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The Success Principles Summary

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MicroSummary: In “The Success Principles,” Jack Canfield leads his readers from the place they are to the place they want to be in 60+ few-pages-long lessons, categorized in six larger chapters, each of them dealing with different aspects of success, ranging from the fundamentals of success, to money and success in the digital age.

This is not a book of good ideas

Who Should Read “The Success Principles” And Why?

The statement above hides behind it a lot of great tips for a successful life. And this may be the result of over 30 years of studies that Jack Canfield involved in order to get to Success Principles as a pattern.

But I bet it’s also the result of Jack Canfield ‘s personal experience – life experience. This combination between objective and subjective observations, rational and emotional triggers, represents the prerequisite for a timeless principle.

As such, we find it highly interesting and educational for a wide variety of people.


Success starts with self-confidence.

The Success Principles Summary

Thinking and believing in success takes about 5 to 10 minutes of your time on a daily basis. Why not start with that? It’s much easier if you sidestep skepticism and endorse the possibility of making your dream come true. Although this phrase is familiar to everyone “The Success Principles” brings a whole new dynamic to it, because it allows the readers to interpret it their own way.

If you plan on getting where you want and unlike other people, the concept of whining and complaining attitude is unknown to you – the process can start.

Otherwise, it’s best, to begin with, your mindset, meaning that you are not on the right track.

Jack Canfield advises managers, and ordinary people to take full responsibility for their own life, in order to convert this business endeavor into a profitable journey. In either case, you’ll end up depressed and unhappy, if you continue believing in your “unworthiness”.

Does this sound familiar? – Some people are born rich, but that’s not me!! Well, not exactly, you have the right to align your vision with your goals and make your life counts.

Usually, when I start reading a book, I expect to find more useful tips for improving my life. Practical ones.

Reading just for pleasure is an old concept born in old times. But we don’t have the luxury to be old-fashioned persons. Time is no longer on our side (this is why we created nugget).  So, let’s dive together in the practical perspective of The Success Principles.

Think about success for 10 minutes. It won’t be difficult – you’ve already done this, voluntary or involuntary, in various contexts.

After these 10 minutes, I bet you have plenty of questions related to this topic. Which will be the very first 6 ones?

Keep following the main ideas of this article and the representative nuggets (visual quotes from books) I selected from this book. At the end, try to rethink about success and evaluate how emphatic Jack Canfield seemed to be through The Success Principles with its readers.

So let’s get back to our questions. 6 key-questions and 6 complete answers related to success principle’s topic.

Because I don’t want to spoil the charm of The Success Principles, I’ll give you just some clues to lead you to the real meaning of success.

  1. Which Are The Fundamentals Of Success?

Responsibility is the key.  Blaming something from outside of yourself for parts of your life you don’t like – this is just a disruptive strategy to avoid the real problems. You are directly responsible for the quality of your life.

The Success Principles Summary

How can you do that? You may start by giving up all your excuses, daring to make changes in your life and daring to say NO. Assuming the consequences of your decisions and adjusting your expectations. You have to give up blaming or complaining about everything or to the wrong person.

Which is your real purpose in this life? What’s the “why” behind everything you do? Answering these questions may help you Be Clear Why You’re Here.  Reading this sub-chapter you’ll find great tips on how you should define your life. You’ll also find a great life purpose exercise. This will be more than fun. This will be revealing!

And it will help you a lot to Decide What You Want. A great sculptor once said: “You have to try to climb very high if you want to get very far.” And climbing very high means live your own dream, stop settling for less than you want, dare to have your own “wants” list, realistically design your ideal life and do not allow anyone to swerve out of the way.

Because it’s only up to you to Believe It’s Possible. Start with Napoleon Hill’s approach:  “You can be everything you want to be, if only you believe with sufficient conviction and act in accordance with your faith.”

This means that to get to “believing it’s possible”, you have, first of all, to start to Believe in Yourself.

You don’t need a College Degree to do that. And other people’s opinion should be less important. What you really need is to achieve it as an attitude and erase from your vocabulary disruptive phrases as “I CAN’T”.

