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The Allegory of the Cave PDF Summary

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Allegory of the Cave PDFThe allegory is composed of a handful of signs and indications that describe the average mentality of an everyday person.

The cave-world acts as a symbol of self-imposed imprisonment most people carry out.

Our book summary willingly joins the efforts to educate the population.

Who Should Read “The Allegory of the Cave”? And Why?

Sometimes the chains around our neck are too tight, impossible to break. What if we tell you, that the key to release yourself from bondage, is in your pocket.

The Allegory of the Cave” is a story suitable for the entire world. We warmly recommended it to all people who want to change their own little world.

Plato Biography

Plato Biography

Plato is one of those figures who needs no introduction, due to his achievements in the early stages of civilization.

He is the author of Symposium, The Republic, Apology, and others.


The renowned Greek Philosopher Plato attempted to dive deeper than anyone ever did before him– regarding the human nature.

He mainly focused on education and how the availability of it can produce a better person.

Step One: Conversation

The dialogue between Glaucon – Plato’s brother and Socrates is at the very center of happenings.

The symbolic part of the story is perhaps the most intriguing one. The allegory of a new philosophical journey starts with a simple question that is addressed to Glaucon.

To cut a long story short, Socrates asks Glaucon to create/imagine a cave where a group of people is imprisoned.

These individuals are locked since the day of their birth, without much room for exploring neither the cave nor the real world. Their neck and legs are fixated so that they cannot move around a lot.

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