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A Year with Peter Drucker Summary

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A Year with Peter Drucker Summary52 Weeks of Coaching for Leadership Effectiveness

The strange thing about leadership is – that it started even before we became aware of it.

Our ancestors used to gather in groups, whereby one or several persons dominated the discussion.

This early form of management represents the foundation for what we have today.

In this book summary, we cover these aspects and more.

Who Should Read “A Year with Peter Drucker”? And Why?

As the society moved from one stage to the next, leadership developed side by side with it. Managerial assets always remained crucial in achieving success, and that’s an untold truth.

A Year with Peter Drucker” is an all-encompassing management manual, that will take you managerial capabilities on to a level of full sophistication.

We recommended it not just to managers and students, but to all people working within a group.

About Joseph A. Maciariello

Joseph A. MaciarielloJoseph Maciariello is a professor of Social Science at the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management with a Ph.D. in economics obtained from New York University.

With immense respect and admiration for his colleague, Joseph co-authored many books all in honor of Peter Drucker to explain his unique and practical management ideas and methods.

“A Year with Peter Drucker Summary”

Peter Drucker’s presence can be sensed almost everywhere. His ideas represent a solid infrastructure for start-ups and other businesses. According to some business managers, Drucker’s influence is as important to companies, as much oxygen is crucial for our survival.

The rules defined by him, serve as a starting ground for individuals to start pursuing a job that matches their skills and expertise. Only under such circumstances, one can grow and enhance as a leader or become a crucial asset to some organization.

As soon as you develop into a real decision-maker, then you can begin thinking about other details that shape your surroundings. Business-processes extend far beyond the conventional product-creating system. If you lack the abilities to convert your average workers, into moral managers, then you need extra training.

Formal and informal education has a huge role in this operation. As a factor of crucial importance, it deserves all the merits for future success. Through knowledge, your essential worker can become a real linchpin –an indispensable mind-force within the company.

After acquiring the expertise, the delegating process conducted by you will move with greater ease and flexibility. The society will also benefit if you tend to listen and adopt Peter Drucker’s methods.

According to Drucker, the status of a knowledge worker is most accurately portrayed by E-Veritas – e-trading company located in the Philippines. The firm spent a substantial amount of resources and energy to train people living in poor districts including the capital Manilla, to operate as electronic traders.

Not every company takes social accountability seriously.

In today’s digital age, we still suffer the arrogance of horrible bosses. The worst thing about it is not knowing when you act like one. Nonetheless, it would be entirely inaccurate to label all managers as such, because we all have met at least one leader, who earned every bit of its reputation.

How to define a proficient and “good” manager?

First and foremost, right actions exemplify the spirit of a manager that takes good care of its associates. Their doings are the most vital asset in creating a healthy atmosphere, which can increase productiveness. Literally, we all have that one goal that we must achieve, following it can make us proud and self-sufficient.

How to be more specific, when it comes to the abilities required for such regards?

According to Drucker’s experience, there are two highly essential skills that any manager should possess: concentration and information literacy.

Perhaps, you have a broad understanding of how concentration changes everything. Now, we go into details and first-class examples that force you to comprehend the effects. Can you read a book while staying 100% focused for at least an hour?

If you haven’t tried – don’t hesitate, test your self-control. If you attain a state of full-concentration, achieving goals would only be a matter of time.

Information Literacy: Not every leader possess the expertise to get a firm grip on the key takeaways from every raw data related to its business.

This skill is of particular use in the digital age, where everything changes in a flash. Databases, tables, ERP Systems, all require the technical know-how and the mental proficiency to facilitate the interaction between the computer and the users. If you are not able to make heads or tails of it, everything else is utterly useless.

Stay with us, for more on the nonprofit groups:

Governments are keen to captivate the attention of real leaders, but they are not alone in such regards. As a representative of a non-corporate sector, they must share the same eagerness with other organizations. Managerial skills are in high-demand, in both profit and nonprofit sectors.

Key Lessons from “A Year with Peter Drucker

1.      The traits of a true leader
2.      A tight spot for the non-profit sector
3.      Devise a new plan

The traits of a true leader

It’s pretty evident that efficient managers earned their reputation by being supportive and not judgemental.

Their skillfulness is only matched by their ingenuity and creativity, which further stimulates free-flowing ideas.

A tight spot for the non-profit sector

Nonprofits, on one hand, have to maintain a creative approach because they are not manufacturers nor profitable service-providers.

Their methods are of more abstract nature, linked to social well-being and responsibility.

Devise a new plan

Getting involved in projects and tasks that are too profit-oriented is a short-term strategy.

Good managers are aware that real businesses are driven by a higher purpose that advances the common good of all affected individuals.

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“A Year with Peter Drucker” Quotes

Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes. Click To Tweet Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans. Click To Tweet Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision. Click To Tweet Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing. Click To Tweet There is nothing quite so useless, as doing with great efficiency, something that should not be done at all. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Surely, Peter Drucker didn’t become a management expert on controversial grounds.

His work speaks for itself, and Peter’s actions are even better described from the prism of his trusted colleague – Joseph Maciariello.

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