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Start growing!

Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

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Focus on the Good Stuff Summary

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Focus on the Good Stuff SummaryThe Power of Appreciation

Focus on the Good Stuff” encourages you to seek the ultimate goal – total satisfaction in life.

If you continue recalling old memories you’ll end up feeling disappointed and anxious.

Go into the “Now”.

Who Should Read “Focus on the Good Stuff”? And Why?

When an individual starts reading self-help guide books, it must quickly comprehend that happiness, humanity, empathy, compassion, love are not second-class phenomena.

They cannot be researched or explained by scientists. For a person to fully enter the world of happiness or an inner transformation, it must undergo inner reforms – no exception.

As a consequence of that mindset we always see the bad things first, nothing pleases us. “Focus on the Good Stuff” is intended for every person, regardless of other cultural, personal, or national features. As a matter of fact, no one can give you happiness, you have to deserve it by being aware of the present reality.

About Mike Robbins

Mike RobbinsMike Robbins was born in 1957 in London U.K where he grew up. He is a well-renowned expert in management, leadership, motivational speech and emotional intelligence. During his time as a professional baseball player, he learned that motivation is something that comes naturally.

You need to awaken the inner giant from within. Mike as a writer has written three compelling motivational books including Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff; Focus on the Good Stuff; Be Yourself Everyone Else is Already Taken;

“Focus on the Good Stuff Summary”

We have developed a habit to constantly embrace the bad elements in any situation.

Today we are facing propaganda on every corner. The media throughout television, radio, and the internet is subtly promoting wars, conflicts, and intolerance among people. This reality is spontaneously presented in a way, that encourages us to implement a defense mechanism because the world is taking the high-road to disaster.

The population regularly is forced to listen bad new, so we must run for cover.

Here’s the worst part:

For instance, how often do you hear TV stories that involve compassion, love, and understanding? International media are obsessed with stories of war, killing, series of crimes, terrorist attack, disease, catastrophes, financial collapses and car accidents.

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