming the business world.

It is a truly insightful book, which will unveil to you that the notion that Six Sigma has a hidden practical meaning which only some people know is untrue.

We recommend “The Power of Six Sigma” to anyone who has been or is becoming involved with this quality enhancement strategy.

About Subir Chowdhury

Subir ChowdhurySubir Chowdhury is an author, which has received many awards for his leadership in quality management. He is currently executive VP of the American Supplier Institute.

“The Power of Six Sigma Summary”

Many companies started adopting Six Sigma over the past few years, although they did so without fully understanding the commitment it required.

As a result, many of them were disappointed at the end, not getting what they were expecting. But that outcome came as no surprise since companies were not acquainted enough with the practice, although they assumed they had enough insight to make Six Sigma work for them.

Instead, they followed Six Sigma success stories such as General Electric and Allied Signal and assumed it would automatically make their businesses thrive as well.

So far we have talked about the wrong ways of adopting Six Sigma, but we still haven’t explained its concept. We will cover that next: what is Six Sigma and what makes it so powerful?

Simply put Six Sigma is a system that combines process and people power.

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