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Focus on the Good Stuff Summary

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Focus on the Good Stuff SummaryThe Power of Appreciation

Focus on the Good Stuff” encourages you to seek the ultimate goal – total satisfaction in life.

If you continue recalling old memories you’ll end up feeling disappointed and anxious.

Go into the “Now”.

Who Should Read “Focus on the Good Stuff”? And Why?

When an individual starts reading self-help guide books, it must quickly comprehend that happiness, humanity, empathy, compassion, love are not second-class phenomena.

They cannot be researched or explained by scientists. For a person to fully enter the world of happiness or an inner transformation, it must undergo inner reforms – no exception.

As a consequence of that mindset we always see the bad things first, nothing pleases us. “Focus on the Good Stuff” is intended for every person, regardless of other cultural, personal, or national features. As a matter of fact, no one can give you happiness, you have to deserve it by being aware of the present reality.

About Mike Robbins

Mike RobbinsMike Robbins was born in 1957 in London U.K where he grew up. He is a well-renowned expert in management, leadership, motivational speech and emotional intelligence. During his time as a professional baseball player, he learned that motivation is something that comes naturally.

You need to awaken the inner giant from within. Mike as a writer has written three compelling motivational books including Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff; Focus on the Good Stuff; Be Yourself Everyone Else is Already Taken;

“Focus on the Good Stuff Summary”

We have developed a habit to constantly embrace the bad elements in any situation.

Today we are facing propaganda on every corner. The media throughout television, radio, and the internet is subtly promoting wars, conflicts, and intolerance among people. This reality is spontaneously presented in a way, that encourages us to implement a defense mechanism because the world is taking the high-road to disaster.

The population regularly is forced to listen bad new, so we must run for cover.

Here’s the worst part:

For instance, how often do you hear TV stories that involve compassion, love, and understanding? International media are obsessed with stories of war, killing, series of crimes, terrorist attack, disease, catastrophes, financial collapses and car accidents.

Just by watching and reading this kind of stories you’ll lose hope in humanity.

What should we do?

According to them, everything is falling into the dangerous category. In other words, we live by the rules of the motto – Story about compassion is not a good story.

For example, the fashion industry imposes certain views on the body proportion; it reminds the viewers and readers that they are all fat and unattractive.

Is it too hard to understand that every person is a different unexplored mystery, not every woman has the look of Adriana Lima and not every boy is Brad Pitt.

We are all beautiful in our own way, and we should not let hostile industries change that. As times goes by, you’ll begin seeing that negativity is nothing but a sensation. It is sad to say, but negativity still affects a lot of persons in many self-destructive ways. The world is becoming excessively fearful.

The people complain all the time, and you cannot please them, no matter how hard you try. Let’s embark on a journey that can provoke a shift in this self-centered world. 

This mentality makes them more mean, competitive, judgmental and harsh towards other individuals. Gossiping is becoming a lifetime activity, talking behind someone’s back is now reaching its peak. If we go on like this, we’ll continue walking our unhappy journey.

Mike Robbins played professional baseball at one period of his life. In 1997, he suffered an arm injury, and that ended his promising baseball career. During his time as a baseball player, he was motivated by the speeches he heard in the minister’s locker room.

Robbins’ fundamental message was: People should always be thankful for the present situation, and they should not focus on the negative aspects. Many of Robbins’ subtle messages are logical – get the good stuff out of any situation and if you can’t change the bad ones don’t waste time and energy on them.

This enthralling life-altering book is a compilation of helpful, and insightful tips. Many people recommend this easy-to-understand guidebook for individuals ready to overcome their self-destructive mindset. Open a new chapter in life called – happiness.

Key Lessons from “Focus on the Good Stuff”

1.      Give love, not justice
2.      Appreciate others by appreciating yourself
3.      Oppose negativity with a new mindset

Give love, not justice

Mother Teresa once said, “The world is hungrier for compassion and love than for food and water.” To really understand people means to show your appreciation when you see a good deed and avoid reacting when people hurt one another.

You are probably thinking, but how am I supposed to respond if I see injustice? The greatest gift that you can give to this world is love, not justice but love. Even though it is not easy, you should become the change you wish to see in this world.

Appreciate others by appreciating yourself

Only the smartest people in the world understand that positive thinking is the only route to a blissful life.

You can start the day by being more thankful in life; this approach will help you appreciate others as well. The truth is – if you are not able to love yourself, you cannot like anyone else.

Oppose negativity with a new mindset

Is it even possible to live a happy life if your everyday reality is a reflection of negativity and self-criticism? For a person to oppose negativity, it must be capable of undertaking several vital steps. Change your mindset, the way of perceiving things, and your reality will transform instantly.

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“Focus on the Good Stuff Summary” Quotes

Many of us are walking around in a dark cloud of negativity. Click To Tweet We live in a culture that focuses on the ‘bad stuff. Click To Tweet Fulfillment and happiness come from a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude, not from achievement. Click To Tweet We’re each the author of the script of our life. Click To Tweet Self-love is the final puzzle piece of life. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

We think that most of you’ll agree that this book lacks a bit of inventiveness due to the fact, that plenty self-help books share the same message. Nonetheless, it will surely help you boost your confidence!

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