Blinkist vs Audible – The Ultimate Comparison

Blinkist vs AudibleSome people with time on their mind and busy-schedule cannot grow and enhance professionally. For such occasions, the digital age presents highly-applicable and relatively cheap solutions.

If you are on the fence, we are here to help you out.

Audible and Blinkist have devised a plan for making things easier for those tied up persons. If you don’t have a strong grip on happiness, perhaps it’s time to turn a new page in life.

This shouldn’t be construed as a life-plan, but merely as a reflection of everlasting evolvement.

It may seem too overwhelming, but these book summary giants, take your busy-schedule very seriously – perhaps even more than you do.

If you are on the verge of an emotional breakdown or lacking inventiveness, they have the perfect 10-15 min summary that can aid you in times of crisis.

Sometimes, we don’t have the time or will to dig deep into the book only to bump into the key takeaways – figuratively speaking.

What if those essential elements are extracted for you instead, for a minimum expense?

Let’s roll, and learn more about the possible solutions.

Blinkist Review


If you are a book lover who at least once has read a summary, then you are familiar with Blinkist. In the picture below, there are two exclusive, and unique offers that hopefully can provide comfort and guidance.

Blinkist Pricing

What gives Blinkist the edge?

Instead of designing an aggressive website, Blinkist allows its users to scan the content, and get access to the short synthesis of the book. In general, users have shown their immense appreciation for Blinkist’s gentle approach when it comes to subscription.

If you are interested in getting your hands on a particular summary, no worries, free access to a pre-selected book will do the trick. A free 3-day trial is just icing on the cake.


Blinkist’s library consists of more than 2000+ comprehensive and informative book summaries. Each month 40 more are being written, satisfying even the pickiest readers. Perceive it as a service, or an educational tool that yields valuable lessons.

Buying a book on Amazon will never be the same. Now, you can take a glance at the core of wisely selected bestsellers, and then make your move. It sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

The audio option allows you to enjoy the selected summaries while being involved in a myriad of tasks. A perfect example of successful multitasking. This blink linked to the Premium offer is probably the best feature that needs to be exploited.

Books from various non-fiction niches can trigger the fire of creativity, and give you the upper hand in any situation. From a philosophical standpoint, you’ve got nothing to lose, because a person who doesn’t read, doesn’t grow.

Blinkist for teams is an exclusive opportunity for organizations that intend to turn each moment into a learning opportunity:

Blinkist for teams


We are divided on this one. As much as we enjoy seeing the well-designed navigation tab, and the guidance arising from it, we feel like the outcome is partially old-fashioned.

We are referring to the white background followed by blue letters.

One short paragraph as an illustration:

Blinkist GUI

The library contains everything required for a reader to feel like being given the easiest task in the world. No one wants to struggle to find the desired information, so the simple the better.

Mobile Version and App:

According to some user testimonies, the Blinkist app still experiences some crashes and signs of malfunctioning. Other than that, it’s pretty straightforward to use, adjusted for the sake of beginners, and “hungry” wisdom seekers.

Majority of the users, still express gratitude and amazement for the app and continue to utilize its features to full extent.

All things considered, nothing stops you from enjoying the App and become the latest member of the 1 million club of users.

Blinkist App

In all honesty, there are still a handful of users who believe that Blinkist is overcharging them for the services rendered, but most of them are happy to immerse in a quick read.

If you decide to give this app a shot, you should also know that Blinkist like to tell the story from a personal point of view:

The audio feature gives you an opportunity to fast forward to something more appealing and lend you an option B if you are not into reading.

By enrolling in a Premium plan, you’ll get a 7 Day Trial to test the “goods”, and in the meantime, you can make your final decision, that relates to whether Blinkist “satisfies your appetites“.

Audible Review


Audible – Amazon Company is very flexible when it comes to providing services for its customers. Not only that you’ll be able to choose and enjoy your audio summaries, but also, you’ll be given plenty of other benefits which will be briefly discussed.

Nowadays a smartphone acts as though it’s the very center of doing business. So, why can’t it serve as a relaxation device as well?

The steps for making your grand-entrance into Audible:

  1. Log in from your Amazon account
  2. Take a quick look at the Membership Options and benefits

Audible Offer     3. Decide – whether you wish to go Pro, and earn some Credits or Start your Free Trial; you have all the time in the world to make up your mind.


Do you believe in full customer satisfaction? – Well, if you don’t, what about having the freedom to cancel your membership at any time, swap books, select your favorites, keep them as long as possible and much more.

If you are not convinced about a specific book, Audible offers a sample, especially if you are reluctant to go for the “full house.”

