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21 Dirty Tricks at Work Summary

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21 Dirty Tricks at Work SummaryHow to Win at Office Politics

If you believe that every day at the office will unfold smoothly as you planned – you are living in a fantasy.

You cannot avoid being challenged by individuals who only care for their personal agendas.

This book summary presents tips on how to avoid becoming a victim in such similar occurrences.

Who Should Read “21 Dirty Tricks at Work”? And Why?

Obviously, exposing the trick can give the readers the upper hand if they ever come across such scenario. Mike Phipps and Colin Gautrey’s intention is trying to reduce the trick’s potency by presenting it publicly.

We firmly believe that “21 Dirty Tricks at Work” is a catchy material for all people, because we all interact among ourselves, and we’ve encountered numerous situations when our personal integrity has been endangered.

About Mike Phipps and Colin Gautrey

Mike PhippsMike Phipps and Colin Gautrey are co-founders of a consulting firm, which offers services to individuals and various organizations to develop the necessary skills in order to achieve their goals.

Especially, Phipps is known for providing services to top-notch companies, and corporations.

Despite being an author, Colin Gautrey is a trainer, executive coach, and an expert in leadership.

“21 Dirty Tricks at Work Summary”

In the workplace, we are all vulnerable and prone to scams and tricks. We bet that even you’ve been deceived by a co-worker or other person. Even though no one can sidestep these “dirty tricks” there are several things you must take into consideration before you even think of dealing with them.

In general, no manager regardless of the industry prefers to spend time and energy on reducing these notions, and tricks because – time=money.

In the past, companies have tried numerous solutions to divert focus from these unnecessary tendencies, and direct attention to practical matters. How to convert these mind-gamers into a profit-oriented, team-players and enthusiastic employees is a question of million dollars.

Let’s see what it takes to be the man of the hour:

In reality, you must be qualified to notice if someone tries to entice you with these workplace tricks. In other words, can you cope with the pressure, and be prepared for an attack that you know it’s coming/ or not?

We will see in a minute:

Learn how to notice even the subtlest signs of competitive behavior, be one step ahead all the time. However, it’s easier said than done. For instance, if someone intends to take credit for your task or achievement, how would you react. Probably you’ll not be too impressed, but that’s not the point.

The bottom line is – Did you see it coming or not? These dirty tricks undoubtedly come without warning, but that’s not an excuse!! To make matters clear, let’s expand on this accusation, and go into details.

This kind of trick consists of several conditions or elements that are common to such double behavioral standards:

    • The belief or idea that honesty is an overly-estimated term, in reality, it’s unnecessary.
    • An opportunity presents itself for manipulation that individual wishes to take advantage of.
    • Deliberately conveying misleading information, to discredit some other person.
    • A visible promotion of selfish motives, without any interest in team cohesion.
    • Self-interest comes firsts and overshadows the interests of the community or company.
  • The end result always has two sides, a winner, and a loser.

Don’t make your judgments on projects’ successfulness, because sometimes failure doesn’t indicate that you did something wrong. In many situations, a sinking ship is better left alone, otherwise, you’ll find yourself at the bottom with it.  

Do the ends justify the means?

– We let you decide because organizations can create value in dozens of different ways – a claim that clarifies the essence of organizational life. Let Mike Phipps and Colin Gautrey feed you one dirty trick, commonly used and known as a blame-shifter.

In the realm of business, there are many hidden agendas, which are deliberately placed behind the curtains.

The Golden Age:

We live in a competitive era, if your opponent has gathered all the info available, he/she can easily outmatch any co-worker, including you. Beware of such influences and create a brick wall made of expertise on the topic.

Key Lessons from “21 Dirty Tricks at Work”

1.      The ultimate trap
2.      The “chance of a lifetime”
3.      Open your eyes to any danger

The ultimate trap

One widespread method of falling into that pitfall is to accept a task without any clear guidance, with the hope that you’ll learn everything along the way.

However, you’ll most likely end up stuck to choose between two things – and pick the lesser evil.

The “chance of a lifetime”

This breakthrough often turns out to be more “expensive” both mentally and financially, than anyone could have imagined.

In fact, that was the objective in the first place, but no one foresaw the danger emerging from this decision.

Nevertheless, the blame falls on the victim, as the guilty party fails the identify the real intention behind this project.

Open your eyes to any danger

The best way to notice if someone is trying to launch such an idea, is to sharpen your senses. The victim will be put in the driving seat, to manage a fruitless project, a process that is already doomed.

In general, the injured party will have no idea about the real intention of this action, and in most cases, will be thrilled that finally, he/she got the long-awaited break.

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“21 Dirty Tricks at Work” Quotes

Imagine if you no longer had to play games to get things done. Click To Tweet “By asking questions you demonstrate that you are not going to be intimidated. Click To Tweet Anger is often responded to by reciprocal anger, thereby fuelling the fire, and a stand-up fight nearly always hands an advantage to Machiavelli, who will know how to exploit this. Click To Tweet People very seldom say directly, clearly and openly what they mean. Click To Tweet By their very nature...all organizations are political. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Every now and then, organizations require revamping of several processes, which spontaneously creates a new structure. This is a perfect ground for tricksters and other “players” who intend to take advantage of the situation.

This book is all about that, it opens our eyes to all possibilities, and according to us, it’s an easy read.

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