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How to Thrive As a Highly Sensitive Person Summary

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How to Thrive As a Highly Sensitive Person PDFIt can be your greatest strength in work and love

What is your stimulus to keep going and fight for what you love?

Once we begin to loosen our grip on prejudices and shallow patterns, a new person is born.

In this book summary, we outline the pros and cons of Highly Sensitive Persons and more.

Who Should Read “How to Thrive As a Highly Sensitive Person”? And Why?

You might think – Oh, I don’t consider myself as HSP; so, this article won’t do me any good. You’d be wrong, this informative piece of writing will give you more than just a few insights on HSPs’ personality.

We recommended it, to all leaders in the making, and those who want to become one.

About Melody Wilding

Melody Wilding works at CUNY Hunter College as a professor of human behavior and loves to get into the depths of emotional harmony.

She is also a contributor that writes on many topics linked to psychology.

“How to Thrive As a Highly Sensitive Person PDF Summary”

If you fall into the category of highly sensitive persons (HSP), that simple fact can give you the edge in handling complex problems.

According to numerous studies, being compassionate is a trait of great leaders or those who pull the strings.

Critical-thinking skills synchronized with emotional stability can be a deadly combination in almost any situation that entails considerable risk.

A problem-solver is a person who sees opportunity in every setback. HSP distinguish themselves because they thrive on organizational issues and remain calm under pressure.

Melody Wilding, an expert in human psychology and behavior, breaks down the benefits of being a highly sensitive person into details and gives a few tips on how to stay active. You no longer need to feel like an underdog, because being happier requires higher self-esteem.

Recently conducted research showcases some mind-blowing numbers – approximately 20% of the population can be labeled as HSP.

Although you may disagree that great leaders are sensitive and caring, Melody lays out a few reasons which endorse her theory regarding the HSPs prowess as effective leaders.

    • HSPs understand emotional intelligence better than anyone” – Their aura stimulates others to approach them without hesitation. They are always friendly and effortlessly connect with other associates, workers, and clients.  
    • HSPs are high-principled and open-minded” – HSPs, unlike other ordinary leaders, are able to see the actual problem. They have no trouble to give a rundown on what’s slowing the organization down. Their motto is – There’s no such thing as a bad idea!
    • HSPs are creative and original” – Their imagination and innovativeness help them to get the measure of anyone and gauge the competitiveness within the organization. HSPs are not afraid to follow their intuition and question their superiors.  
  • HSPs are not workaholics, but they are passionate about their work and accomplishments” – What separates HSPs from others, is their intensive care about the quality of work, and unselfishness to aid others in their endeavors.

Even if you are aware of your sensitivity, you’ll never be able to get the most out of it, unless you make an effort. What’s perhaps the biggest drawback when we speak about HSPs is their lack of response to criticism pointed towards them.

Catching them off guard is not easy, but once someone does it, they become easy prey. To avoid such a scenario, it’s the best to prepare yourself for various situations, in advance. Don’t be enslaved by lack of self-confidence and get ready for every hidden danger.

If you feel stressed, just take a deep breath to calm your mind. Once the tension gradually evaporates, you are ready to fly in the face of any problem. Arm yourself with the right attitude and allow sensitivity to pop in!

If you are in position to reschedule an appointment or a meeting – Do it! In the meantime, you can lay the groundwork to get the hang of the topic that will be discussed.

Slow the tempo down by reducing the constant chatter of thoughts. This method will help you restore your positive, despite the presence of adverse factors and personalities.

Channel your energy and improve your productivity by coming to work a little earlier. Having some alone time will help you organize the daily assignments a lot better. Moreover, no one will drain your energy, and destroy your peacefulness.

The author agrees that HSPs are sometimes hard to handle. Being in a relationship with them requires sacrifice and understanding on a deeper level. You must be okay with mood swings from time to time and avoid judgmental attitude.

Solitude is their nature, so don’t be surprised if they enjoy spending time in a quiet room by themselves.

Leaders need to deal with various personalities. The ones handling HSPs must have a few things in mind.

Giving them a heads up about the meeting that will take place in a few days, can keep them motivated and creative. Don’t lure them into a tight spot, and give them the freedom to express their intuition.

HSPs love burning the midnight oil. They prefer to keep their mind occupied and enjoy team building activities.

Key Lessons from “How to Thrive As a Highly Sensitive Person”

1.      Find your true self
2.      Become the leader you would like to have
3.      Never stop learning

Find your true self

Whether you are HSP or not, it’s critical to become aware of your abilities and priorities. Most people are merely lost and always ask for directions.

Instead of seeking the answer within, they are constantly on the lookout for an external solution.

Become the leader you would like to have

Ask yourself – What makes a great leader? If I had the freedom to create a profile of an excellent boss, what would I do?

Once you are done with that, you can begin to see what characteristics can’t be integrated into your mindset. Then, you can strive to become the perfect leader.

Never stop learning

HSPs have no trouble to acknowledge their misjudgments, and never repeat the same mistakes.

They are aware that the learning process has neither beginnings nor ends, and in order to grow, you must be willing to absorb new knowledge on a daily basis.

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“How to Thrive As a Highly Sensitive Person Quotes”

Request a timeout, and return to the conversation later… There’s no shame in pausing before engaging again. In fact, it’s a sign of your maturity, thoughtfulness and healthy self-control. Click To Tweet Despite popular belief, sensitive people make great leaders. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

From what we’ve seen so far, we can say with some confidence that this article is convenient and easy-to-understand.

You’ll be getting life-altering tips that can make a difference in both personal and business endeavors.

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