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Indispensable by Monday Summary

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Indispensable by Monday SummaryLearn the Profit-Producing Behaviors that will Help Your Company…and Yourself

Businesses in the past had one goal: to make a profit. And that was mostly done merely by offering fresh and high-quality products.

Who Should Read “Indispensable by Monday”? And Why?

Apart from the already mentioned tips, Myler also shows you ways of your resume. In times where companies become increasingly wary about whom they hire, learning better ways to present yourself can be just what you need. The business world is changing at a rapid pace, and it’s the employees’ job to adapt to it.

Since we are all part of the business world in one way or another, this book is recommended for everyone.

About Larry Myler

Larry Myler apart being a speaker and an author is also the CEO of By Monday, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in strategic alignment through employee engagement. Myler holds an MBA, was president of VitalSmarts for nine years and is an entrepreneur with six startups under his belt.

Building his career for thirty years, he has consulted and trained many employees in areas such as profit enhancement, strategic alignment, organizational efficiency, sales expansion, etc. AT&T, Shell Oil, Lockheed Martin, and Ford Motor Company are just some of the companies he worked with.

“Indispensable by Monday Summary”

Nowadays, though, we live in a world where almost everything has been invented. So, to achieve that seemingly simple goal, companies face another obstacle – the tough economy and the rising competition. Products of all shapes and sizes are everywhere.

Companies no longer have to think in terms of just selling what they offer, in order to survive. They also need to come up with new ways to hold onto customers, reduce costs and increase productivity. Accordingly, it has never been more important to become an employee that any company wants. What are the steps they need to take? Is there a guideline that could help businesses and employees survive?

Indispensable by Monday is a book that offers solutions for businesses that want to achieve better results. All this can be done by bearing in mind a few simple recommendations that you, as an employee, can practice.

To start with, you should first create a general profit and loss statement that helps you see the real value of the company. Then, when you are clear about the current situation, you should think of ways to cut down costs.

Could the time employees spend on unimportant tasks be redirected to activities that bring profit? Could the processes become more efficient? Could you replace current services with ones that are less expensive? Most of the time, companies pay the bills without looking at what they are consisted of.

But just a simple change such as cutting down on seemingly small expenses can save the company a lot of money. You can usually go about this by finding ways to save on everyday costs. Think of costs connected to garbage removal, water, phone service, heating, electricity, and even cleaning service.

Other tactics to save are: repairing relationships with lost customers, encouraging existing customers to try additional products, retrieving cash from rebates and refunds, improving workplace efficiency by streamlining the costs, looking out for errors and catching them early on, or asking for supplier discounts.

And of course, you, as an employee should also make yourself more efficient. Drop needless work. Stop checking your email and phone, stop the internet searches, and focus on essential tasks at hand. Go the extra mile without waiting for a push from the company. Do the job, and then wait for bonuses and rewards, not the other way around.

Bear the mentioned advice in mind, and in no time you will become a highly valued employee that the firm is happy to have. And most importantly, you will feel more productive, more efficient, and just better about yourself.

Key Lessons from “Indispensable by Monday”

1.      Formal and informal education
2.      World and economic events
3.      Customer needs

Formal and informal education

The company hires you and rates your future value based on your formal education. Getting a degree enriches your resume, but also expands your knowledge and shifts your worldview. And greater knowledge is something that is worthwhile.

But, it is not important to study and collect knowledge just until you get the diploma. Even after completing the formal part of the education process, you should continue gathering information. You should read publications in your selected professional area that would crystallize what you already know.

Also, as already mentioned, today’s business world is changing rapidly. So continuous reading and learning are crucial for you to be able to keep the pace with the environment.

World and economic events

Connected to the informal stage of your learning process, you should read not only books but also newspapers and listen to the news. Current world and economic affairs often affect your job to a great extent.

Customer needs

“Customers are always right” is a widely used saying for a reason. Customers’ needs and wants always play a significant role in the business you conduct. So pay attention to what your customers say or how they act, respond accordingly, and your business is bound to thrive.

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“Indispensable by Monday” Quotes

The more aware you are of company goals, the more supportive and valuable you can be. Click To Tweet No employee can expect to remain employed for long without making a net positive contribution. Click To Tweet Increase your personal productivity just by picking up your pace. Click To Tweet Indispensable workers recognize the negative impact of...errors. One mistake may cost the company a potential relationship and future income. Click To Tweet You can contribute to the company’s bottom line, even if you have never seen the sales department or billed a client for a single minute of your time. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Indispensable by Monday is an engaging narrative filled with detailed advice on how you can create a great reputation for yourself in the company’s eyes. Taking the proposed steps will take you from just another of the employees – to the employee every business wants and would not want to lose.  

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