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The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth Summary

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The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth Summary

Entrepreneurship for Weirdos, Misfits, and World Dominators

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong anywhere on this planet? Or daydreamed that there are other people like you and that some of them have succeeded? Have you ever wanted to meet them and get some guidance from them?

Well, Chris Brogan is a self-dubbed freak and he has some good news for you. In “The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth,” he explains, in no less than 200 pages, that things, after all, may not be as bleak as they look to you.

And, yes, he gives an encouraging advice or two you’ll cherish.

So, let’s see which are they.

Who Should Read “The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth”? And Why?

Don’t let the childish title fool you: this book is not about children! Well, more or less. Because, if we have to select one group of people who would want to read it, It’s definitely recent graduates. Usually, they don’t know what hits them once they enter the business world.

With this book under their pillows, they may feel that the world belongs to them – instead of working against them. Everyone who feels like the latter and wants to believe the former is welcomed to read this book as well. Especially, if he or she is a freelancer or has some start-up on his/her mind.

About Chris Brogan

Chris BroganChris Brogan is an American author, journalist, and sought-after marketing consultant. In addition, he is the CEO of Owner Media Group.

Recently ranked by “Forbes” magazine as the #1 social media power influencer in the world – ahead of people like Guy Kawasaki – Brogan has consulted everyone who matters in the business, from Disney and Coke, to Microsoft and Google.

He has written nine bestselling books, some of which, like “Social Media 101,” have gained the status of classics.

For anything more, you can reach Brogan at his website: http://chrisbrogan.com/

“The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth Summary”

So, you dye your hair purple.

Or you read comic books and listen to bands who have neither a Facebook profile, nor a Twitter account.

So, you like foreign films more than domestic ones.

So, what?!

The world of today wasn’t created by those who did things the expected way. It was always moved by non-conformists.

A freak, a weirdo, a misfit, whatever you are: the future awaits you! And, better yet, the present is not as bad as it looks like.

How can that be?

Two words: the Internet.

It has not merely radically changed the world as we know it, but it is also more than guaranteed that it will change the ways we’re doing business once and for all.

And it has changed the ways misfits can take participation in it.

Namely, until not that long ago, the only way for a person to become an entrepreneur was by having a lot of money and lots of connections. Now, because of the Internet, nothing can stop you from reaching a wide and – this is the more important part – right audience.

You see, business never works in isolation. And, until recently, freaks had the problem of fitting in. Can you think of anyone you’d describe as a weirdo who’d be happy to work in a cubicle? Anyone you’d label a misfit who might be interested in saying yes to a well-defined routine? An eccentric who’d be a much-admired sales rep?

Best case scenario, he will evolve to become a lone wolf. An unhappy lone wolf in a company which doesn’t cherish his talent and qualities.

But, now, thanks to the Internet, he can be his own boss.

True, great ideas don’t make great business by themselves. And that’s where “The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth” comes in handy. It advices newcomers in the business world how to tackle the reality of the corporate world, by taking all the necessary steps to succeed.

First and foremost, it suggests them that success begins with its definition. You can’t be a successful person if you don’t know what success means to you. Because, if you’re running for money and it’s actually serenity that you like – you are bound to be unhappy in the end.

Secondly, you’ve got to prepare the field before starting your business. Entrepreneurs are people who work a lot, and this doesn’t only include researching and formulating business strategies. It also means eliminating all distractions whatsoever.

You can’t be a successful businessman if you hang up on Facebook all the time!

Of course, as good your strategy is, there are numerous things you’ll be unable to predict. Don’t let this discourage you! Entrepreneurs are what they are because, in addition to a great idea and a good business plan, they also have the courage to risk.

So, overcome your fears and start doing. That’s the only way you’ll learn anything.

Finally, just like you can’t exist in a vacuum, your business can’t grow if not publicized. Once again, the Internet is here to help you. A single successful RTM campaign can do wonders.

Just like you can, you, beautiful misfit, you!

Key Lessons from “The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth”

1.      Dear Misfits, I Need You. The Future.
2.      Business Is About Belonging
3.      Business is Also About Plans

Dear Misfits, I Need You. The Future.

The word “misfit” speaks volumes about the people who feel that way. They are unable to fit anywhere. Consequently, even if they ever had it, in time they lose their interest to and live an isolated life.

However, their heads are filled with great ideas the beauty of the future world depends upon. In fact, the world has been shaped by non-conformists.

So, all you misfits out there, never conform!

Business Is About Belonging

Now, it’s easy to say that misfits can develop start-ups which will change the world. The more difficult part is that their ideas need to be heard. And since the multitudes don’t care about the misfits, it’s of essential importance that misfits contact each other.

Fortunately, they have the Internet to help them.

Because, business is about belonging. And happiness is about not being an outsider. This applies to both your work, and your family.

Business is Also About Plans

However, don’t make any sudden movements!

The Internet makes it easy for everybody to be an entrepreneur nowadays, but it doesn’t mean that you can use it as a magic stick. You should still develop a sound business strategy and plan ahead.

While not letting fears paralyze you. Because, being an entrepreneur is also about being a risktaker. About falling down and getting up.

Freak or no freak.

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“The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth” Quotes

The people who succeed are the ones who do the work that stands between them and their goal. Click To Tweet Find the people who are the same kind of freak as you and you’ll profit from serving that community in some form or fashion. Click To Tweet Most of what we fear is tied clearly to what we don’t know. If we’re not sure which steps to take, we balk at the process. Click To Tweet The amount of people who will convince you that your idea is wrong usually grows in accordance with how unique the idea is. Click To Tweet My success is built entirely on my ability to fail quickly and then learn and adapt from the results of that failure. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

“The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth” is written in a conversational, easy-to-read tone, aimed at all the freaks and misfits in the world. It starts with a “Guardians of the Galaxy” reference and it ends with a call to declare your freakiness. It’s so down-to-earth that, in addition to URls and Twitter links, it even includes Chris Brogan’s personal email address!

(We’re guessing that Inbox is full at a daily basis!)

It is not exactly Chris Brogan at his personal best. But, Brogan at his usual self is still better than most of the so-called business experts at their best.

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