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You Staying Young Summary

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You Staying Young PDFThe Owner’s Manual for Extending Your Warranty

The year of birth only presents our chronological age – or, in other words, it’s just a number.

In fact, you are as young as you feel, slow down your aging process by changing your mind perception.

Who Should Read “You Staying Young“? And Why?

External influences promoted through media channels can struck individuals by making them believe in something.

In the same manner, a very dangerous concept is carved with every person’s mind.

The signs of aging cannot put you down if your spirit is far beyond those influences.

People have to take care of their body, not to look young but to feel reborn. Above all, the harmful attitude can also inflict some severe health problems.

Cells regenerate over some period of time, but the feature of having “virtual” three-year memory, gives you clue on how long it takes for you to develop healthy habits.

Good health is not a god given gift; it is choice and determination. Proceed with your daily activities but increase the time and energy you invest in living a healthier life.

Referring to – diet, training, mental power, sleep, etc. we enter the battle against aging by promoting this amazing book to all people.

About Michael F. Roizen & M.D & Mehmet C.

Michael F. RoizenThe chief wellness and health officer at the Cleveland Clinic and also one of the authors Michael F. Roizen, M.D plays a vital role in the fighting-age process.

Dr. OZHe also wrote the RealAge series. Mehmet C. known to the public as Dr.Oz is a professor, writer, cardiothoracic surgeon and a TV celebrity.

“You Staying Young PDF Summary”

To convey the “message” of youth, keep doing stuff young people do on a daily basis. Not only feeling young but also, keep your body moving even though you enter into advanced old age.

A person prone to adopting bad daily habits has greater chances of suffering from cardiovascular health issues.

Youthfulness is a question of mind and body, not of number – don’t make excuses for feeling 100 years old.

To drive this point one step further, the author suggests keeping your cells young and active by giving your body one more thing to think about – action!

How to precisely accomplish that? As a consequence of not taking measures, cells resilience starts to decline.

Embracing healthy habits and wise lifestyle choices, every individual has potential to foster the cells’ resiliency. Undoubtedly, you’ll boost your self-esteem by feeling strong.

The world is one big contest, don’t you want to feel alive all the time? It makes more sense that young persons are often those who are full of ideas and take action.

The Society tends to get you on board by sucking every source of energy within your body.

Ignite that passion that has stopped burning years ago.

As years pass by, that fire starts to fade away parallelly, beat your old-mates by conducting practices for health benefits.

Don’t go repeating the depressive quotes like “My time has passed”.

The clock is ticking as a result of your choice! Many people are imposed to believe in the restrictions their community promotes.

Stop going unnoticed with your depressive mood, and focus on your mental power which represents the bridge that separates youth and maturity.

Physical aging is a process that can’t be stopped but the inner process tends to get a little rough due to the fact mental decline is associated with the “real aging”.

Renowned doctors like Dr. Mehmet C. Oz reveals the secret of how to transform your mindset which will automatically trigger a physical change as well.

The impact on your body and its vital organic system will be enormous.

The magic circle continues with Michael F. Roizen (an aging expert) who emphasize the mental aging as the biggest culprit for physical illness.

Their helpful instruction manual refers to the damage of believing in the inability to feel young only because of a “Number” is in your head.

Leave certain matters to the experts and trust their instinct to adopt a vigilant attitude in life. For instance: What person in the world can take your place and make your life better?

In details, quality must not be compromised not by you, nor anyone else.

Not to mention, the desire of every person to meet the other vibrant half of itself. Retirement is not synonymous with death; it’s perhaps the best period of your life.

It is appropriate to emphasize that “You Staying Young” is a book prescribed not only for the elderly, but all people keen to sidestep the aging process will also find it amusing.

Key Lessons from “You Staying Young”

1.      Confront the unproven theories
2.      Nutrition is the key element
3.      Combine these factors and create a deadly combination

Confront the unproven theories

Your “body mileage” is increasing and you’re probably looking for a warranty to keep you secure for a few more years – hypothetically speaking.

With this in mind, the mechanic functions improvement must become the main priority.

Focus, time, endurance and most importantly determination are all it takes for you to install that youthfulness once again.

Nutrition is the key element

Don’t take any supplements on your own – consult with your doctor first.

However, a healthy diet is the difference between youth and old age. Healthy nutrition composed of minerals and vitamins is vital to keep you on track.

Combine these factors and create a deadly combination

Fighting the physical process of aging is nonsense, but remaining young and flexible has nothing to do with numbers.

Commit to yourself and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Wake up every day knowing that you are going to spend the rest of your life in good shape. 

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Our Critical Review

Two minor weakness from the book: The writing style is hardly digestible now and then, and there’s an abundance of cartoonish line-drawings which readers interpret as meaningless.

Otherwise, we praise this magnificent book which acts as an all-around comprehensive guide.

A genuinely fact-filled masterpiece; containing diet, nutrition, exercise, health tips. Confront your biological clock; it’s not too late.

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