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Man, the State and War Summary

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Man the State and War SummaryA Theoretical Analysis

Why do wars happen?

In the following text, we summarize Kenneth Waltz’s study on the causes of war, from an anthropological, psychological and political perspective.

Who Should Read “Man, the State, and War”? and, Why?

We have not seen a world war for a long time. However, all over the world, many countries are at war.

So, the questions on the nature of war and the search for prevention measures are still relevant.

In “Man, the State and War” the author tackles these questions by exploring different ideas and theories of prominent thinkers and philosophers throughout history.

We recommend this book to readers interested in politics and international relations.

About Kenneth N. Waltz

Kenneth N. WaltzKenneth N. Waltz was an author and political scientist.

He taught at the Arnold A. Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies at Columbia, as well as at Harvard and Peking University.

“Man the State and War Summary”

Everyone has their own opinion about anything and everything. The same stands true for the topic of war.

The reasons in people’s minds vary from economic crises to power-hungry leaders to authoritarian regimes.

In the following text, we will present to you the three main ideas regarding the causes of war that were present throughout history. These ideas are referred to as images.

The first-image thinkers link the reasons for war directly to human nature.

Although all of the representatives of this group agree that the reason for war is human nature, the disagreements happen when it comes to defining human nature, and hence the cure. According to their views on the cure, first-image thinkers can be optimists or pessimists.

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