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Reflections from 101 of Yale’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

In the last couple of years, the creation of a wildly successful startup has become extremely alluring for young business graduates. Every one of them wants to be the next Steve Jobs. And who can blame them? In Insights, Chris LoPresti pulls together advice from Yale’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Most of the young graduates don’t really know the colossal efforts and passion that they must possess when they start their entrepreneurial journey. If you want to go down the road of being your own boss, you need to really, REALLY want it. Insights takes us behind the scenes of what that’s really like.


The winners are the entrepreneurs who keep going when hope seems lost. Linda Tong

Chris LoPresti is a 2012 Yale graduate who, at that time, was at a crossroads: continue with his startup or get a corporate job. Earlier that year he’d had an idea about a consumer data technology company, TouchPoints, that would help brands connect with their community.

LoPresti is also the founder and chairman of ELIS Inc., a nonprofit that promotes STEM education and supports the next generation of entrepreneurs.


The process of creating Insights began when Chris LoPresti reached out to former Yale students and asked them how they’d tackled the challenges of becoming successful. The result is priceless advice from 101 self-made men and women for the budding entrepreneur.


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