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Blogging for Business Summary

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Blogging for Business SummaryEverything You Need to Know and Why You Should Care

Blogs are an excellent way to connect with your most loyal customers.

You may not realize now how efficient this building process can be. Join the blogosphere!

Who Should Read “Blogging for Business”? And Why?

The number of bloggers and blogs is in constant increase, despite the previously mentioned statistics. The business community is aware that writing articles in years to come, will take the no.1 spot, as most trusted forms of information.

The audience expects contribution on your part – the bloggers must ensure that – accurate facts are presented.

This book comes highly recommendable to all individuals striving to explore the world of blogs. Nothing comes closer to success than a well-established portal of information.

About Shel Holtz & Ted Demopoulos

Shel Holtz works at a consultancy firm, which helps other organization to integrate the Internet into the strategic efforts. He is also an internationally recognized writer, speaker, communication expert, and analyst.

Ted DemopoulosTed Demopoulos is the co-author of “Blogging for Business, a writer, consultant, and speaker who covers subjects linked to technology, digitalization, and business.

“Blogging for Business Summary”

First you need to get familiar with the terminology – for instance, “Weblog” – or “blog,” refers to a website, sometimes a section of a website that consists all the relevant articles, posts, entries for a specific organization. 9/10 times these sections are organized in reverse chronological order.

Nonetheless, the organization is not a top-notch priority, the relevance of the content comes first. It’s equally important to separate blogs, from e-zines and newsletters due to many misunderstandings that may occur. If you are launching a blog, you must investigate the subject you’re willing to write about.

Perhaps, an ordinary person in the digital era is aware of the blogging impact, and yet not every company has one. To make matters worse, many of these firms don’t even plan to change their way of operating and connecting with customers. Nowadays, everyone requires special treatment.

Organizations are facing a tough challenge, to satisfy, engage, interact, with the audience or the public. The public relations sector would take care of that issue, right? Not exactly!

The management is responsible for deciding and controlling the process by giving instructions to other departments. Before you implement the new system, you must once again understand e-zines. The difference between blogs and e-zines is at the point of focus.

While blogs have no boundaries, nor feel the urge of tomorrow, e-zines follow a much stricter routine focused on a central topic, with little room for diversity. Another differentiation comes in a way the user reads these publications.

For example, to read a blog, you must visit a particular website, but when it comes to e-zines – they are sent to your e-mailbox.

Cross-referencing is often used as a tool for increasing page views, unique visitors, reduce bounce rate, etc. The best way for communication and engagement between customers and companies tends to be blogging.

Readers are always eager to try something new, what is the best way to learn about that something? Regardless of what companies think, 99 % of the time, the world uses the search engine machinery, to gain knowledge about a particular subject.

Bloggers are individuals managing the blog; they are responsible for the trustworthiness, comprehensiveness, and uniquenesses of the blog. Generally speaking, blogs are the new representatives of word-of-mouth marketing.

They’ve realized that nothing reaches the customer quicker than a well-designed platform with a string of characters. They are tempting communication strategies, no doubt about that.

It’s no secret that the interest for blogging activities rises each day. Bloggers are facing troubles with uniqueness due to various blogs existing nowadays. Not so often, these processes tend to get a little confusing because users apparently don’t know how to navigate through a website.

That aside, there is no better way of maintaining a stable relationship with your customers on the other side, then through well-written, fact-filled, and comprehensive articles.

As you probably know, bloggers don’t censor themselves; that’s not a part of their daily job. Even big names, or brands well-known to every human such as IBM and Boeing, started to utilize the power of a blog.

All things considered, you should dig deep into the blogging and learn how to monitor other blogs. In the final analysis, a blogger should analyze external and internal influences that can provide a flawless user experience.

We participate in the process and prescribes this guidebook to all individuals eager to learn the values of blogging and everything associated with it.  

Key Lessons from “Blogging for Business”

1.      Make sure that the information you provide is credible
2.      Let the users choose between blogs and e-zines
3.      The blogging starts and ends when you say so

Make sure that the information you provide is credible

Nothing comes naturally, double-check your information and verify their trustworthiness once more.

Quite often, blogs tend to get a little more carried into the conversational side, but not entirely disregarding the technical aspect.

Let the users choose between blogs and e-zines

It’s loud and clear that blogs and e-zines are two opposite concepts of today.

In addition to this discovery, the author outlines that some readers may prefer blogs while other e-zines – there are no ground rules.

The blogging starts and ends when you say so

The process doesn’t stop, when you launch your blog – the party has just begun.

As your blog expands and gains momentum, the readers would be expecting a lot more on your part. Never make any rash decision, analyze your every move and dream big.

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“Blogging for Business” Quotes

There is no reason to forgo the benefits your organization can realize from a blog just because of an unreasonable fear of legal issues. Click To Tweet Once your audiences are reading your blog, your messages are reaching them in a manner more likely to produce the desired results than traditional corporate communications ever could. Click To Tweet Blogging is every bit as much about listening as it is about posting. Click To Tweet Blogs need to earn trust just as any medium does. Click To Tweet Blogs are not a fad. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

As for anything else, this process requires patience, expertise, dedication, and commitment.

Shel Holtz and Ted Demopoulos, the authors of – Blogging for Business, present to the readers – several implementation tactics, in an easy-digestible, conversational style.

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