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The Mindful International Manager Summary

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The Mindful International Manager Summary

How to Work Effectively Across Cultures

How often do we see preachers, who are not following their practices? That’s not the case here.

Written in an easily-understandable manner, “The Mindful International Manager” speaks to all managers worldwide.

We summarize only the most critical elements found in this fantastic classic.

Who Should Read “The Mindful International Manager”? And Why?

International managers are reluctant to comply with traditional concepts. They plunge into the heat of an argument, but with a global behavior, because operating locally is often considered an old-fashioned strategy.

With this in mind, “The Mindful International Manager” destroys all geographical boundaries, and presents a solution to the world.

It’s highly recommendable to all students, managers, economists, owners who thrive on myriad challenges.

About Jeremy Comfort and Peter Franklin

Jeremy ComfortJeremy Comfort is an author born on March 13th, 1953 in Alexandria, Egypt. He is the founder of York Associates, UK. Jeremy wrote several books including Success with BULATS, Effective Presentations, Effective Telephoning, etc.

Currently, Peter Franklin works at Konstanz University of Applied Sciences located in Germany, as a professor of international management.

“The Mindful International Manager Summary”

The “threat” of globalization exists, but even this phenomenon cannot eradicate all cultural differences. Although the world “shrinks” due to technology, the opportunities grow in numbers, each day. It would be entirely ignorant not to be aware of the changes which are followed by certain modifications.

Nowadays, there are partners who never even met in person; there are associates who don’t feel the need for having face-to-face discussions, which subtly displays the reason for the birth of these modern managers.

What are global partners?

Your global associates can recognize, whether you have the potential to surpass those traditional concepts, and enter into a world of integration. The authors of “The Mindful International Manager” Jeremy Comfort Peter Franklin guided by the same logic, present some hints on how to expand your business perspective as an International Manager.

Here’s the thing:

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