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Category: Science

Oxygen Summary

The molecule that made the world Do you know the nature of oxygen? Do you know what happens when you breathe? Do you know the role oxygen has not only in keeping you alive but for the evolution of the […]

The Greatest Show on Earth Summary

The Greatest Show on Earth Summary

The Evidence for Evolution By now, you’d think that developments in genetics should have vindicated Darwin once and for all. Unfortunately, one-third of Americans don’t believe in it, with another third thinking that it was actually guided by God. In […]

The Really Big One Summary

The Really Big One

“The Really Big One” is an earthquake that “will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest. The question is when.” About Kathryn Schulz Kathryn Schulz is a Pulitzer-winner and The New Yorker staff writer. “The Really Big One Summary” […]