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The Sixth Extinction PDF Summary

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The Sixth Extinction PDFAn Unnatural History

“The Sixth Extinction” provides a look at the history of the planet, followed by a distressing prediction of the future.

About Elizabeth Kolbert

Elizabeth KolbertElizabeth Kolbert is a book author and a New Yorker staff writer.

“The Sixth Extinction PDF Summary”

66 million years ago, an asteroid hit Earth and wiped out dinosaurs, mammals, marine life, various birds, and plants.

Author Elizabeth Kolbert reports that this incident was the fifth time in 500 million years that natural events nearly killed all life on Earth.

In fact, Earth’s history is marked by long spans of incremental change, and moments of catastrophic transformation, or as paleontologist David Raup says: “long periods of boredom occasionally interrupted by panic.”

The planet is now in the phase of “The Sixth Extinction,” but according to Kolbert, this time it will not be the nature that will destroy life.

Instead, humans will be to blame.

We all know that the transformation of the nature that humans enable, covering the ground with roads, cities, and farms, and destroying forests, is the reason why we are encountering the consequences of the global warming and similar ecological concerns.

A large number of birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles are on the verge of extinction, as people’s activities fill the waters and atmosphere with unheard-of levels of carbon dioxide.

By harming the ecosystems that are the foundation of life, people endanger themselves.

And indeed, it is not just animals and plants that suffer – people suffer as well: various forms of diseases appear out of thin air, shortening people’s lives.

Environmental change fuels both evolution and extinction.

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