Audible Sample

You can get 30% discount on any additional purchases, meaning that Audible sure cares about its trusted friends and long-term customers.

In the picture below, you can see the full membership assets:

Audible Membership

Build your e-book collection, and participate in a secure exchange.

As a service provider- Audible enables its users to cancel their membership, in a blink of an eye. You are not bounded in any way, which can be a decisive asset regardless of the user’s current mindset.

Device possibilities:

Audible device

Apparently, users want to know their options right away. The picture below showcases what Audible gives in exchange for your financial and mental eagerness to support their efforts:

audible vs blinkist

The best part? You no longer need to judge the book by its cover (If U know what We Mean), and if some classic or story is not entraining to you, swapping for another book is a one-step process.


Users can quickly enter any of the 180K + Audiobooks, from all categories including, romance, science, marketing, personal development, business books, entrepreneurship, technology, etc.

After you decide to gain the privilege to access any book for a fair price, you’ll spot other countless advantages.

Searching for or selecting your targeted books or categories cannot be easier.

Audible Navigation

All users can navigate without any particular difficulties, and if they encounter such, the Audible support team is available for resolving such pressing concerns.

Mobile Version and App

50 million downloads should speak for themselves. In our in-depth investigation, we couldn’t find anything that can destroy the reputation of the biggest Audiobook provider on the internet.

Even an Internet connection is not necessary to enjoy these enlightening audiobooks.

So, we give thumbs up and 5* Rate for Audible on this one.

Audible App

Our Final Notes

In all honesty, we cannot decide which website deserves to take home the three points from today’s match.

It all depends on your preferences – if you are not in a hurry, and you wish to absorb more of the book we recommend Audible.

If you just want to get to the core of the book and learn its takeaways, perhaps Blinkist would be the better option.    Take this summary with you and read anywhere! Download PDF:   

Blinkist vs Instaread – The Ultimate Comparison

Just another book summary battle.

Blinkist vs Instaread

Stay tuned, to learn more about their pros and cons.

In the world of quick change, adaptation, and stress, we all need alone time with our thoughts, to contemplate the future and devise a plan.

In such a harsh environment, every little bit helps. Book summaries can give you the inspiration and motivation to endure, whenever you lack the energy or the persistence to handle the responsibilities.

This comparison will hopefully aid you, to pick the one that suits you, and fits your daily schedule including your long-term plans.

Blinkist Review:


Any user willing to plunge into the essence of summarized books must choose between the given options below. Even if you decide to go cost-free, you can discover more about the classics you wish to purchase, before the actual transaction takes place.

Blinkist Pricing

First and foremost, being able to “scan” the website and gain access to the intro of any book that may intrigue you, may seem appealing to any book lover. Even if you are convinced that you intend to use the free version, Blinkist can twist your mind after a free trial and other amazing features that go with it.

The good thing about these offers, is regardless of how costly or cheap they seem, in general, the users get a good value for the price.

Blinkist for teams is a customized opportunity that incites organizations/companies to instill a new attitude within their ranks. In an era of fast technological progress, you have to become a tech-savvy person who seeks the quickest way to grow and enhance professionally.

Blinkist offers a solution to these joint urges by stimulating teams to enroll in their special program.

Blinkist for teams


If you heard about Blinkist, you already know that it’s among the best book summary producers (In English and German). An amazing collection of more than 2000 book summaries (40+ monthly) is just one more reason for you to explore the mysteries of it.

If you are a kind of user, which embraces uncertainty, Kindle will gladly take your money. Beware, wouldn’t be great if you have some tricks up your sleeves before you go running around and buying every single item that looks amusing (in this case – book).

One of the greatest assets in the Premium Option is the ability for you to enjoy your favorite quotes, phrases, authors while being involved in other activities. We refer to the audio version, which is available to all user that have Premium access.

The Blinkist e-library includes all non-fiction niches such as management, history, marketing, sales, economics, leadership, philosophy, etc.


Research has shown that users don’t prefer reading black letters on a white background. If that’s the case with you, then perhaps that is one Blinkist’s setbacks.

Take a quick glance:

Our impartial judgment is based on various elements, but when it comes to the library organization, we cannot neglect the fact that it has all the necessary features.

In the picture below, we give you an exact overview of it, and we believe that you share our thoughts on this one.

Blinkist GUI

Mobile Version and App:

If something is being downloaded more than a million times, then it deserves some extra attention.

During our investigation, we’ve read that some users have voiced their discontent about the app’s audio and visual aspects. Don’t let that prevent you from trying it because, in our opinion, it has everything a passionate, quick reader would like.

