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Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

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Is Your Genius at Work Summary

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Is Your Genius at Work Summary4 Key Questions to Ask Before Your Next Career Move

Every person on this planet is different. Everyone has something they do better than anyone else.

Find your passion and your inherent strengths and exploit them to the maximum.

Below, we present you the summary of “Is Your Genius at Work,” a book which is bound to reshape you into a person with a deep feeling of purpose.

Who Should Read “Is Your Genius at Work”? and Why?

“Is Your Genius at Work” is a book that requires effort and concentration from its readers, but promises a fruitful reward in return.

The author pushes you to find your unique talents and strengths, recognize them and use them to your advantage in pursuing fulfillment and the life of your dreams.

However, the search itself is challenging to execute, so all of Richard’s suggestions are not worth anything if you do not put up the work you need to collect the rewards.

Many people have already done the work, and this book is about those that have not. We recommend it to readers interested in spirituality, that look for a sense of purpose and a deeper meaning in their lives.

Just make sure that once you read it, you act on what you have learned and truly awaken your genius.

About Dick Richards

Dick Richards is a coach and consultant that led the movement of bringing spirit to the work environment with his 1995 book, Artful Work. He has also written several other books.

“Is Your Genius at Work Summary”

If you are anxious and wish for a change in your personal or professional life, you may not be in that place where your genius, or that intrinsic capacity that makes work easy, is active.

Every individual’s genius is unique.

Genius is the normal flow of energy that adjusts you to the external circumstances and leads you to your sense of higher purpose.

At the point when your profession corresponds to your internal feelings and blessings, you are on the way to perceiving your very own genius.

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