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Lucky or Smart? PDF Summary

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Lucky or Smart? PDF Secrets to an Entrepreneurial Life

Could it be that billion-dollar-worth entrepreneurs have been merely lucky?

Or are they – as the media would have you believe – much smarter than you?

Maybe it’s both?

Bo Peabody, a successful entrepreneur himself, answers the question from his own experience.

So, find out whether he was “Lucky or Smart?”

Who Should Read “Lucky or Smart?”? And Why?

Luck is a big part of business life,” says Bo Peabody, “and perhaps the biggest part of entrepreneurial life.

Not something you’d expect to hear from an entrepreneur dubbed “brilliant” by the press of the 1990s.

Well, that’s why Peabody wrote this book.

And that’s why you – first-time entrepreneurs, startup founders, Steve-Jobs-wannabes – should read it right away.

 Bo PeabodyAbout Bo Peabody

Bo Peabody is an American entrepreneur and venture capitalist, currently the owner of Renzell and a Venture Partner and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Greycroft Partners.

Back in the 1990s, he founded tripod.com, one of the earliest dot-coms and, at one time, the eight most visited site on the Internet. Afterward, he founded at least five other companies – all of them successful.

“Lucky or Smart?” is his only book so far.

“Lucky or Smart? PDF Summary”

In 1992, Bo Peabody was a 21-year old student at Williams College, with a relatively simple idea: to use the emerging Internet technology to create an online community for college students.

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