  1. Which Will Be My First Step To Success?

You’ll find in this subchapter 14 steps on your way to success. 5 of these are briefly described below.

Start with: Surround Yourself with Successful People. To go up you have to look up. Time shouldn’t be wasted. So, join a professional association and attend professional conferences. Attend lecture, symposia, courses, seminars….whatever you think it may lead you to growth.

Acknowledge Your Positive Past. Our brain seems to remember events that are related to strong emotions. So, usually, we are tempted to underestimate or under-appreciate the number of successes? we had.

 And, as Jack Canfield says:

The sad truth is that we all have many more victories than failures—it’s just that we set the bar too high for what we call a success.”

Keep Your Eye on the Prize and keep yourself focused on the positive by having an evening review and daily success focus journal.

Clean Up Your Messes and Your Incompletes by making space for something new and eliminate what is holding you back from achieving what you want.

When we don’t throw away clutter and items we no longer need, it’s as if we don’t trust our ability to manifest the necessary abundance in our lives to buy new ones.

Complete the Past to Embrace the Future by defining yourself on the stages of the Total Truth and dare to start writing the Total Truth Letter.

  1. Solitary Or In Team? How Should I Go On This Journey?

We all have inside of ourselves a core of genius. And you may turn this into a fun business which will effortlessly provide you money and great satisfaction.

But no businesses, not even the funny ones, provide happiness for a long term in the absence of a well-structured daily time. This means to redefine your time.

So, what can you do? Start by learning from successful people. By maintaining a balance between work, family, and recreation, you may obtain superior results. This means a step ahead of success.

But every high achiever has behind him a powerful team. Before building your team you have to figure out what you should be spending your time on and what you should delegate to others.

Often you’ll find that once you put the word out, the right person was already circulating in your universe—you just didn’t know it.

  1. How Can I Create Successfully Connections?

Try to follow the next steps:

Be Here Now, and when you do this “work to develop an attitude of curiosity. Be curious about other people, what they feel, how they think, how they see the world.”

Have a Heart Talk because there is already too much emotional static in the space. You have to keep in your mind that people don’t listen until they have been heard.

Tell the Truth Faster. Do you need a reason? Try to think about what the nugget below says:

The Success Principles PDF

Speak with Impeccability by speaking with intention and with integrity.

When in Doubt, Check It Out. If you get to success, assuming is a total waste of time. Assuming brings hesitations and irrational bad feelings.

Most of the conflicts that arise later in relationships are because people made erroneous assumptions without checking them out.

Practice Uncommon Appreciation. The results of a study showed that 46% of employees are usually leaving a company because they feel unappreciated. 61% said that their bosses saw them more as resources than humans, and 88% stated that their jobs no longer provide them acknowledgment.

Jack Canfield ’s conclusion:

I’ve never known anyone to complain about receiving too much positive feedback.

Keep Your Agreements

It used to be that one’s word was one’s bond. Agreements were made and kept with a minimum of fanfare.

Those days are gone. The promise seems to be less valued. Despite this new word approach, you still risk high costs for not keeping your agreements.

Be a Class Act by choosing to live by a higher set of standards and watch people respond enthusiastically toward you.

  1. Is The Money My Success?

There are many limiting beliefs about money that are holding you back. Beliefs like:

“It’s not OK to make more money than my father”

“Becoming rich will violate the family code”

“If I become wealthy, I will be a burden”

Overcome those limits by following the three steps described by Jack Canfield.

  1. When Should I Start?

If you are expecting the perfect moment, it may never come. Postponing usually means “NEVER”.  So, try to think that “NOW” is the key to your question.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. The key is to just get started. Quit waiting until you are perfectly ready. You will never be.

Those are just some ideas from Jack Canfield’s book. Great and practical ideas, successful people examples – those will be the real reasons not only to read from The Success Principles but also to learn and apply.

Success begins with you as long as you are willing to leave the door open to it. Waiting at the station for the train that will lead to self-fulfillment, could be a waste of time. And time is the most precious resource of our lives. So….

Don’t waste years of your life. Decide that you are capable of doing anything you want and start working toward it now.

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The Success Principles Quotes

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