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Ultimate Selling Power Summary

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Ultimate Selling Power SummaryHow to Create and Enjoy a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Career

The greatest marketing technique is –  before you start selling, promote yourself.

The second and most crucial step would be to overcome fear and every other self-destructive idea that emerges out of nowhere.

Win the battle on these two fronts and, the rest will follow.

Who Should Read “Ultimate Selling Power”? And Why?

Now probably, everyone wants to ask Donald Moine and Ken Lloyd –  What motivated them to write this magnificent book? – Their answer is going to be simple in accordance with the essence of the book –  the primary reason for writing such a masterpiece is giving something back to the world.

When a person becomes successful, sometimes that individual wants to give back something to the world. Every good investor or salesperson has suffered and experienced challenging situations before making it this far.

Several bad financial decisions will finally lead you to the right one. At the end of the day, it all depends on the reader’s openness and flexibility, to face its deepest fears and do something about them.

Ultimate Selling Power” is intended for individuals whose job is related to sales and trade. By reading Moine and Llyod’s book, they’ll spontaneously enter into the world of sales, the secrets of successful negotiations, and the ability to locate potential customers.

About Dr. Donald Moine & Dr.Ken Lloyd

Dr. Donald MoineMany people see Dr. Donald Moine as one of the main founders ( the father) of the modern Sales Psychology. Despite his writing activities, he frequently talks about different subjects as a speaker, and Donald has developed a personal training program for the people in the U.S., South America, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and China.

Dr. Donald Moine has an executive role in the Association of Human Achievement in California as well.

Ken LloydDr.Ken Lloyd is a well-renowned author of several books including “Jerks at Work” and “Be the Boss Your Employees Deserve.

New York Times Syndicate syndicated him on a national level. He has a certain expertise in direct marketing, advanced communication, organizational behavior and employment principles.

“Ultimate Selling Power Summary”

If you think of yourself as a sales millionaire, you should immediately shift your focus and start preparing to close down some important sales. Conduct effective scheduling and use your free to discuss matters with the sales managers. 

In general, only by speaking on different sales-related topics you’ll learn a lot about them, their operational activities, company’s vision, their long-term goals, short-term plans and how your product’s features can help their business.

There is one business saying – Even the greatest salesman in the world cannot sell you anything if you are not buying. So the first thing you need to do as a salesman is to clarify your product’s features and why would someone need those.

When you are not in the mood to sell, you should always look for different prospects. Successful sales manager or salesman never spends its time unproductively. They are always busy with potential customers, talking and trying to sell them something.

Some people think of sales agents as arrogant, and pushy individuals who don’t take “no” for an answer. However, salespeople want  “no”  far more than a “maybe .” By hearing a “no,” you can always focus on someone else.

Why is that?

Naturally, you might lose certain significant sales when a person says “no, ” but you should not fall into despair. Always learn whatever you can from every mistake, very soon you’ll be able to meet new customers and partners.

It is a rarity to find salespeople who can rely only on their pure instinct for selling successfully. Although it seems that those talented millionaires earned their money effortlessly, the reality is quite the opposite.

Feeling confused, stay tuned to find out more:

Nonetheless, you mustn’t let that stand in your way, because even those who look on sales activities as a unique business that can be taught and practiced can find themselves (with significant effort) among the richest sales millionaires in the world.

Donald Moine and Ken Lloyd preach about things they’ve experienced and practiced. Both of them have made their fortune by promoting themselves and selling what they’ve learned during that process.

The truth is that they never sold something big like a car or truck. However, their perfect analysis of how a salesperson should behave brought them glory and wealth. The techniques they teach for motivating sales perfection will ignite every person who has a defined ultimate sales goal in its life.

Everyone thinks differently, in fact, you need the combination of talent and hard work to become a great salesman. Always be open to constructive criticism and suggestions if you want to improve and grow as such. Multiple marketing companies highly recommend “Ultimate Selling Power”, because it is a time well-spent.

Key Lessons from “Ultimate Selling Power”

  1.       Sales Managers are promoting themselves
  2.       Speak with authority
  3.       Hard work > Talent

Sales Managers are promoting themselves

You should always strive to find the right USP; it is crucial for people and products as well. By working with USP tagline, Donald Moine as a motivational speaker tried to find the best possible ratio between sales and profits. During that time he changed his USP to “Sales and Marketing Psychologist,” and gained enormous respect.

Speak with authority

The first and most important clue to become a sales millionaire is to immediately define your personal goals (what do you want to accomplish). You are not only selling your products, but you are also selling your knowledge, and sometimes even that is more valuable to the customer.

If you have no authority while you speak, every person will gradually lose hope in you.

Hard work > Talent

Although some people don’t have an aptitude for sales, hard work is the most important element for success according to sales millionaires. Their presentations are written, rewritten, practiced, changed and so on.

They understand that the presentation is crucial and if they do that part successfully, it’s a win-win situation.

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“Ultimate Selling Power” Quotes

One of the most important pieces of information that a writer can have in any pitch meeting is the one-liner (elevator pitch) for her story. Click To Tweet Remember that when the products are similar and the prices are similar as they often are it is the uniqueness of the sales professional that makes the difference. Click To Tweet Everything else being equal the salesperson who spends the most time directly in front of (or on the phone with) prospects and customers makes the most sales. Click To Tweet Sales is a field that is full of phony positive thinking. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

We can say with some confidence that if you plan on entering the sales world, you wouldn’t want to miss the “Ultimate Selling Power” book.

Enriched with many insightful tips, Dr. Donald Moine & Dr.Ken Lloyd sure offer something new to the market.

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