The main question is – Can it provide a quick analysis of the book? – It sure can – undoubtedly.

The second question – Is it easy to navigate? – There is only a click-delay from a perfect user-experience!

Check out the website, download the app and see for yourself.

Blinkist App

Diving into Blinkist’s features can only be a positive thing for either you or your organization. Before you decide which way to go, it’s in your interest to see how they extract the key takeaways and compare them with other App that offers pretty much the same service.

In addition, we’d like to express our sincere praises, despite the fact that we are not so passionate about the personal perspective injected into every summary.

instaread vs blinkist

When it comes to the audio feature, you are given the opportunity to fast forward to something that fits your needs at the moment. Moreover, this can also be perceived as a service for those that bear a grudge against reading, in general.

By enrolling in a Premium plan, each user/team will receive a 7 Day Trial to assess the pros and cons of using Blinkist!

Instaread Review


Unlike Blinkist’s yearly plans, Instaread is more of a pay-per-book site. The app is only available for IOS Devices. In order to gain access to their offerings, you must download it from iTunes.

Same as Blinkist, it offers a trial run that you can take full advantage of. This platform also introduces the readers to a new concept of membership, unusual for other Book Summary “manufacturers.”

700+ titles available for you to explore, and digestible in no longer than 15 minutes. Same as Blinkist, you can chew everything down to the last bone by reading or listening.

Types of subscription:

  • Instaread Subscription 2.99$
  • Instaread 8.99$
  • Instaread 4.99$
  • Instaread Subscription 3.99$
  • Instaread 7.99$
  • Instaread 89.99$
  • Instaread 49.99$
  • Instaread 79.99$

Instaread Subscription


Instaread is unconventional for its methods of luring visitors. For instance, instead of going for quantity, they are more into quality.

Instaread’s 700+ book summaries showcase their intentions. In general, their goal is to provide high-quality summarized books only for the top niches, from the top categories.

They are growing with each passing day, trying to get the lion’s share of individuals willing to scale up their careers.

If don’t mind being labeled as a book fanatic, we advise you to use other platforms. 


It’s relatively easy to operate on Instaread from your Apple device.

Even non-native English users will not struggle to find what they need, because of the well-developed navigation system.

Instaread GUI

Mobile Version and App

As we stated earlier, Instaread is a useful app. Not only that it allows you to scroll, read and learn from your favorite books, it even works without having an internet connection.

Don’t let a smaller brochure of book summaries discourage you if you are more of a one-time reader. Regardless of your demands, we advise that you give these enlightening apps a test, and measure their impact.

Instaread App

Our Final Notes

Once again, the judge must rule in favor of Blinkist. If you stick for a minute, we’ll explain our conclusion.

If you decide on testing both of these apps, you’ll be amazed by Instaread’s detail-orientation and Blinkist’s broadness. However, we are not claiming that Blinkist produces less of quality, on the contrary, it’s both on the quantity and quality side.

With all these elements in mind, it’s now much easier for us to draw a conclusion that Blinkist is more reliable and accessible. On the other hand, Instaread still needs to expand its e-library; in other words – grow in numbers.    Take this summary with you and read anywhere! Download PDF:   

Blinkist vs GetAbstract – The Ultimate Comparison

Are you in a dilemma?

Blinkist vs GetAbstract

Well, we are here to ease your life by outlining some of the essential elements that both book summaries websites have in-store.

Let’s get this straight, regardless of your demands, we believe that both Blinkist and GetAbstract are capable of satisfying even the pickiest readers.

Here’s what you should consider when planning to join the group of readers whose interest lies in a quick read that is able to pinpoint all the essential aspects of any non-fiction masterpiece.

Blinkist Review:


Blinkist Pricing

As far as Blinkist is concerned, any member or visitor will be given a few choices.

Most importantly you are allowed to “scan” the website and gain access to the intro of any book that may intrigue you. 

Your personal or professional background in accordance with your demands should form an opinion about the offer you are willing to explore.

Blinkist for teams is a unique opportunity for organizations/companies and institutions that are determined to take personal development onto the next level. The possibility to customize your offer based on your demands is something that Blinkist allows and endorses:

Blinkist for teams


Blinkist is an all-encompassing collection of more than 2000 book summaries and a lot more coming each month. Should you prefer to analyze a book before you purchase it on Kindle, Blinkist is a good asset and a life-partner in such endeavor.

Even if you are stuck in traffic, you can always use the extra “Blink” and enjoy the audio version of the book.

Of course, if you have subscribed to the Premium Offer. Same as GetAbstract the Blinkist e-library covers many niches including, management, leadership, philosophy, history, marketing, sales, economics, you name it.

