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Standing in the Fire Summary

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Standing in the Fire SummaryLeading High-Heat Meetings with Clarity, Calm, and Courage

Executives understand the pressure when participating in certain conferences.

We summarize the key elements that will help you learn how to maintain balance when encountering a similar situation.

Who Should Read “Standing in the Fire”? And Why?

Every good book with a purpose to educate its readers must be rich with all sorts of examples. These cases represent a new angle of handling organizational tension. Larry’s task is to make sure that his book doesn’t have a shortage of them.

High-quality stories and cases prompt the readers to implement those so-called solutions into their own lives. Don’t look elsewhere, become the leader your company deserves to have.

Standing in The Fire” comes highly recommended for all those enthusiastic individuals prepare to smell the taste of real leadership and final victory.

About Larry Dressler

Larry Dressler

Larry Dressler momentarily works as an organizational development consultant and is also a writer with several books to his name. He is the founder and president of a company established in the 90s – Dressler & Associates, Inc – a well-known CPA business advertising company serving a broad range of eminent personalities from movie and music industry.

He even had the privilege to meet Marlon Brando back in February 2004. Shortly after the meeting, Larry received the honor to represent him as his business manager.

“Standing in the Fire Summary”

If you work in a group – the burden of making mutual decisions is equally shared among members. Especially if you’re the leader (the organizer of meetings), you’ll occasionally find yourself “Standing in the Fire” of heated arguments.

Sometimes “fire” can forge relationships that can last forever. However, it is more likely to burst into unpleasant flames when the meeting’s effect takes an unexpectable turn. A real leader has to manage the atmosphere to avoid any unpredictable outcomes which can affect many important decisions.

Misunderstandings often occur as a result of various opinions on the subject. The organization mustn’t be deprived of passion which can erupt when such a thing is required.

The group’s failures or past defeats can destroy the moral if there is not a single person able to lift up the members with a valuable piece of advice. The representatives often have an aversive attitude towards divergent opinions or other hidden agendas.

Beware of different personalities which can not only cause disorder but can also endanger the vision of your organization. A mixture of perspectives is not always the desired outcome. Discouragements among members can also occur due to very similar interests – personal gain.

Once in awhile, leaders need to suffocate hostile interactions by enforcing some norms that need to be followed (without exception). Every agreement will help everyone grow on a professional level.

Hatred and anger have no place in modern debates and arguments, avoiding them don’t mean leaving them aside. It refers to discouraging any future verbal conflicts! As a leader, you should challenge your team wisely, divide them into separate groups with one purpose in mind – to solve problems togetherly.

If you transform your mindset, your associates will follow that example. Give them more freedom to express their opinion, if you know their thoughts you can improve the team’s chemistry.

A good leader and above all a person is capable of inventing new frameworks for strengthening the bond among the associates. It is often a hard task since the capitalism compels us to compete against each other.

Confronting every argument among your co-workers is unwise, because there is a healthy side of every heated argument. Work on yourself, transform your mindset, and perhaps you’ll be able to see the big picture.

The closest thing to achieving victory in every field is becoming aware of the present situation (regardless of how it seems to you).

What does matter is the knowledge you have up your sleeves.

Focus on playing a pivotal role in the new “fire tender”. Become a person who transforms the dynamic energy of conflict into a passionate conclusion.

Parental upbringing has its role on how you manage to cope with stressful situations. How you lead people, speaks a lot about your mental capabilities that match with your character as a leader. Larry Dressler, a consultant by profession, clarifies the importance of intense arguments from to time.

They are a truly unavoidable part of any successful organization. Heated discussions might not be your first choice, but their power extends far above the surface. The author shares some techniques for dealing with those “hot buttons” – sensations or effects which control our behavior.

These feelings emerge due to past experiences, and they should be taken seriously. 

Key Lessons from “Standing in the Fire”

1.      Feel the situation and act accordingly
2.      Give everyone a chance
3.      Become a real leader

Feel the situation and act accordingly

The participants can start to feel upset and anxious if the hostile argument continues to unfold. Approach hostile discussions carefully.

Making irrational decisions will not do you any good. If the leader cannot deal with a heated interaction, the members will doubt his authority.

Give everyone a chance

Deal with anger by keeping a cool head. Maintaining this kind of mentality is the only way to control volatile meetings.

Your reactions derive from your manners, education, religion or simply beliefs.

To handle a hostile situation, a person needs to have an open mind. Let others express their perspectives.

Become a real leader

Being a leader – means being right there where your company needs you. Sometimes even you have to neglect your personal ideas for mutual benefits.

The effectiveness of true leadership is measured by your strength to sacrifice yourself for the team.  

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Standing in The Fire” Quotes

Tending to the heat without being swept up by it is the challenge of standing well in the fire. Click To Tweet Our capacity to embody patience and gentleness in the face of people and behaviors that we might judge as inappropriate, hurtful, or evil is the most powerful way we can stand as fire tenders. Click To Tweet When we fail to stand with an open mind...we diminish our ability to help the group’s best thinking and healing to emerge. Click To Tweet As fire tenders, the most important tool we have is our presence. Click To Tweet The absence of heat almost always means apathy, suppression or nonengagement. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

The “Standing in the Fire” book displays six essential steps for managing those heated topics.

These stages represent a guide for dealing with the complexity of running meetings – successfully. Despite the book’s repetitiveness; the clear steps are an indicator of how you should behave in your organization.

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