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Presenting to Win Summary

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Presenting to Win SummaryThe Art of Telling Your Story

When you feel like expressing your feelings publicly, move amicably with the story.

Perfect flow is vital – tell your story to explain the benefits that the audience will get.

Who Should Read “Presenting to Win”? And Why?

Every good book has a vision, which must provide a push in the right direction. In this case, the critical point is presented in a series of techniques on how to conduct a proper presentation. During the course of reading, you’ll encounter high-quality examples which will help you grow in the presentation-building-process.

Remember the people don’t like business meetings, they prefer friendly chats. Our team highly recommends “Presenting to Win” to people involved in HR or other jobs exposed to comprehensive discussions.

About Jerry Weissman

Jerry WeissmanJerry Weissman as an ex TV-presenter and an expert in presentation who has coached the top-notch companies such as Yahoo!, Intel, Compaq, Intuit, Cisco Systems, Microsoft on how to conduct presentations.

“Presenting to Win Summary”

The most potent weapon at your disposal is the ability to present your opinions concisely. The presentation is not a rocket science but knowing how to start, what tricks to use and how to apply these tools is of significant value. The failures occur beyond measures due to the fact that several key takeaways are not taken into consideration.

In addition, experts have identified the “Five Cardinal Sins” of illustrating some point: they are meaningless, irrelevant to the particular group, without flow, complicated and lengthy.

In the same fashion as anything else, the goal is to make the Target Group progress from point A to point B. On the other hand; many people make mistakes because they look at it as a persuading process. The procedure of jumping from one step to the next is more prominent than influence one’s opinion.

In favor of having a winning attitude – your chances of success increase. Above all, is the ability to make yourself clear and pithy as possible by paying extra attention to details will grant you the authority to become the next “Presentation Master”. The Internet has tons of information, but individuals often move from one site to another because they feel bored.

Routine and consistency without any “shocking” turn of events make them spiritless. Use the same theory while conducting your presentations.

See beyond the restrictions of your perspective, look with the eyes of your audience, and you’ll get a more reliable point of view ( what to change, what to add, what to eliminate). You should strive for 2-sided conversation while presenting, not just confirmation on their behalf.

Make them eager to participate and share their ideas without hesitation. That’s the whole idea of promoting yourself as a capable presenter. State loud and clear what you demand from your audience. In spite of having other priorities – coherent statement takes the pedestal without doubts.

Make a clear distinction between the process of telling them what to do, and to realize by themselves. Go for option number two! Assess their benefits, and make them see the big picture. Avoid talking about your company’s features and what product will suit them the most. Get through one’s head and relate to your target group by establishing a deep connection.  

The lessons presented in this marvelous book have no limitations of who should read it and who should not. Nothing fancy is required on your part, make the presentation as short, and understandable as possible because it’s not about sharing knowledge but creating that special bond.

Jerry Weissman applies the basic rules and ignores some out-of-box strategies in order to illustrate the value of a well-designed presentation. A point often overlooked is neglecting these techniques which can cause feelings of boredom and monotony.

Promotion and self-promotion in the digital world are taking one step forward towards success and prosperity. The society compels us to present ourselves (something) in front of others and do it cautiously in order to receive respect from the community.

Involvement in presentations from both sides is crucial, don’t let them think, make them share their opinion on the topic freely. Create a questionnaire with closed-questions if you feel like that is the best way to connect with them.

Although it may seem easy to attain, natural flow is the biggest “Killer” during presentations. Equally important is the first impression because you don’t get to have a second chance. Start with a meme or a quote which will make them laugh and relax.

For a former TV-presenter, the author gets critics on self-promotion – without any necessity. We co-join the search for a “perfect presentation” and prescribes this book to all knowledge-seekers from all four parts of the world.

Key Lessons from “Presenting to Win”

1.      The enormous difference between document and presentation
2.      Use the support from your slides
3.      What does your audience know?

The enormous difference between document and presentation

The separation between presentation and a document is evident. For instance: a report is a mass of data, which gives the readers flexibility – to calculate, re-read, look back, analyze and many other things.

The presentation is composed of key-points, relevant takeaways which illustrate an idea or theory.

Use the support from your slides

Can it get much worse than this scenario: The presenter reads the slides lacking passion and eagerness while sharing the idea?

The slides are there to support your point, nothing more. The comprehensive analyzes must emerge from your mouth and enter people’s hearts. In other words, the slides should look after the speaker, not the other way around.

What does your audience know?

Make sure you’re not focusing on technicalities, bring the subject close to the listener.

Draw a graph and evaluate the level of expertise suitable for your audience. If most of them are rookies regarding technology, avoid sharing too many technical aspects.

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“Presenting to Win” Quotes

The only way to prepare a Power Presentation is to speak it aloud, just as you will on the day of your actual presentation. Click To Tweet Every communication has as its goal to take the audience from where they are at the start of your presentation, which is Point A, and move them to your objective. Click To Tweet If you do use an acronym, the correct way to turn it into a plural form is with a lowercase -s- and no apostrophe. Click To Tweet You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Click To Tweet Every business presentation has one common goal: the all-important art of persuasion, an art with literally dozens of applications for which everyone in business must be prepared. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

On the bright side, a perfect presentation that sparks dialogue is one of the most crucial elements in doing business. In addition, never forget that your prosperity also depends on your flair and crafty ideas that will engage the audience.

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