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A Brief History of Modern India PDF Summary

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A Brief History of Modern India PDF SummaryThe problem with Indian history is the scope which stretches way back from the earliest form of civilization and first settlements.

The culture is so diversified and unique that almost all individuals who seek a higher meaning to life want to go in-depth in terms of India’s mindset.

Don’t take our word for it, and just take a glimpse into their cultural arc.

Who Should Read “A Brief History of Modern India”? And Why?

Usually, we would say that this book is best suited for Indians eager to dig up their history, but that’s not the case. This book is enriched with facts that almost any person regardless of its origins and background will find it highly amusing.

In other words, “A Brief History of Modern India” is an extensive book that can quench the thirst of all knowledge seekers regarding India’s transformation.

Check it out.

“A Brief History of Modern India PDF Summary”

European Power Struggle for India

Upon discovering the sea route to India in 1498, the world started to change at an alarming speed. 50 years earlier, when Constantinople fell under the weight of the Ottoman sword, the Europeans were compelled to fulfill the imperialistic ideas elsewhere.

As the economy began to recover, the demand for luxurious goods grew dramatically. The Spanish and Portuguese led by Vasco da Gama planned a joint venture to establish trading posts in India and did just that in 1502.

Over time, the Portuguese and Spanish influence in India was fading away, as they turned over to other lucrative opportunities like Latin America. The author outlines several reasons that fueled the collapse of the Portuguese Supremacy in India:

  • Corruption, greed and destructive policies
  • British and Dutch influence in the region
  • The rise of many Indian empires

In the 17th century, the Dutch couldn’t withstand the pressure from the British for much longer and shifted its attention toward the Malay Archipelago.

The French history in India is linked to war and struggle for influence. Due to exercising their dominance and expansion of commercial interest in the South of India, Europe was plunged into bloodshed.

The three Carnatic Wars (1740 – 48) (1749 – 54) (1758 – 63), weakened the French influence in India and a Treaty was signed between France and England. They were allowed to use Indian Settlements for trading to safeguard their commercial interests, but nothing more.

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