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Eating Animals PDF Summary

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Eating Animals PDF SummaryThis is a controversial topic that should be brought up more and more. In our humble opinion, one must at least be willing to hear the other side of the story, without necessarily showing bias.

Eating animals is part of human history, but what would happen if we at least ponder about the possibility of ending the mass slaughter?

Let’s find out!

Who Should Read “Eating Animals”? And Why?

If you are not vegan and vegetarian, this book may cause some confusion in terms of your life choices. The author is not here to promote guilt or any other primitive form of conversion; just to lay down the facts and give you wide latitude to decide.

With that being said, we firmly believe that “Eating Animals” is one of those books which is intended for the broader audience.

About Jonathan Safran Foer

Jonathan Safran Foer is an American novelist born on February 21st, 1971 in Washington, DC.

So far, Eating Animals is his best book that prompts open discussion regarding the proliferation of factory farms.

He is also the author of a few Fiction Books:

  • Everything Is Illuminated (2002)
  • Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2005)
  • Tree of Codes (2010)
  • Here I Am (2016)

“Eating Animals PDF Summary”


Surviving the atrocities of WW2 is surely not something that can be put underneath the carpet. Jonathan talks of his grandmother and her perilous journey to safety filled with rather “questionable” diet made of rotten potatoes, scraps of meat, and even the kind of things you wouldn’t want to hear of.

When you are on the run, and you are traversing the hostile wilderness in Europe there’s not much you can do other than eating on the go. Whatever you can find finds its way into your mouth.

Half-a-century later in the US, Jonathan’s grandmother excelled at preparing chicken, and pretty much everything else under God’s blue heaven. She wasn’t into “save money” or “eat healthy” kind of agenda, and she would often offer Coke to her grandson.

In closed circles, she was known as the Greatest Chef, ever to set foot on Earth.

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