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Life Strategies Summary

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Life Strategies SummaryThe no-nonsense approach to turning your life around

Do you know that the United States alone has 15 million adults suffering from depression, and not just the U.S. but the entire planet is experiencing an epidemic of unhappiness and anxiety?

To add insult to injury and to make things more alarming, the divorce rate is in constant increase, and by now it has reached 50%.

Dr. Phil tries to make the population aware of the fact that we as a planet must decrease the depression, suicides, and crime rate as soon as possible if we wish to see our kids grow in a healthy environment.

Even if you don’t face such problems, you will surely benefit from Dr. Phil’s teachings. It is the time that you change your priorities, get active and work on your dreams.

It is the time that you get out of your comfort zone and start fighting for a better life.

Read on to find out exactly how.

Who Should Read “Life Strategies”? and Why?

The self-help industry continues to produce great books. The same goes for spiritual tips because of their everlasting nature. However, they need to represent a new way of life, not some short-term inner change.

To implement such a transformation a lot of effort is required considering the everyday reality that we as a population are exposed to.

Each person witnesses an increased worldly violence, fake news, and propaganda materials that are influenced by unpleasant parties.

In such a world, Dr.Phil advises everyone to understand that changing your Life Strategies is not some optional thing. Instead, it is a mandatory process that we must implement in pursuance of inner peace and total life satisfaction.

About Phillip C. McGraw

Phillip C. McGrawDr. Phillip C. McGraw is an American born writer, psychologist and television celebrity that developed how-to programs such as life planning strategies and personal inquiries for more than two decades.

He was born on September 1, 1950, in Vinita, located in Oklahoma, U.S, while his graduation took place at Midwestern State University where he received a B.A. in psychology.

Dr.Phil is also the co-founder and a highly appreciated president of Courtroom Sciences, Inc.

During his career, he was associated with some of the highest profile people in America and a regular guest of Oprah Winfrey.

According to Forbes listing, he is among the highest earning celebrities in the world with $70 million in 2016 alone.

“Life Strategies Summary”

You most certainly have heard about Phillip C. McGraw, who is best known to Oprah Winfrey audience as Dr. Phil.

He is an author of the self-development genre that according to Dr.Phil goes straight to the point.

Self-development tips like: leave your anger aside, or you must communicate with your inner-self, are secondary and not relevant according to his views.

Hence, you can expect quite the opposite from his book “Life Strategies.”

It is promoting immediate action, different stories with useful information, including stories about Oprah Winfrey.

Dr. Phil’s book contains at least one writing task in each chapter, where each assignment is set to encourage a more in-depth inner analysis on a regular basis and to challenge person’s beliefs, assumptions, and habits.

Subsequently, you can expect a new life strategy developed from within, with a unique perspective to follow that would lead to a culmination of joy and long-term success.

But is it a book for everyone?

Well-organized ambitious personalities would find “Life Strategies” lists and matrices amusing.

Nonetheless, those readers that are not so comfortable with accomplishing these assignments would still benefit in numerous ways and with lots of fresh insights on the topic.

It is not a step-by-step program, this book reveals itself by merely talking to you, it is like a friend that is answering all of your vague questions and fulfilling your life expectancies.

I know what you are thinking.

In the 21 century, we have more gurus and so-called spiritual masters than ever.

The self-help industry is pumping inner inquiry books, but it seems like there is no improvement considering the current situation and increased level of intolerance among the people.

Although pharmacists and gurus disagree on psychological, environmental and physical factors that cause depression, the pharmaceutical industry also contributes to antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs, but that doesn’t seem like helping either.

In the end, it is up to you. If you don’t get your life and destiny into your own hands – no one else will.

Key Lessons from “Life Strategies”:

1.      Organizational rules must be obeyed
2.      You are responsible for your success or failure
3.      Balance Things

Organizational rules must be obeyed

Every business is guided by some rules and principles. The majority of them are shared through word of mouth in an unwritten form, and if an associate does not follow, understand and obey them the business would suffer.

The problem refers to interpersonal relationships among the associates, most of them are aware of the rules, but they do not follow them strictly, even sometimes they don’t know whom to address if they have any misunderstandings.

The trick that Dr.Phil advises associates to use is to find a traditional all-around employee who understands the business from top to bottom.

You are responsible for your success or failure

You are the creator of your destiny. Every ambitious person must be brave enough despite the obstacles along the road and take responsibility for its life.

Dr.Phil doesn’t distinguish past present and future choices – they are all life lessons that are enabling you to see with new more optimistic eyes and develop a new vision.

You can choose to be a victim or anything else because the victimhood represents the bulk of pop psychology.

Nevertheless, pop psychology had its chance and didn’t solve our epidemic of depression; perhaps the time has come to discuss other options.

Balance things

To hit the nail on the head – people love doing something that brings them benefits.” Despite this apparent logic, we are witnessing cases where; workaholics are continually neglecting their children’s emotional needs; smokers are aware that they shouldn’t smoke but yet they continue to do so.

As you can see, benefit is one twisted term.

One aspect of an action can bring you happiness, but for others, it can bring only sadness and vice versa.

The bottom line is that we should try balancing things in pursuance of inner peace and financial stability.

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“Life Strategies” Quotes

In the meantime, let’s agree that what makes a problem big is simply that it’s yours. Click To Tweet You must learn that you do not have to be angry just because you have the right to be. Click To Tweet You create your own experience. Click To Tweet Life rewards action. Click To Tweet There is no reality, only perception. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

No matter what is your problem, whether you suffer from a wrong career or an unwanted habit, Dr. Phil will motivate you to take steps to change your life and free yourself from self-destructive patterns.

Having in mind Dr. Phil’s experience of more than a decade, this book is a relevant and useful guide to a happier life.

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