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Category: Money

The Barefoot Investor Summary

Quick Summary: “The Barefoot Investor” by Scott Pape is a three-part nine-step manual to financial freedom and everything that comes with it: security, independence, happiness. Dubbed “the only money guide you’ll ever need,” the book uses simple language and even […]

Real Artists Don’t Starve Summary

Quick Summary: “Real Artists Don’t Starve” by Jeff Goins takes a look back through the history of art to discover, surprisingly, that the story of the starving artist is just that: a story. In reality, guys like Michelangelo and Da […]

The Automatic Millionaire Summary

Quick Summary: The Automatic Millionaire Summary by David Bach is a get-rich-slowly-but-surely manual brimming with numerous practical pieces of money-related advice on everything from how to “pay yourself first” 10% of your pretax income through how to make all payments […]