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Beyond Viral Summary

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Beyond Viral Summary

How to Attract Customers, Promote Your Brand, and Make Money with Online Video

We’ve tried teaching you how you can use Facebook to market your products. And we have given you a hint or two on how to create a trend using Twitter.

Now, in “Beyond Viral,” Kevin H. Nalty teaches you everything about YouTube marketing.

And we have the best parts.

Who Should Read “Beyond Viral”? And Why?

We’ve said it about a thousand times here at getnugget.co: it’s a jungle the business world out there and only the fittest survive. This is true tenfold when it comes to social media and online communities.

And it’s an understatement to say that Kevin H. Nalty has managed to survive! He’s a coveted kind, in deed: a successful YouTuber!

So, if you want to become one – read what he has to say on the subject. Even more recommended for business owners who don’t want to learn how to become weblebrities, but want to use YouTube to market products.

About Kevin H. Nalty

Kevin H. NaltyKevin H. Nalty is a YouTube comedian whose channel boasts with over 230,000 subscribers and almost 300 million views combined! He has worked as a marketing advisor for many major brands, in addition to being the founder of Nalts Consulting, a successful consulting firm.

Beyond Viral” is his only book so far.

“Beyond Viral Summary”

Think you know your YouTube?

Think again!

In “Beyond Viral,” Kevin Nalty – affectionally known to YouTubers as “Nalts” – teaches you some of YouTube’s secrets.

But, no – it’s not so that you can produce another one of your famous cat-on-a-skateboard videos! It’s so that you can use them to reach your business objectives!

But, wait a second!

Don’t these two actually go hand in hand?

Well – maybe! In theory. But, Nalts is more concerned with another maybe. It’s this one: maybe there’s an easier way than expecting to create a viral video out of the blue!

First, the basics.

Underestimating the power of YouTube is not a good way to do business. After all, 400 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube each minute! Yes: by the time you finish our summary, YouTube will have accumulated new content the amount of basically a whole sleepless month of your life!

We can formulate the last paragraph a bit better: only Google is more visited than YouTube!

Now, we’re sure that you have spent countless of hours trying to understand how Google’s ranking system works. Because, by now, you know that being recommended by Google for anything is like being recommended by the Dalai Lama for your book on Buddhism!

But, have you ever asked yourself why you spend so much time trying to rank better on Google, and spend none of your time using YouTube’s marketing powers?

By god, even blog marketing is more researched!

We know, we know… no matter how hard you try, you just can’t understand YouTube!

What’s the deal with these incomprehensible viral videos, and these weird-looking weblebrities (yes, that’s a word!)? And why are their amateurishly produced videos getting more hits and subscribers than your heftily paid branded work-of-arts?

News flash:

Nobody really knows! The tipping point when a video becomes viral is as mysterious to the biggest weblebrities as it is to those who analyze and study them!

There are few rules which can help you (we list them in the key lessons section), but there seem to be two basic laws which undermine them.

First of all, a viral video is viral only if it goes viral. Nothing more, nothing less.

And secondly, the more popular it becomes, the easier it gains more popularity.

In a nutshell: your video should have some inherent qualities, but, basically, it’s down to luck, timing, and that inexplicable X factor!

And this is where Kevin Nalty’s most important “Beyond Viral” lesson comes from. You know, the one that actually gives an answer to the question from the subtitle: how to attract customers, promote your brand, and make money with online video.

Ready for the answer?

It’s quite simple, really:

By stop burning money to create a viral video or a weblebrity, and merely use the ones who have already achieved this position!

Strangely enough, slipping a commercial or two in a video doesn’t affect the status even of popular hipster YouTubers!

OK, Kevin Nalty, we have to ask:

Do we have here a case of self-promotion?

Key Lessons from “Beyond Viral”

1.      Trying to Go Viral? Read These 8 Rules First!
2.      Welcome the New Species: The Common Traits of the Weblebrities
3.      If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Trying to Go Viral? Read These 8 Rules First!

Maybe there’s no way to be sure that your video is viral material, but there are eight ways to at least give yourself some chance.

First of all, you shouldn’t forget that viral videos are viral because they are viral. Nothing more; nothing less.

Secondly – and possibly more important – viral videos don’t have to be good. The production quality seems to have no tangible effect on the public.

Thirdly, be entertaining and imaginative – but don’t create videos with an attempt of going viral.

Also, don’t use any marketing before going viral. Ads work only afterward; they are detrimental from the start.

Next, be topical. Otherwise, you won’t be found.

Sixthly (we’ve never used this word before): don’t put too much effort into trying to emulate something that’s already viral. It will fail.

Long videos will also not work. People have short attention spans and fast forward everything longer than few minutes.

Finally, don’t cheat. Ever. Because, nobody likes cheaters. If it doesn’t become viral organically, better leave it that way. Otherwise, you’ll create a backlash you’ll have to deal with as long as you live.

Welcome the New Species: The Common Traits of the Weblebrities

YouTube exists for merely a decade, and yet it has created so many stars you know by heart. And if you want to go viral, finding the common denominators between them may be helpful to you.

Here are five characteristics weblebrities share.

First of all, they are “one-man bands.” Most of them do everything themselves, from writing and filming through producing and editing to distributing and promoting.

Secondly, they are persistent. One-hit wonders rarely last long, and it takes a lot of dedication to stay on top.

Thirdly, they are immune to criticism. You know the comments section? Well, they read mean things about themselves, and they… stay sane. How?

Fourthly, they play by their own rules. Meaning: they work for themselves and not for someone else.

And finally, they have the instinct to succeed.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Too much for you?

Well, you don’t have to emulate the weblebrities! You can just collaborate with them!

And market your product on some of their channels.

It will work. Since it’s not related to luck or other people’s habits.

And, the bottom line is – it’s a lot easier.

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“Beyond Viral” Quotes

It’s not a viral video if people don’t want to share it. Click To Tweet Online video is the most visceral, engaging and persuasive form of mass entertainment and marketing. Click To Tweet The community will welcome you more if they don’t see you as a walking advertisement. Click To Tweet Putting your videos on a bloated product.com site is the online equivalent to running television commercials on a kiosk hidden in an abandoned cemetery. Click To Tweet The online-video viewer is leaning forward (versus leaning back while watching television) and is hovering his curser over the ‘close’ or ‘back’ button. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

“Beyond Viral” is a one-idea book: use YouTube and its celebrities to market your products, because YouTube is even bigger than TV.

True, it does offer few tips on how to become a YouTube star, but it undermines them by claiming the obvious: nobody really knows how viral videos become viral.

And since it’s published few years ago and things move fast in the online world, here and there the book seems a bit outdated.

Unfortunately, the same holds true for Nalts himself.

Proving once again: all statistics aside, we know nothing about the average YouTuber!

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