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Is Your Genius at Work Summary

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Is Your Genius at Work Summary4 Key Questions to Ask Before Your Next Career Move

Every person on this planet is different. Everyone has something they do better than anyone else.

Find your passion and your inherent strengths and exploit them to the maximum.

Below, we present you the summary of “Is Your Genius at Work,” a book which is bound to reshape you into a person with a deep feeling of purpose.

Who Should Read “Is Your Genius at Work”? and Why?

“Is Your Genius at Work” is a book that requires effort and concentration from its readers, but promises a fruitful reward in return.

The author pushes you to find your unique talents and strengths, recognize them and use them to your advantage in pursuing fulfillment and the life of your dreams.

However, the search itself is challenging to execute, so all of Richard’s suggestions are not worth anything if you do not put up the work you need to collect the rewards.

Many people have already done the work, and this book is about those that have not. We recommend it to readers interested in spirituality, that look for a sense of purpose and a deeper meaning in their lives.

Just make sure that once you read it, you act on what you have learned and truly awaken your genius.

About Dick Richards

Dick Richards is a coach and consultant that led the movement of bringing spirit to the work environment with his 1995 book, Artful Work. He has also written several other books.

“Is Your Genius at Work Summary”

If you are anxious and wish for a change in your personal or professional life, you may not be in that place where your genius, or that intrinsic capacity that makes work easy, is active.

Every individual’s genius is unique.

Genius is the normal flow of energy that adjusts you to the external circumstances and leads you to your sense of higher purpose.

At the point when your profession corresponds to your internal feelings and blessings, you are on the way to perceiving your very own genius.

However, how will you know that you are walking the right way?

Well, notice your feelings. When your inner genius lines up with what you do, you are more joyful and energetic. When you are not doing what you love, on the other hand, you are dissatisfied and anxious.

Each person has a different genius. Genius is a natural ability, your very own unique power, that comes to you effortlessly. Perceiving your genius will give you a feeling of achievement and purpose.

It is not something you can copy or just take; you have to find it within yourself.

In fact, the process of discovery for many people may be quite tricky. That may be the reason that many people not only do not recognize their genius, but they also suppress it.

I know what you think. People can apparently function without ever recognizing their genius. So why should you go that extra mile and make an effort to find yours?

Well, finding your genius will push you to achieve more, since you have released your inborn capacities. Conversely, if you fail to recognize it, you may become frustrated, and you may choose a job that does not suit you well.

Furthermore, we give you a simple list of all the things you will gain as you discover your genius:

    • You will develop a more positive self-image, a more focused view of your life and a better sense of how you can help others.
    • You will have a greater understanding of what life is all about.
    • You will be more confident and energetic.
    • You will be equipped to explain what you can contribute.
    • You will become more satisfied and productive since once you know your strengths, you can find outlets that use your talents to their peak.
  • You will feel greater satisfaction.

Now that we got this clear, we move on to presenting you with a way to identify your unique personal strength that will make you do wonders.

First, if you are in a place of failure, stop blaming others for it. You will not get anything from pointing the finger. Instead, use your energy productively and focus on finding your strength. You can do this by answering four questions:

    • What are your unique talents?
    • Are you using them?
    • What is your life’s purpose?
  • Are your genius and your purpose aligned?

Of course, this is only the summary of the process – you can read more about each step in “Is Your Genius at Work.”

What we can tell you here is that the process of finding your genius may, and will probably be hard work. Some people even believe that they do not have a genius, but if you are one of those people you need to stop that pattern of thinking and realize that you are special.

Do not let your thoughts get in the way of finding and achieving your life’s purpose.

Key Lessons from “Is Your Genius at Work”

1.      Starting the Search
2.      The Concept of Genius
3.      Finding Your True Purpose

Starting the Search

To find your genius, follow a three-step plan of self-examination.

First, contemplate on your past experiences and search for a pattern in them. Do not judge yourself, just observe the facts.

Next, let your mind wander among your experiences and freely make associations among them.

Finally, the last step is the point when you genuinely think of your findings and try to realize what the things that drive your behavior are.

The Concept of Genius

    • Genius is a gift from God
    • Genius is an intermediary between God and the mundane world
    • A genius has a responsibility to use his or her talents to help others  
    • Every person’s genius consists of a unique set of talents
    • Genius is a result of your natural talents
    • Your genius guides and protects you
  • Discarding your genius can hurt your future development

Finding Your True Purpose

Finding your purpose is a deliberate effort to add a more significant meaning to your life. Life purpose has the following characteristics:

    • Purpose is different for each individual
    • Purpose is how you show your genius to the world
  • Identifying your purpose will make you better at your life’s work

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“Is Your Genius at Work” Quotes

When you experience it, you will know that you have gotten it right. Click To Tweet Genius is elusive because we generally do not consider that we have a genius at all, or we ignore it or are not used to thinking about it. Click To Tweet Recognizing your genius is mostly a matter of gathering pertinent information about yourself and then working with the information in a way that yields a name for your genius. Click To Tweet Mystery is located closer to intuition and belief than to rational thought, so the mystery is better appreciated through imagery than definition. Click To Tweet Genius belongs to the realm of mystery, together with spirit and soul, and so exactly who or what it is, and how it is related to us, will probably never be perfectly clear. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Richards has created an excellent book for those who want to learn how to find their purpose, but that is the only thing that the book does. He shows you the path but does not walk it for you. So, once you have that moment when you feel that you have found your genius, the realization and how you will use it is up to you.

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