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Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

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More Than You Know Summary

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More Than You Know SummaryFinding Financial Wisdom in Unconventional Places

Sometimes market guided by its unpredictability has a habit of influencing all parties.

Collection of first-class essays mixed up with first-class examples provide a more detailed explanation on the subject.

Who Should Read “More Than You Know”? And Why?

For this reason, the author outlines several strategies that will entice any reader or person keen to earn some extra money. Managers are the first on the list because they’re among those passionate characters who try to achieve this goal. Generally speaking, they differ from an average expert in any other industry.

Give priority to perceiving the market as it is, and get the best out of it. The most durable tool is being able to look with the eyes of hope, not judgment. We highly recommend “More Than You Know” as an excellent remedy for the societal disease caused by confidence in meaningless theories.

About Michael J. Mauboussin

Michael J. MauboussinMichael J. Mauboussin was born on February 19th, 1964.

Despite being a writer, he also heads Global Financial Strategies – advising companies and individual investors on portfolio diversification. Michael also teaches at Columbia University’s Business School.

“More Than You Know Summary”

Investors rarely reveal their investment tactics, since the whole do/or don’t do process relies on secrecy and financial reliability. Likewise, there is no much room for improvement if the decision-making ability is unsatisfactory.

Nowadays, people often face societal pressures – meaning that there is no shortage of issues (economic, legal, personal, etc.) How to behave on the market is a million-dollar question. No one can pull a rabbit out of a hat; the answer commits to research and studies.

The way an ordinary person would interpret a stock information uncovers the mindset of that particular individual. It’s never easy to step-up and utilize some investment philosophy without proper preparations and research.

All aside, if during the process quality gets compromised, and emphasis falls on IQ, the odds of making a good decision decline. The right philosophy falls into the category of hard work, not talent.

Warren Buffett once said – Investing is a matter of adopting the right attitude, not how smart you are. Such behavior is enough to gain a competitive edge and motivation to proceed forward. In fact, there is not starting nor stopping; as a long-lasting series of actions, investors should take the whole stock-purchasing process soberly and diligently.

Above all, comes the vision that desired outcome is overwhelmed by the right attitude and perspective. On the other hand, satisfactory results do not justify an unacceptable process.

Think of it as a football game, if the team plays well, the short-term defeats will not suffocate the long-term progress. Making sound investment comes on top even if the end result doesn’t satisfy the requirements – simple as that.  

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