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MicroMarketing Summary

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MicroMarketing SummaryGet Big Results by Thinking and Acting Small

The rise of social media platforms provided the people with a variety of new marketing possibilities.

If you are looking to expand your business – grab this opportunity!

In our short summary, we’ll discuss the basics of marketing, including the birth of new methods by which you can build your brand.

Who Should Read “MicroMarketing”? And Why?

The companies today rely strictly on self-promotion, these marketing techniques can often get too extensive. So, a good market will try to get in touch with the deepest desires of its most loyal customers. These consumers have a habit of switching, so answering their preferences must be an imperative for you.

Make them eager to learn more about your products or services. Remember the customer is always right even if it doesn’t sound logical to you.

Listen to them, respond accordingly to their needs and prepare yourself to take the next step towards “one on one human-scale interactions.”

With this in mind, we can gladly say that MicroMarketing is recommended to entrepreneurs, marketers, and those eager to learn the value of good promotion.

About Greg Verdino

Greg VerdinoGreg Verdino enjoys his reputation of being marked as one of the most prominent figures – promoting automation. Despite the ability to forecast trends, he is also managed to work with an abundance of companies for a single purpose – profits.

Verdino’s outlines the significance of social media! More than two decades of working experience has led him to believe that companies collapse due to unfamiliarity with recent trends.

Many enterprises and organizations still rely on his perspectives addressed towards mass marketing techniques and interpersonal relationships. In the meantime, he reveals his marketing secrets by writing blogs and articles.

“MicroMarketing Summary”

Marketing has become one of the most valuable tools in doing business, perhaps even more important than operational activities.

Finding a way to impart wisdom to the marketing newcomers by clarifying the meaningfulness of social media is not an easy task.

The “think big, act big, spend big” phrase is no longer just a marketing philosophy that works no matter how you apply it. The mass marketing era is long gone, the companies are now focusing on one-to-one marketing techniques making it almost impossible to satisfy each customer individually.

Nevertheless, the competition drives the enterprises to look for improvements even if we assume that, the consumers are pleased with every feature of the particular product or service. Take a look at today’s marketing situation – A simple tweet can have a greater influence on the people’s minds, than the traditional tv-ads.

Social media has increased its impact on individuals as a result of their targeting capabilities. Even the firms acknowledge the pull from the tempting content and options available on several social media platforms like Facebook.

According to one marketing study, several marketers measured the power of media by emitting advertisement on different media channels. The results were evident; Facebook won by a mile.

This simple example confirmed the power emerging of these platforms. Campaigns addressed at the masses are deteriorating. In hopes for publicity, the companies are gambling with respect from the community.

Not every person needs diapers or a car, so your campaign must be aimed at one target group – interested in your product. Although today the world still needs newspapers and television; the internet is taking over! The paradigm transforms from mass marketing to the new “MicroMarketing” by fulfilling three stages:

    • “The conception of the Microculture.”
    • “The microcontent expansion.”
  • “The rise of prominent Micromavens.”

The author is eager to present his point to the readers by recalling to one event in 2009 at Sasquatch. A simple music festival which took place in Washington DC. A guy named Colin Wynter started dancing, after that, a group of people joined him.

The music started luring people in, and dozens of other individuals joined as well. As you can see, the micromarketing is also a subtler branch of mass marketing.

Not so long ago, the marketing sphere was a playground for companies which had the biggest advertising budget and the ability to spread their influence, sometimes even impose an opinion.

Undoubtedly, a tension was sensed in the air, leading to a marketing revolution.The market mustn’t be ruled by money but by creativity. The digital time or the Internet answered the call throughout social media and their mobile platforms.

These powerful innovations leveled up the market between the big corporations and small enterprises. Greg Verdino, the author of “MicroMarkting, ” lays out the best marketing methods in the relatively new social, mobile perspective.

These tools will give you a hint on how to create interactive ads which capture audience’s attention and nurture long-term relationships. Verdino pinpoints seven ultra-effective micromarketing principles and backs them with facts from several case studies.

The final chapter is perhaps the most important one of all because it advises you to follow the well-designed outline by applying these principles to your company.

Key Lessons from “MicroMarketing”

1.      Pay attention to your customers
2.      Dive into Social Media possibilities
3.      Focus on quality and save money

Pay attention to your customers

It doesn’t come as a surprise that people want to deal with companies willing to forge long-term cooperation.

These meaningful connections represent a key indicator for making profits.

The audience wants to be pleased, meaning it requires special treatment. If you pursue profits be prepared to use some of Greg’s micromarketing techniques.

Dive into Social Media possibilities

The digital time enforces a new way of life. Every person with a cell phone or any other device can easily create advertisement content and distribute it through social media.

Your presence on social media (as a company) will surely give you an advantage that you must seize.

Focus on quality and save money

The conventional marketing campaigns focused on reaching a significant portion of people regardless of their interest and preferences.

The MicroMarketing economical approach saves tons of money, by targeting those individuals with the greatest enthusiasm for the product or service that you are providing.

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MicroMarketing” Quotes

Micromarketing is…an evolution of relationship marketing. Click To Tweet The people formerly known as the audience now have audiences of their own. Click To Tweet The Internet mattered because it fostered lots and lots of one-on-one interactions among people. Click To Tweet In a real-time economy, thinking and acting small means thinking and acting now. Click To Tweet We didn’t get here through an evolution of the mass media we knew, but through a revolution staged outside the walls of the mass media firmament. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

MicroMarketing” book lays out the benefits of digitalization and targeting. Act with openness and flexibility; this approach will provide your company with knowledge and ultimately profits.

Use Verdino’s micromarketing strategies to build one-on-one relations with users all across the world.

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