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Crucial Conversations Summary

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Crucial Conversations SummaryTools for Talking When Stakes Are High

The introverts are more in the need, for a real “verbal-expression training”. Knowing how to address the crowd is a five-star ability.

We summarize the key assets for becoming an indispensable member of your organization.

Who Should Read “Crucial Conversations”? And Why?

To put it in another way, effective conflict resolution is possible only if the negotiator is skillful enough – an essential attribute for noticing any obstacles that may obstruct the procedure.

Life-changing conversations like working your way up for a promotion, or collecting important information significant to the company, are overpowering the ordinary chats. The reason is more than evident since the meaningless gossiping doesn’t produce any benefits.

Negotiators know that bargain, making deals/concluding deals and other vital processes rely on these interactions. The business world has no mercy for those who seek justice, as the saying goes, “You don’t get what you deserve, but what you negotiate”.

Crucial Conversations” is a great asset to all people seeking a little knowledge on how to interpret different situations.

About Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan & Al Switzler

Kerry PattersonKerry Patterson is not just a writer, but also a consultant, and a trained video-developer for creating training programs.

One of the co-authors Joseph Grenny is an executive coach.

Joseph GrennyRon McMillan is also a consultant and a writer who is a part of the Covey Leadership Center.

Al Switzler is a writer and a professor at the University of Michigan.

“Crucial Conversations Summary”

Crucial conversations are not participants in the chat category. The meaning they carry can sometimes be mistaken with the gossiping tradition. Conversations are processes between two or more people, but the crucial class is not defined yet.

Perhaps we can convert these interactions into something more meaningful. Many experts create division while conducting some activities, some of them affect your life, and others are not worthy of your time and energy. With attention to this theory, the author promotes the same idea in day-to-day chats.

Nothing is wrong in taking matters too personally, the gem lies in the question why? Protecting interests has become a significant part of the social and political evolvement. Interfering in the process of creating divisions using “importance” as a critical identifier for calculating impact is not advisable either.

Decision-making individuals (on corporate, departmental, or societal level) want to predict the outcome and minimize the risks. It’s logical that not all of them, will have a positive result, but that mustn’t serve as a cause for disappointment. Life is a variable phenomenon, in the same matter, you should interpret other variable entities or occurrences.

It’s important to realize, that these communications are of life-significance. Everyday life examples are: breaking up with your partner, having a conversation with your boss or superior, asking for a raise, discussing matters related to the company, etc.

Create an open atmosphere, regardless of the seriousness; associates should be allowed to share their views freely. Handling conversations is not a straightforward job. Approach this issues with care, and integrity.

A lot we can learn from the past. For instance, the former U.S. President John F. Kennedy once declared, “Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate” a quote well-known to American entrepreneurs and managers.

Companies fear from economic setbacks; the same thing goes for ordinary people. These wise words shaped the today’s world, more than anything else ever said. Individuals prone to be a little disorganized, interpret “crucial conversations,” in a way not suitable for the surroundings.

A more personal example of a “crucial conversation” is having a difficult time with your partner. Nevertheless, all of these setbacks are solvable with a realistic approach. Even though some tips are just logical and may sound familiar, their value doesn’t decrease.

Be flexible and open to new opportunities if you wish to have more life-alternatives. To sum it up, the book pays extra attention to various forgotten negotiation strategies and offers new ways to get in touch with them.

The authors unselfishly and eagerly explain new techniques that will keep your company and yourself on the right track. The most prominent feature – morality, is associated with the ability to stay alert in any situation.

Avoid getting forced into making false choices. Not many books share the problem-solving trilogy, as “Crucial Conversations”. The examples drawn from personal stories are making the content more attractive and thrilling to the audience.

We co-join the negotiation struggle and willingly contributes to the conflict resolution program. The book is recommendable for any individual who wishes to improve its problem-solving abilities and become a smooth talker and a skillful negotiator in the future.  

Key Lessons from “Crucial Conversations”

1.      People appreciate honesty
2.      Dialogues vs. Important Conversations
3.      Creating division on controversial grounds

People appreciate honesty

You cannot become the master of crucial conversations if the interlocutors sense falsehood in your tone.

Nowadays, leaders tend to get a little talkative; associates wish to express their point of view and leaders should not stand in the way of that.

Give them enough room to engage in dialogues!

Dialogues vs. Important Conversations

The reason why these crucial conversations differ from frequent discussions is because, the suggestions/opinions of the participants vary.

Generally speaking, this occurs due to high stakes, and passionate expressing of emotions.

Don’t judge them on their way of functioning, but look it from another more-open perspective.

Creating division on controversial grounds

It’s even harder to separate ordinary from special communication. There is no particular definition to follow so you have to guide yourself by your instinct.

Never let prejudice enter your heart, make sure that your vision is a clear indicator of what’s important and what’s secondary.

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“Crucial Conversations” Quotes

It’s the most talented, not the least talented, who are continually trying to improve their dialogue skills. As is often the case, the rich get richer. Click To Tweet As much as others may need to change, or we may want them to change, the only person we can continually inspire, prod, and shape—with any degree of success—is the person in the mirror. Click To Tweet Remember, to know and not to do is really not to know. Click To Tweet At the core of every successful conversation lies the free flow of relevant information. Click To Tweet The key to real change lies not in implementing a new process, but in getting people to hold one another accountable to the process. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

The group of highly capable writers led by Kerry Patterson gives an introduction to several negotiation techniques, for successfully conducting business deals. These efficient methods, collect their strength from extensive research and studies on numerous subjects.

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