The idea would be to deliver a comprehensive solution to its trusted user base!


Are you one of those who hates reading content on a white background? If so, you are not going to like what’s coming.

One short paragraph that emphasizes our point:

Blinkist content

Blinkist Navigation

On the other hand, we show an immense sense of admiration for Blinkist’s library organization. You really feel like someone is pushing you back in time – A bull’s eye for Blinkist on this one – no doubt!

Mobile Version and App:

It’s needless to say that Blinkist application is adjusted to satisfy the urges of passionate readers while providing easy navigation. Undoubtedly, an essential asset for ordinary users who just wish to quickly absorb the masteries of a good book.

Although Blinkist tends to provide a wonderful user experience, the app is experiencing some minor issues (app crash) according to some testimonies.

That aside, we think you are about to enjoy the App as much as the Desktop Version.

If you decide to test this App and its features, it’s vital to ascertain the pros and cons to the full extent. Digesting the key takeaways from your favorite books is what lies at the end of this lucrative journey.

In addition, we also like to mention that Blinkist prefers to mix up the story structure by applying personal perspective to it.

get abstract vs blinkist

Evidently, the audio feature allows the users to fast forward to something of a pressing matter and yields an option B if you are not into reading.

By enrolling in a Premium plan, you’ll receive get a 7 Day Trial to evaluate the benefits from using Blinkist! In the meantime, you can make your final decision, that relates to whether Blinkist “satisfies your appetites” or not.

GetAbstract Review:


Unlike Blinkist, GetAbstract is a lot more flexible when it comes to their products, or should we say options. They pay more attention to the size since each of the offers is restricted to a number of books and categories or not – it all depends on your “contribution” to the website.

One common feature is the flexible team plan, or in this case the “Company” plan which allows an abundance of users to have 24/7 access to thousands of book summaries that will encourage growth and personal enhancement on an organizational level.

Don’t let our conclusion stop you from seeing the full offer, and hopefully find something that fits you.

GetAbstract Offer


We start this journey with an intention to conduct an unbiased investigation, and we are going to end it in the same fashion. GetAbstract always turn heads not only due to its large collection of book summaries but also for the organization.

For instance, after you receive your 3-day free trial, and decide to go about building a long-term relationship, you’ll find lots of elements that you couldn’t explore in a short amount of time.

As we mentioned, if 15k+ book summaries are not appealing enough, perhaps pdf versions + audiobooks will draw some extra attention.

The time for purchasing the wrong book will suddenly vanish because you’ll no longer need to judge the book by its cover – if you know what we mean.

You cannot neglect the fact that GetAbstract, unlike Blinkist, is available in more than two languages (German and English), meaning that is accessible to various types of users worldwide.

Their summaries are available in these languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Russian

All things considered, GetAbstract has the upper hand when it comes to providing the best solution for unique user’s preferences.


It’s pretty straightforward that we cannot all agree on this one. Nonetheless, we give our thumbs up to both Blinkist and GetAbstract.

GetAbstract, in this case, provides excellent navigation to users by subtly guiding them through the site.

What more can a user want?

GetAbstract Navigation

The navigation bar is easy to follow, even for non-native English users. The same goes for the book summaries available in PDF format and the App.

Mobile Version and App:

Before we unveil our “first” choice, we need to expose all the cons of prons of the GetAbstract app.

Indeed, our pick doesn’t have to be yours!

If you have subscribed to any of the previously mentioned offers, prepare yourself for a smooth ride. From valuable lessons, quotes, takeaways, it’s all in there.

If you like to take a glimpse at the app, well here you have it:

getabstract vs blinkist

As you can see, you can either listen or read the text, depending on the environment and your preferences. Out of personal experience, we can say that GetAbstract does a good job at extracting the key findings of any non-fiction masterpiece.

The GetAbstract team presents the end-product in a compelling way by making it understandable for the broader audience.

GetAbstract Mobile

Since the launch of the app, a small portion of users voiced complaints concerning the app’s malfunctioning. With more than 100k downloads, GetAbstract is trailing behind Blinkist’s 1 million downloads.

Our Final Notes

Probably by an inch, the trophy goes to GetAbstract. Truly, there are aspects which hinder the growth of both prominent websites, but in our opinion, GetAbstract is more user-centric than Blinkist.

We hope that our article will help you form a conclusion about this dilemma. The bottom line is that any user will surely focus and appreciate the good sides from these enlightening book summary partners and sidestep the bad ones.    Take this summary with you and read anywhere! Download PDF: