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Working With Emotional Intelligence Summary

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Working With Emotional Intelligence SummaryEmotions are not just a mere reflection of someone’s inner state.

A wise person takes them as lessons valuable for the organization. Self-awareness comes first!!

Who Should Read “Working With Emotional Intelligence”? And Why?

For centuries, the society emphasized the value of IQ, totally disregarding the benefits emerging from emotional intelligence. A lot of time was needed for the corporations and enterprises to realize that without team cohesion individual qualities cannot sprout.

Working with Emotional Intelligence is a masterpiece that answers many mysteries linked to organizational inefficiency, lacking ambition, etc. In such regards, we strongly recommend this book to all people in business – willing to prosper.

About Daniel Goleman

Daniel GolemanDaniel Goleman is an American motivator, writer, and psychologist who spent his entire adult life in the service of others. He was born in Stockton on March 7, 1946, to a well-educated family.

Daniel worked at New York Times for several years, writing about a variety of topics and sharing his perspective.

He obtained his college degree from Harvard University. Healing Emotions; Simple Truths; The Meditative Mind are only part of the books he wrote during his career.

“Working With Emotional Intelligence Summary”

Let’s start with an average worry of an ordinary man. Many people these days suffer from exploitation by their superiors. The worst part is not losing the job, but living under someone’s whip – metaphorically speaking. In spite of operating in a modern society, managers especially are placed on the verge of extermination.

The everyday situation keeps getting worse and worse due to unforeseen problems related to finances. On the other side, some experts declare that these economic fluctuations are not spontaneous. Businesses always look for a way to improve because nobody wants to trail behind – that’s the essence of survival.

If you are hoping that you’re one of those who’ll spend his entire adult life working for one company, then you are living in the past. Nowadays, that kind of scenario is almost impossible as a consequence of the various factors that can prove you wrong.

This book is more about making you aware that your advanced degree and technical know-how are not guaranteeing a steady daily work. According to the statistics, employers are more prone to hire good listeners, and friendly-oriented person rather than competitive individuals.

The reason is more than evident, as technology advances, people who accept criticism will quickly adapt to the newer situation than the others. Don’t forget that you are entitled to your opinion but you must remain flexible.

These days, interpersonal skills, also known as “people skills” are more important than technical and analytical abilities. Managers of Top Companies now hire strictly professional who have distinct human characteristics and attributes.

In the modern days, “emotional intelligence” or “EQ,” is a tool of far greater importance than IQ referring to the process of building and maintaining relationships. These valuable connections are a god given gift for any entrepreneur or manager.

The author of Working with Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman advises every company to at least consider applying some of these rules of “emotional intelligence” on any organization level. If you are eager to create a workplace, that supports the whole process, then you must be flexible and open.

The bottom line is – IQ absent EQ leads to a disaster. The size of happiness measures success, if your organization lacks internal connectivity among the co-workers sooner or later, that institution will collapse.

Make your knowledge and emotional capacity count, don’t produce robots at your workplace, create synergy among them. The emotional competencies play a massive role in the company’s success in a long run.

The policies designed to help thousands of companies in various industries are only an indicator of how successful this shift can be. 

His theories are backed by general facts, nothing less than a miracle. As you can see, companies that are filled ethical and moral individuals with are likelier to prosper. Collaboration between departments is not just significant for getting things done, but crucial!  

Goleman shares his idea throughout an “EQ” training program which consists of all the necessary steps. To put it differently, people can train to become wiser and intelligent. Some guidelines like this one can produce a competitive edge for any company – if appropriately applied.

Increased profits, reduced costs, higher ROI, are only a few benefits that this methodology can deliver. In all honesty, thinking about the bad working atmosphere is not advisable, instead, you should take real measures.

Key Lessons from “Working With Emotional Intelligence”

1.      Commitment is needed from both parties
2.      Education doesn’t have the same impact
3.      No detail is irrelevant

Commitment is needed from both parties

Organizations prompt the employees and require commitment on their part, but they invest very little in their well-being.

Productivity comes natural, often as a consequence of satisfaction. If you fear that someday you’ll lose your job – welcome to the club of uncertainty.

Education doesn’t have the same impact

In the digital age, companies are prone to ups and downs; no one is safe, so you cannot rely only on your “education”.

No one advises you to adopt a defensive attitude and try to keep your job under any circumstances.

See the big picture and face reality, that the digital era is all about flexibility.

Define your company’s priorities

Strive for intelligence, make sure that your company follows your vision emotionally and supports it practically.

The world of business strongly depends on ingenuity and inventiveness; it’s much easier to achieve that with “emotional competencies.”

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“Working With Emotional Intelligence” Quotes

In a very real sense we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels. Click To Tweet Out-of-control emotions can make smart people stupid. Click To Tweet Rumination can also make the depression stronger by creating conditions that are, well, more depressing. Click To Tweet Benjamin Franklin put it well: “Anger is never without a reason, but seldom a good one. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Goleman agrees that several aspects of achieving inner control, meet on controversial ground.

His conclusions are based on many studies, in which he underlines theories that can bring improvement.

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