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Increase Your Influence at Work Summary

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Increase Your Influence at Work SummaryA person should know how to deal with the tricky politics which exist in every workplace.

Use every bit of “magic” to your advantage.

We briefly summarize the essential elements that illustrate how “slippery” can human interactions be.

Who Should Read “Increase Your Influence at Work”? And Why?

Increase Your Influence at Work” has tons of first-class solutions for business problems especially, since the world is still financially vulnerable due to the economic crisis that endangered the society not so long ago.

If you are not an ethical man, sooner or later people would notice your lack of morality, and you will lose all the authority that you enjoyed until that day. Because of that, this book is recommended for every individual in the world, keen to cope with the challenges of today.

About Perry McIntosh & Richard A. Luecke

Perry McIntosh is a notable Canadian-born business writer and an entrepreneur. In the 90s, he established a consulting company in Ontario, which helped and shaper other communities in the region. Company’s dedication provided its employees with financial stability, well-earned respect by government agencies and a clear vision.

Richard A. Luecke is an American-born editor and the co-author of several books including The Busy Manager’s Guide to Delegation; Entrepreneur’s Toolkit; and Increase Your Influence at work. Born in 1943, and obtained his BA degree from Shimer College two decades later.

“Increase Your Influence at Work Summary”

Anointed power doesn’t support the work environment. A title cannot stand-alone, however impressive it may seem. People never followed nor obeyed a titleholder. All individuals have one thing in common – we all pursue power, status, and influence, but we don’t want to deal with the consequences of our demands.

Here’s the thing:

Employees or associates may follow your orders, but remember that attitude will not make them perform better. You must spark something in them, make them believe in their worthiness. It is not advisable either to express your authority too often. Power is drawn from various sources. One of two ways to get power is to be an Influential person; the other one is throughout persuasion.

By having an Influence on different outcomes, you’ll always have the ability to achieve your goals without depending on anyone or anything. Persuasion, however, is seen as a tool, which derives its strength from the influence – to serve its purpose. Persuasion “enlists coherent and passionate requests… It somehow affects people’s beliefs and how they treat one another.

What do we really want?

Intelligent individuals want to be effective leaders; they are “power junkies” always seeking more. For example, essential technical knowledge can grant far more real power to a manual worker than to the company’s manager, but it is wise not to explain this theory to your manager straight away.

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